Sad Acts

Recorded: November 20, 2013
Characters: Frigga, Loki, Thor
Location: Asgard Palace - Grand Foyer
Summary: Loki fakes an injury to try and win his mother's love.

All day long, the castle is experiencing various levels of activity. Groups of maidens and soldiers pass through the Grand Foyer on their way to complete various tasks. Frigga comes striding from the direction of Odin's throne, having finished a discussion with him. Her body is neatly outfitted with a sea blue gown that only serves to enhance the beauty of her vivid blue eyes. She has no particular business to see to now that her talk with Odin is done, so she casually makes her way towards the western staircase.

A figure clad in black and green leather enters the foyer, looking rather ragged and dragging a staff behind him in a forlorn manner. Loki is a mess, his clothes torn, face bruised and bloodied, one arm held by the other and to top it off, he limps. The gimpy trickster also heads toward the western staircase, following Frigga.

A mother seems to always sense when her children are in distress, and the All-Mother is no exception to this rule. Frigga turns and sees Loki's state of disarray, and within moments she is moving to delicately grip his shoulders. "My child, what has become of you?" She waves over several maidens from a flock to help her escort him to the healing chamber.

Score. Loki's plan to get back into Frigga's good graces has begun. He smiles, wincing due to the bruises, allowing the maidens to hold onto his upper arms and lead him. "Mother, it is so good to see you." he says in a weak voice (that he's putting on). He walks up a few more steps, preparing his body for the next step. "Although it seems that I have lost, I can assure you that I have emerged victorious. I-" he cuts off as he stops moving, a hand going to his temple just before he collapses with a clatter.

The maidens struggle to support Loki's collapsing body but Frigga helps them with ease, taking her son gently by the shoulders while the maidens hold onto his arms. They head upstairs quickly, moving immediately for the healing center. "Be strong, young Loki. You will be healed soon."

Loki lifts his head, eyes fluttering open a moment. "Mo..ther?" he ask as he's laid out on a table. He's partially acting but part of it is real. He lifts a hand toward her, for comfort. He'll win her over yet! "Have no fear mother I shall be well soon." he says with a little smile. Loki should win an oscar for this performance.

The scene in the Grand Foyer is one of slight urgency. Near the foot of the western staircase, two maidens are assisting Frigga in supporting Loki's body. The young prince looks worse for wear in ragged clothes and bruised features—A contrast to the All-Mother's sweeping gown of sea blue silken material. Despite being dressed in her finest, Frigga eagerly helps to keep Loki upright while they group prepares to head for the healing chamber upstairs.

Maidens and guards alike rush towards the Grand Foyer, peaking the great thunderer's curiosity as they bisect his immediate path. As he closes the distance towards the gates and sees the figure everyone huddles about, his fair brow creases into a deeper and deeper scowl until he looms behind those concerned.

"One wonders if a fortnight will ever have the opportunity to transpire before some grievous injury or unfortunate misunderstanding afflicts your person, brother." Thor snarls almost venomously.

Oh this couldn't get any more perfect. Loki lifts his head slightly, eyes fluttering open. "Brother…' he says, then goes limp. The wounds are real, but Loki has always been a good actor and he hopes that his little act will butter Frigga back up.

Frigga steps away from her younger son only when enough guards come over to help him up the staircase. "Guard your tone, Thor," she calls with a proud chin lifted in the direction of her eldest. "Your brother is wounded enough without your words to act as salt." She moves to walk behind the procession as they work on carrying Loki up.

Frigga's sharp response jars Thor from his furious lapse, snapping his brow to furrow like a kicked puppy. "How many times must he weave his falsehoods before we are to lose our faith, mother? I saw the fear in the eyes of the mortals of Earth. I bore witness to the chaos his distorted mind had unleashed upon those who could never hope to resist Asgardian might!" He protests, sending another meaningful glare past the Allmother's shoulder. "Nor Jotunn!"

Loki is only partially faking. His injuries are quite real, though he is hamming up his reactions a bit in order to get a bit of sympathy from Frigga and make her forget she's mad at him. It's a classic younger son trick. He can hear everything Thor is saying, however, even though his head is swimming a bit. He lifts his head and utters, "Is that you, brother? I defeated a troll attacking a village…you would have been proud."

The procession makes its way upstairs quickly but carefully. Fortunately, the trip to the healing room is not that long. Whether Thor joins in on the parade or not, the All-Mother's words carry on the palace's natural echo and are primarily meant for his ears. "Loki has lost much more of his old self than his age, and I have had words with him about that very incident. He knows that I will send justice to find him should he conspire anything so sinister again. Fate has seen fit to give your brother a second chance and I have as well." She stops at the landing and turns to look at her eldest. "Do you see yourself as my better?"

There is a scything quality to Frigga's stare that makes even Thor Odinson wilt like a flower beneath it. "Of course not, mother. I meant no disrespect." He murmurs, reverence bleeding through his voice as he bows his head respectfully.

Loki tries so hard to repress a smirk as he's carried along to the healing room where he would be placed on one of the tables for the healers to look over. Fortunately most of his wounds are superficial and will heal quickly. A few well placed blows knocked him silly, but otherwise he just wore himself out.

Just as quickly as her gaze is stern, the All-Mother looks to her eldest with a gentle brow. "Then come," she says, extending a hand in his direction. "Stand with me at your brother's side." She moves to enter the healing room and remains out of the healer's way, but stands where she can see Loki's face. "My child, what are you trying to do? Do you think that braving these dangers alone will place you back in favor with your people?"

Whatever reservations Thor has remain silent as he falls raises his chin and falls in line at Frigga's side. When his tired gaze slips towards Loki it is difficult for him to try and not look irritated. He tries his best and still does not succeed at it.

