A Mother's Heart

Recorded: November 17, 2013
Characters: Frigga, Loki
Location: Asgard Palace - Grand Foyer
Summary: Loki runs into Frigga after resurrecting from his untimely demise.

The youngest son of Odin has had a rather trying time lately. He has been avoiding his parents on purpose due to not really wanting to have the impending awkward conversation. The guards turn their eyes toward the prince who appears as he did several years ago, rejuvenated after his terrible death at the hands of the Jotun. He sets his jaw and walks purposefully toward the sitting room just to get away from people for a while.

Having much to think about lately, the All-Mother has spent time in the sitting room gathering her thoughts but now she has other business to tend to and is moving away from the area. Taking that step out into the Grand Foyer seems to be an action called upon by fate, for it is at that moment that she sees her young son looking younger than ever. "Loki." His name is uttered neutrally but the look on Frigga's face is very expectant of an explanation.

Loki doesn't normally startle, but in this instance he nearly jumps out of his skin. "Mother!" he exclaims breathlessly, eyes widening as his brow shoots upward. "How are you? It is good to see you this day. I apologize for not being able to converse with you lately, I have been dreadfully busy. There were many matters on Midgard and in Alfheim requiring all my attention. You look a bit tired. Would you like to rest and I will have the servants bring you some wine?"

Frigga approaches Loki while he makes his excuses and never once lets her stern expression recede. Once he is done rambling, she lifts her hands to cup his jawline. "My poor son. What have you lost other than your age and your senses?"

Loki's eyes water, as they often do, and he gulps. When he finds his voice, he closes his eyes, dislodging the welling tears. "I have lost some memory, but I have also lost my direction. I know not what my purpose is. Have I lost my brother as well? My friends? They saw me as Thor's little brother tagging along with them on adventures. Now that I am younger again, how will they treat me?"

Frigga runs her fingers through Loki's long hair to comfort him. "They will treat you as you want to be treated. You are younger, yes, but you are still a man. Behave as such and they will have no cause to regard you differently." She reaches for his hand and turns back to the sitting room. Other matters can wait—Clearly her son needs council.

Loki laces his long slender fingers through hers, feeling calm in Frigga's presence. He allows himself to be led to the sitting room. Once inside, he sits down and folds his hands on his leather clad knee, head slightly bowed. "I have always tried to do that, but perhaps now that we are grown, they will see me differently. I am sorry I have been avoiding you."

One might expect the All-Mother to feel slighted when one of her children avoids her. The soft smile on her face negates that. She moves to stand behind Loki's seat and once again reaches for his hair, gently working part of his leftmost locks into a thin braid. "If there is one soul in all of Asgard that you should never avoid, Loki, it is your mother. I will always want what is best for you, even when you do not want that for yourself."

Loki relaxes a bit as she braids his hair, finding it comforting and soothing. "I did not want to upset you by telling you the tale of how I came to be this way. It is not something of which you or father would approve. I sensed that there was a portal between Jotunheim and Asgard. Although I was not fully healed after Thor injured me with Mjolnir, I had to do something or we could have faced a Jotun invasion."

"Do you think your mother too frail to learn of your troubles? Do not forget who taught you much about braving the dangers that life presents you." Frigga sighs softly as she listens to his tale. "Whatever your future holds, Loki, I hope you find time to make peace with your brother. You know he loves you as much as I." She comes to the end of one braid and lets it drape behind him, reaching for an equal amount of hair on the other side of his head. The next braid is worked on as smoothly as the last.

"My future." he says with an involuntary scoff. "Which part of my future? The part where Odin uses me to advance his political plans with Jotunheim or the part where I cause Ragnarok?" He sighs, leaning back into the chair and relaxing, letting his head rest against the moderately high back of it as she braids his hair. It makes him a bit sleepy, so he falls silent for a moment.

Frigga leans over the chair to look at his face. "I mean the future that you destine for yourself, Loki. Do not pretend that your fate is so written that you have no course of action but to move forward as the shaft follows the arrowhead. There is always a choice, and you can choose to do what is right. Your heart knows it, as it knows I am your mother." She finishes the second braid and brings both together as a wreath along the crown of his head, tying their lengths so they join the rest of his locks in draping behind his shoulders. With her work done, her hands rest on his shoulders and she sighs lovingly, gazing at the trophies that decorate the sitting room. "My son, do not let misfortune darken your path. It is by forging through these troubles that you make yourself stronger. Succumbing to them will only bring about your own ruin."

Loki looks up at her, an expression of apprehensive hope on his youthful face. "Are you certain, mother? Are you certain it is avoidable? If it is fated, will it not happen anyway?" One of his hands moves up to rest on hers on his shoulder. "I should not burden you so. I cannot remember why Thor was pursuing me, just that he was so angry. I believe he was going to end my life in order to stop whatever I was doing."

"In which case his actions were just and I am relieved that he stopped you, but I am also relieved that you are still with us." Frigga steps away from Loki's chair and clasps her hands neatly in front of her midsection. "Let me ask you something, son. Of what you can remember, did you commit any horrible act because you felt that you were fated to do so?"

"I…I'm not sure." he says, looking down at the floor. "I was told that I attempted to assassinate a mortal but I know not why." his hand unconsciously goes to the shoulder where he had been shot by a code:blue officer. The scar is gone but the memory remains. "If I were to guess how i ha been feeling, I believe that I was going to destroy the world anyway, what difference does it make?'

Frigga closes her eyes briefly. There is the vaguest twinge of hurt etched into her strong brow but it passes with the opening of her eyelids. "It shows the difference in whether you are weak- or strong-willed, Loki." Her voice gains a stern edge. "You cannot take actions simply because you feel you are fated to. Fates is not an excuse to be called upon for reckless behavior. I taught you far better than that."

Loki winces just slightly at her strong tone and averts his eyes. He is such a stubborn creature, trying to never apologize for his actions. But, when it comes to Frigga, he is a completely different person. He knows he can't BS her and fears losing her as the only person that truly knows his heart. "I know, mother. It is just…difficult. There is just so much…I should never have betrayed father's rule and gone to Midgard."

"Difficulty is not a hindrance to an Odinson, Loki. To one of my sons. You must always do what is right, no matter how steep the path." Frigga shakes her head and turns towards the entryway to the sitting room. Her voice regains its overlying tone of compassion as she offers her youngest some parting words. "When you do wrong, Loki, it breaks my heart, but I will continue to love you with the fragments that are left. And for those wounded, missing fragments, I will pray that justice finds you. Do not seek to break your mother's heart. Not now. Not ever."

Loki rises to his feet, his eyes glassy as they well up with tears. He has a look of fear on his face, lifting a hand to reach out toward her. "Mother…" he says in a small voice. "Mother, please."

Frigga continues to walk away, her head poised elegantly to disguise the soft sigh she emits at the sound of her son's plea. She has business to attend to, but most importantly, she does not want her message to be lost in an all-forgiving embrace. The All-Mother meets a procession of maidens in the Grand Foyer and walks with them in the direction of a courtyard. All of the women have quivers on their backs so one can assume they are about to train their skill in archery.

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