2017-01-23 Doom Schooling
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Doom, Elijah
GMed by Elijah
Title: Doom Schooling

School has gotten really boring for Elijah lately. It is not that he does not like to read or study, but he can read an entire textbook now in minutes, and remember it perfectly. Granted, his powers do not help him much om math problems…except certain forms of trigonometry to figure out curves and angles, and do not help with original composition in English…but history is a breeze. The thing is, he can not play sports any more…except for meta sports superhumans are not allowed to play.

Today started off ordinary, but now shit just got real for Elijah. He is walking to class when Dr. DOOM! smashes through a wall and grabs him by his shirt. "Are you the Patriot?"

Eli is not in costume, and given the school has metal detectors he is not carrying his shield or his throwing stars either, but he does not appreciate being grabbed…or publicly outed either. Fortunately there are not many people in this particular part of the school, but that is probably too many. As a result, Elijah is a bit miffed. He grabs the fist holding him, using the shirt to provide some insulation, puts one foot on Doom's Torso, and pushes back hard with the other foot, throwing himself to the ground and Doom over his head to crash into the ground beside him…a sacrifice throw.

Victor is totally, and to no surprised, moved back several feet by Eli. He then slowly clasps his hands. "Very good. You are the boy i am looking for. Do you really wish to resist Doom now?"

Elijah says, "From what I hear of you, it is best to resist you from the first moment, but out of curiosity what other options are you offering." He probably can not win, Even if this is simply a Doombot programmed to react like Doom. The only reason he got through the force field it has is because it was holding him, for example.

Victor laughs at you. "They say doctor know best! I need your blood. I can take it with a needle or with my boot. Either works for me."

Elijah snorts, "You should have asked my Grandfather, anything special in my blood was in his first, and he has pretty much the mind of a 6 year old child these days. The serum I got is flawed that way, I expect in like 50 years I will be suffering the same way." OK, so Doom is probably right, but trying to stop him is best. Convincing him not to try is option 1.

Victor taps his foot impatiently in the air. He is floating and looking down at you with his arms folded. "I do not care about a old man. I need your blood. Now" He charges energy in his hand, and then slams you back against the wall.

OK, probably a Doombot then, impossible to persuade it to go against programming. Eli hits the wall and allows himself to go limp, it may fool the robot, depending on how well it knows his level of durability. It does hurt, but he will be healed from the bruises in moments…minor damage assimilates quickly and knocking the breath out of him is more an inconvenience than actually harmful.

Victor takes you with a needle. A very fine needle, and it does not hurt too much aside from being in your chest. he draws a bit of blood, throws you aside, then speeds out the hole he made as quickly as he came

Eli gets up with a frown. OK, so the robot came after him after Doom deduced his identity because his location is known at certain times. He needs to talk to someone about why Doom wants super soldiers…

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