Frigga Speaks with Odin and Sif

Recorded: December 9, 2013
Characters: Frigga, Odin, Sif
Location: Asgard Palace - Grand Foyer
Summary: Frigga tells Odin and Sif that she has turned Loki mortal.

"I am certain this will be remedied soon. I am impressed she has been so adamant. Far be it from me to tell Frigga not to be the strict one in this instance. Thor is another matter. He is always so dedicated to his work that he rarely comes up for air. I worry this will begin to cloud his judgement. Just…be vigilant."

Sif nods, her head, her expression sobering. "Aye, my King. I keep watch when I am here… when we have time together. He is, naturally, troubled but such is to be expected with all that has happened." She smiles faintly and gently. "I need to make a point to spend time in his company more." Because she often loses herself in her duties as well.

"My ears are ringing. Am I to be the topic of today?" The All-Mother wanders into the Grand Foyer with a basket of flowers from the palace garden. The maiden she walked with takes the basket from her hand and moves to deliver it elsewhere while Frigga approaches Odin and Sif with a soft smile. The emerald-colored dress she wears has long sleeves embroidered with golden flowers to match the pattern on the floor-length skirt.

Odin turns when his queen enters, reaching an arm out to loop around her shoulder. "I was just telling Lady Sif that we one day hope that our entire family will be once again gathered around the table at mealtime. It has been quite some time since we have heard the tall tales of adventures."

When Frigga enters, Sif once more places her right fist over her heart and bows deeply. "My Queen," is greeted, with the same warm respect she greeted Odin with. She stays this way until given leave to straighten. She's a right mess, really. Her hair is a rat's nest, she's covered in soot, her leathers are cut and torn and her armor is dented.

Frigga smirks at Odin and reaches over her shoulder to grip his hand briefly, but just that quickly her attention goes to Sif and her outward appearance. "Dearest Sif, what has become of you? Shall I send for the healers or ask my maidens to draw you a bath?"

"Where are my manners? Forgive me, Sif. Of course you should go to the healing room or seek out a bath after a long journey. Leave your armor, I will see it is sent to Nidavellir for the dwarves to repair."

Straightening, Sif chuckles softly. "No true injuries sustained, my Lord and Lady. A few scratches at best." Her eyes sparkle for a moment. "A bath sounds lovely. Especially before I join everyone for dinner." As ordered, she strips off the pieces of armor, bowing her head. "My deepest thanks, my King."

Frigga pulls away from her husband and signals to several of the guards and maidens wandering the Grand Foyer. "Please see to it that Sif's armor is taken care of. Prepare the bathing room." The guards move to deal with the armor while the maidens head for the stairs. "I am glad to have found the two of you in conversation. There is something I have been meaning to advise my King, and I wish also for you to be aware of it for Thor's sake, Sif."

Odin sets his jaw, glancing at Sif indicating he wants her to act like she hadn't heard anything from him if it's what he's thinking it is. "What is it, my precious queen? You can tell me anything."

Sif straightens her back and squares her shoulders, giving a nod that may be for either one. Sif doubtlessly got the memo from Odin though. "Of course, my Queen. Is all well?" Her brows knit together and she looks genuinely concerned. You don't grow up with the trickster without becoming a very good actress…

Frigga looks between them both while all of the humor leaves her face. "I am afraid that Loki is no longer with us. To appease Thor and teach our son a valuable lesson, I have banished him to Midgard to live the life of a mortal."

Odin knew Frigga had sent Loki to Midgard, but the rest comes as a surprise. His mouth drops open slightly and he exchanges a look with Sif. "Banished…to appease Thor? What has happened that Thor would devise such a punishment upon his brother? I do not question your wisdom, I seem to have missed a great many happenings around here."

There's honest to Gods shock on Sif's features. "M-my Queen?" The Goddess blinks several times, eyes darting Odin and then back to Frigga. "I… I do not understand… Why would Thor request such a thing…?"

Frigga lifts her hands briefly. "Think not of Thor, for while he planted the seed it was I who tended to its growth." She focuses on Odin, her long lashes providing a veil for the motherly concern welling in her eyes. "Loki spoke of the mortals in such a way that I could not let him go on as he did. He sees them as easily discarded as chaff should they not bend to his rule." She shakes her head. "He tormented them, my King. Thor bore witness to it and testified against him, and I trust the word of all my sons."

Odin nods. "I respect your decision and trust that it was the right one. Whether or not he returns to us is up to him. If he does not learn this lesson before his life expires, then perhaps it is for the best. All we can do is hope."

Sif nods her head slowly, perhaps still shocked at the revelation. "As you see fit, my Queen," is murmured softly. She trusts Frigga's judgment beyond reproach. "With your leave, my Lord and Lady, I shall go get cleaned up before the evening meal is ready." Once give permission, she turns and makes her way to her chambers.

"I hope that the child I once knew will one day return to me, for I know not this deceitful man who has taken his place." The All-Mother keeps her chin tilted at a respectful angle but there is sadness in her eyes that is quickly concealed when she closes them. She nods politely to Sif as she leaves then quietly turns to pace the walkway of the Grand Foyer.

"It is my fault that he has become this way." Odin says once Sif leaves. "He overheard me speaking to someone about being an adopted Jotun. If only we could remove this knowledge from him he may return to us as the son we once knew. He is and always will be one who is crafty and sly, but he must be turned away from the path of darkness before it is too late. How is Thor handling this?"

Frigga turns and looks at Odin. "I have asked him to watch over his brother during his trial, but he has refused. His patience has worn too thin."

Odin closes his eye and nods. "I see. Then there is nothing we can do than wait. I'm sorry, Frigga. I wish there was another way."

"As do I, my King. As do I." Frigga turns to head towards the stairwell. "I dare not ask Heimdall to tell me of Loki's actions, for I know I as a mother would want to intervene. I will pray for his safety and progress."

"I am here if you wish to speak, my Queen," Odin says softly. "I know I have always been strict with our sons, but I share your concern. I do not wish to see harm come to either of them. I pray there is a lesson in this for them both."

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