Loki is Made Mortal

Recorded: December 1, 2013
Characters: Frigga, Loki, Thor
Location: Grand Throne Room of the All-Father
Summary: At Thor's request, Frigga banishes Loki to the mortal realm.

The throne room is practically empty except for a few guards. Odin is obviously off dealing with matters elsewhere. The primary occupant is Frigga, pacing the throne's landing as if she were waiting for someone. She had sent for her eldest and knows he is busy, but hopes that the courier emphasized the importance of this meeting. Elegant as always, the All-Mother pages in an turquoise robe that trails a few feet of its length behind her on the smooth floor.

There are few tasks that Thor Odinson would not immediately drop when summoned by either of his parents and, as usual, he does just that. This day it is Balder that is left the reigns of drills for the guards usual training regime. As usual, ceremony and pomp are flagrantly disregarded as the warrior storms into the hall and marches upon the throne.

"I have come as swiftly as I could, mother. I apologize for my tardiness." He offers, reverently bowing his head and dropping to a knee.

Frigga smiles proudly at the sight of her son. "Your are on time as always, my boy. Thank you for answering so swiftly." She comes down the steps of the throne to stand near him. "I wanted to speak with you regarding your younger brother, Loki. Of all my sons, the two of you seem the most at odds with each other as of late."

"Aye." Thor agrees, steeling his stare as he rises to meet Frigga. "I have, time and again, attempted to reach out to him. To solve his urge to rebel. Peacefully. Father suggested I guide him; I have only learned, time and again, of my failure."

The crystalline necklace draped thrice around Frigga's collarbone goes through an array of colors as her chest rises and falls in a deep sigh. "I share your frustration, my son. I have done all I can to let Loki know that he is loved, yet none of what I say or do seems to register with him." She shakes her head and looks thoughtfully to the side. "I also take much responsibility for the way he behaves. If I knew when that moment in his childhood took place where I misguided his thoughts, I would brave the streams of time to reverse my actions."

"Arrogance." Thor manages to spit through gritted teeth. He takes notice of his impertinence and clears his throat. "I spoke with father on the subject before and shared with him what I had witnessed with my own eyes and ears. He despises the mortals. Sees them as little more than insects. I believe he may have used the analogy, though I cannot fully recall…" He elaborates, lifting a thick fingertip to drum against his chin. "Regardless, I feel that learning humility and the sting of his own venom can enlighten him. I believe we should make him weaker, mother, so that he may grow stronger."

Thor's words do not fall on deaf ears, though the All-Mother's gaze is distant. "I have spoken to Loki, and told him that he must make amends with you over his actions towards the people of Midgard. He will agree to your terms, and I am here now to make sure that you deliver terms that he can abide." Frigga turns and looks her son in the eye. "You wish to banish him to the mortal realm?"

"Not permanently." Thor replies, producing his palms to placate any aggression. "I suggest he live among them. Sweat, toil, and learn among them. Perhaps, when he passes a test that you or father feels deems him worthy or the lesson learned, he shall return to us?"

"Mmm." The All-Mother's thoughtful utterance precedes her slow return to the throne's landing. "I know what you say is true about Loki's feelings towards the people of Midgard. He sees them as subjects, not as a people worthy of our respect. I will sentence him to find one worthy of more than subjugation. One that will make him see their worth. However long that takes him…" She turns and looks down at Thor for his approval.

Worries still cloud the mind behind Thor's frozen eyes. The nod he returns to Frigga, though, is firm. He finds the suggestion favorable; the cause just. "If any of the other realms interfere, though, I will slay them to the last man. I will have no elf, Jotunn, or Olympian raise arms against him."

"None other should be aware of this arrangement, not even the people of Asgard. I will advise your father when the time is right." Frigga signals one of the guards. "Send for Loki. Tell him that his mother wishes to speak with him in the Throne Room." The guard bows politely before rushing off to deliver the message.

It isn't long before said Loki emerges, wearing not his armor but a mid-thigh length tunic with a gold sash around his slender waist, and a pair of black leggings. He decided to keep the long hair which reaches his mid back, and even kept the braids Frigga put in it. "You sent for me, mother?" he asks, then visibly bristles slightly when he sees Thor, almost as if anticipating him hitting him again. "Greetings, brother. I hope you have been well?"

There is no animosity. No raging and thunderous glare. No scowl or insult. Thor observes Loki, sorrow weighing upon his blue eyes as he begins to mentally list the potential dangers his brother may face. "I am well, brother. Thank you."

The All-Mother maintains a regal look of authority from where she stands on the throne's landing. Her eyes fix on Loki as if to stop all his thoughts and actions. "A child's actions are the responsibility of his mother, Loki. That responsibility includes mending wounds caused by the actions of that child. You said that you would do what it takes to reclaim your brother's favor, did you not?"

Loki looks a little worried, tawny brow knitting together. He quickly masks his concern by adopting a bit of an unintentionally snooty expression by tilting his head back and looking down at them. "I suppose I did, yes. I hope that does not mean that Thor is going to make me pose as his servant or engage in an eating contest with Volstagg."

There is nothing appropriate or meaningful that Thor can provide that would not take away from Frigga's momentum. He circles around to stand at the right of his mother and do his best to dispassionately observe Loki. Thor has a history as a poor actor; his concern is bleeding through his heavy gaze.