Those green eyes well up as if on cue, and Loki turns his head to look at Frigga. "No, just one of them." he replies, then averts his eyes to stare at the wall. "I would have faced a hundred trolls if it meant that you would love me again." the Asgardian drama queen fidgets when the healers work on him, but otherwise lets them do their job. Loki does not care much for pain, afterall.

Frigga's chest rises and falls in a deep sigh as her face sets a stern gaze on the God of Mischief. "Your mother is no stranger to your tricks, Loki. Remember, at one point they were mine to teach." Her voice is just as stern, though the tone and her brow become weary as she continues to speak. "I often wonder how the sons I nursed, reared and encouraged to be men grew up to be so vastly different. Yes, your strengths vary, but do you not seek to make me proud in similar ways?" She turns her head away from Thor and Loki both. "As I am the one who raised you, it is only fitting that I am punished for your behavior, my son. Punished with the frustration of wondering where your true motives lie, and whether my love is truly enough for you."

Loki sits up with a soft grunt and swings his legs over the side of the table. He frowns and opens his mouth to say something, then closes it again, stuffing his feelings back inside. "You raised a monster, one of the creatures that father taught us to fear and hate. Perhaps it is simply my nature. If you must now, my only motive was to try and make you love me again."

There are limits to what can be swallowed and sustained. Loki's explanation summons an agitated scoff from Thor, who paces towards Frigga and bows politely. "I should take my leave mother. If there is nothing I can assist you with, I should make my rounds of the guards. I fear they grow stagnant."

Frigga's eyes flash with contempt for Loki's description of himself. "Foolish boy," she barks, "I will always love you. That does not mean I will always approve of your actions. If you wish me to express my love towards you, you will need to do something worthy of that expression, not try to coerce it out of me with tricks and self-loathing." The All-Mother turns to Thor and returns his polite bow. "Yes, my son, you may take your leave. Just remember that a man's strength also lies in his ability to forgive."

Loki's expression changes to one of quiet rage and he slides to his feet, stomping toward Thor. He balls his hands into fists which glow green and he draws one back as if to punch Thor but hesitates as Frigga speaks, paused in mid draw with his teeth gritted. After she finishes, he hisses and lowers his arm, walking back over near the table, arms folded. "You expect something different from the one you have named the the god of mischief and lies?"

A smile spreads across Thor's face for the first time since he had arrived; though, it fades as Loki manages to control himself. "I have done so, mother. Over and over again." He begins to explain, cutting himself short any further elaboration with a shake of his head. He wipes the weariness from the corner of his eye then turns on his heel and marches towards the exit.

Frigga watches Thor leave before turning back to Loki. "I did not name you that. You adopted that title with pride, if I recall, and as a youth perhaps it was harmless. But now, what does that title mean to you? Does it mean your life, Loki? Does it mean my happiness?" She expresses her weariness in another long sigh and waves away the guards and healers. Once it is just the two of them, Frigga lets slip the veneer of her regal severity and looks at her son with a deeply sad expression. "I do not wish this for you, my child. I do not wish you to live in constant struggle for approval. You've had mine." Her hands rest against the crystal necklace draped thrice along her neckline. "Since I held you in my arms and felt your heart beating in calm serenity with mine, you have had my love. What more do you wish from your mother? What more can I give, that would halt your path of self-destruction?"

Loki can't hold back any longer and the tears begin to flow down his young face. He opens his mouth, but once again the liesmith is struck speechless by the Allmother. A small sound escapes his throat and he shifts out of his armor into his 'hang about the palace' clothes then moves forward quickly to wrap his arms around her, sobbing. "I do not wish for this either. I don't know how to stop it. I thought you might be proud of me if I did what always brings praise to Thor. I tried, I truly tried."

Frigga lets Loki come to her and puts her arms around him, hoping that her embrace will help ease his troubled heart. "Do not lie to yourself, my child. You know the right thing to do. You always know it, and it does not lie in mimicking the actions of your brother." She runs a hand through his hair, then holds him out by the shoulders at arm's length so she can look him in the eye. "With all that I have taught you, have you not found ways to succeed for the cause of justice? Have I failed so much that you do not know how to succeed with magic where others succeed with might?"

Loki wipes his eyes with the back of his hand and nods. "Your words hold wisdom as usual, mother. You have not failed to be a good mother, I have failed at being a good son. Perhaps it is not truly your approval I seek but father's and Thor's. He has always favored Thor. Or perhaps it would just have been easier if you hated me which would eliminate all ties."

Frigga shakes her head at his words. "The day that I hate you will never come, and your father does not hate you, either. Thor loves you as a brother should, but you have wronged him and you must make amends. You know that he bears a fondness for the people of Midgard, just as I bear a fondness for all the children of Asgard. It is in his nature." She keeps his gaze and her grip on his shoulders to let him know she means her words. "You must apologize to your brother for your misdeeds. You must seek his forgiveness, with honesty, not treachery. Do you understand?"

The youthful godling averts his eyes, turning his head to the side a bit. "I know. But I fear that he will never listen to me. When he discovered I had done wrong, he became violent and injured me. I believe he intended to kill me." He looks back at Frigga and sighs in defeat. "I should have let him. But then I would not have been able to collapse the portal."

"The path to redemption is never easy, but still you must tread its length." Frigga gives her son's shoulders a reassuring squeeze, then pulls away from him. "Do as I say. Seek your brother's forgiveness. I will see to it that he provides a way for you to receive it." She turns to leave the healing room.

Watching Frigga leave, Loki heaves a weary sigh and rubs his forehead, starting for the exit himself. "What a fiasco." he grumbles, mind already working to find a way to get Thor to forgive him. He can't help but begin to think about getting everyone to forgive him. Go big or go home, that is Loki Odinson's motto, it seems.

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