"Then know that I have done as I had promised." Frigga gestures to her eldest. "I have spoken to Thor and he has agreed to offer you his forgiveness. Under one condition." She holds the palms of her hands forward. A small orb of white light manifests in thin air and in the middle of it, an ornate locket grows into existence. There are runic patterns on all sides of the locket that weave into a silver chain meant to be worn around the neck. "From the words you spoke to me the other day, it became clear that you do not see the value in a mortal life. I share your brother's desire that you find that value. To that end, I will relieve you of all that makes you an Asgardian and send you to experience life as the mortals do."

Loki's eyes widen and he draws in a shuddering breath, shaking his head. "No, no nonono. Please, mother. I'll clean the stables, I'll organize the library…I'll do anything! Mortals are wonderful creatures. I promise I will no longer disturb them." he looks between Frigga and Thor, anger boiling inside of him but not reflecting on his face. "You would cast out your own son? To live as a creature that can die so easily? You are sentencing me to death!"

"You will die if you curse yourself to death, Loki! If you sow peace, peace is what you shall reap!" Thor bellows down towards the anxious Jotunn. His lips purse, a torrent of platitudes and curses clogging at the gates until he glances aside to Frigga and calms himself.

The All-Mother directs her eyes to Thor during his outburst, insisting on his calm with the upturn of her eyebrows. "If I could believe your words, my son it would not come to this, but I know that I cannot," Frigga says as she turns her attention back to Loki. "You have terrorized the mortals. I have counseled you on how to help them but instead, you sought to harm them." Her expression is a stern veil that masks the disappointment that her son's actions have come to this resolution. "You have misused all that you have been blessed with. This is the only way I have left to teach you a lesson I had hoped you would learn on your own."

Loki continues to stare wide-eyed at Frigga, his shoulders rising and falling as his breathing becomes more rapid. Panic is setting in, and his mind is whirling a million miles a second. He opens his mouth to speak, but all that comes out is a dry squeak. "I'm sorry.."

Thor releases his emotional investment in a rebuttal or explosion of temper. A quiet sigh whispers past his lips as he steps back.

Frigga nods her head at his muted apology. "I know." The locket opens, and a beam of light shoots forth and catches Loki in the chest. It arrests him in a white aura that lifts him away from the palace floor. "Your power will be with you, Loki, but it will remain out of your reach." The aura and its beam become a vibrant green, then gradually the beam draws itself back where it came from. "Until you find one mortal to truly value, this locket will remain sealed, and you will live out your days on Midgard knowing what it is to be one of them. You will know their struggles, their hungers, their pains…. and I will pray that you find this key before any harm may befall you." The All-Mother's words and actions are stern, but in the depths of her throat, a mother's fear for her child is swallowed in such a subtle action one would need to be close to observe it.

The trickster folds his hands in front of him nervously, then snaps his head up, dropping his arms to his sides when the beam of light hits him. He tries to back away, but it seizes him and the panic truly sets in. So many emotions flow through him at once, but when he tries to unleash them, he just emits wordless gasps. When he is set back on the floor, he tries to access his magic and just stares at his palms. "Wh..no…no! NO! Nonono…" He doesn't really know why, but he turns and moves to run. If he can put distance between himself and them, maybe he can find a way to reverse the spell…

Frigga sighs silently at Loki's reaction, and with a wave of her hand a small vortex is thrown in his immediate path. The portal will put him in an alley in New York and close itself the moment he has passed through. "Be safe, my son." Then she turns her eyes to Thor. The fatigue of the ages weighs heavy on her brow and the sadness in her eyes would almost suggest that Loki was dead and gone forever.

Loki tries to turn away from the vortex but goes right through it and finds himself falling through it, space rushing past him. When he reaches the other side, he crashes to the ground in the alley, wanging off the plastic lid of a dumpster and landing in a large pile of garbage bags. Rats and cats scatter in all directions. Disheveled and disoriented, he staggers to his feet and stares at his surroundings. Holding his hands out, he tries to conjure his magic, but, as Frigga said, it is beyond his reach. As the grey clouds above begin to open up and produce rain, Loki curls his bony fingers in a claw like manner and unleashes a scream of absolute fury. So this was Thor's idea. He will pay for this.

The suffocating silence in the wake of Loki's departure settles across the throne like a sickening fog. A lethargic snort from Thor finally breaks it before he shuffles his scale mail and replaces the winged helm atop his brow. A weary stare is exchanged with Frigga, holding steady until it disappears over his shoulder as he turns to leave. "I should patrol the eastern fields."

Frigga closes her hands around the locket. As it disappears from her grasp, it will reappear around Loki's neck: Indestructible, impenetrable, and the object that keeps his powers at bay. Though her eyes have closed along with her hand, making her appear exhausted, the All-Mother's voice fills the throne room with the command of her next declaration. "Thor, I have done as you asked, but I will not be the engine of my child's demise. Your brother is a mortal now and you must watch over him as you would any other." Her thick eyelashes lift to reveal the severity of her gaze. "Return him to me, should he become mortally wounded, and do not make your observation known to him. He must learn this lesson, but not at the cost of his own life."

Thor releases his emotional investment in a rebuttal or explosion of temper. A quiet sigh whispers past his lips as he steps back. Any meaning, implied and unspoken, are easy for the elder goddess to read.

"I defend Midgard and all of her just souls." Thor replies, lidding his eyes as he lumbers down the regal passageway towards the enormous doors. Any meaning, implied and unspoken, are easy for the elder goddess to read.

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