Thor Interrogates a Jotun

Recorded: December 22, 2013
Characters: Thor, Vorganth (NPC)
Location: Asgard Palace - Dungeon
Summary: Thor interrogates the frost giant that attempted to kill Loki on Earth.

The elaborate architecture of the palace dungeon has no awe-inspiring effect on its latest prisoner. The Jotun assassin from earth paces his prison with an angry grunt, stopping periodically to wipe the sweat from his brow. The heat of his room is bearable to the normal prisoner but the Frost Giant is sweltering, and his slightly diminished stature is showing the consistent effect of his heat exposure. He's nearly down to Asgardian height now, but the brute maintains his defiant glare.

Keys jingle down the distant halls and the mechanism of a lock seems to roar across the hollow expanse of the dark corridors of the dungeon. Thor Odinson shoulders through the doorway, eyes narrowed beneath the lip of his winged helm in the flickering, orange torchlight. His heavy bootsteps grow louder until they click to a halt outside the door leading to the Jotunn's cell, clanking the next series of locks and closing the heavy, oaken door behind himself.

"Fair tidings, ser." Thor barks roughly, setting the torch inside a mount upon the stone wall. "I have questions for you. I'm interested to hear your answers."

The Jotun glances down at Thor and grunts. He resumes his pacing as if the God of Thunder weren't even there.

Defiance can be broken. Thor calmly strides forward to clasp the Jotunn by the throat then slams his cheek into the ground. "Our cultures are so different, Jotunn and Asgardian." Thor soothingly chides, reaching to his side to tear Mjolnir from his belt. He places the heavy, uru head upon the giant's proud temple and leaves it to rest. "Very well then, ser. I am Thor Odinson. Prince of Asgard. Lord of Thunder. The legendary warrior born. I am familiar to you, ser."

The Frost Giant barks and lashes out at Thor during their grapple but the heat of the cell has weakened him, and he is quickly overpowered. Hissing angrily, he claws at the handle of Mjolnir but the weapon will not be moved by unworthy hands. It is at this point of realization that the Jotun begins to make a different sound. A gutteral cackling that precedes the utterances of his native tongue. "(Are you angered with me, Asgardian? For trying to destroy the trickster whelp? For that, you should give me accolades.)"

"My accolades rain upon your shoulders." Thor replies, setting his heavy jaw as he paces back towards the jotunn. Heavy mail complains and clatters together as he bends at the waist and crouches before the prostrate assassin. "The eyes of Jotunnheim are keen. Her reach distant. I will ask you several questions and you will give me answers. My will and patience are not infinite, though. I caution you, ser. Each time you speak untrue will earn my correction. You will be granted five corrections before, I fear, I allow my creativity to take wing."

The Giant's myrth remains. "(Ask your questions, Thunder God. I have my own to ask, if you will allow. Or my answers to your questions may not satisfy.)"

Bone and ligament yield into a sickening pop as Thor snatches the jotunn's nearest pinky and snaps it neatly back, breaking bone and tearing muscle in the process. "Forgive my inattentiveness, ser!" Thor remarks, gracing the top of the giant's head with a broad smile. "In my haste to grapple with the task before me it seems I forgot to explain the rules of proper communication in this room. You will speak when I have spoken to you. You will mind your tongue for you shall be accountable for its actions." He snarls, polite veneer finally eroding away. "Your name, ser. Tell it to me."

The roar that elicits from the Frost Giant's maw echoes through the dungeon. No doubt if there are any prisoners awaiting interrogation, they may start thinking of a plea deal after that sound. But it is followed by another cackle as the creature now knows the game to be played. "(So this is your tactic, Thunder God? Very well. My name is Vorganth, and I was born and bred in pain.)" He hisses viciously and spits in defiance.

"I see your fingers and arms, Vorganth. Your legs, spine and eyes. My words fall upon your ears. Your tongue continues to exercise. The pain I can visit upon you you have not yet known. Worse yet, you have no death to cloak you with at the end of this conversation." Thor explains, voice maintaining the same frozen calm as the eye of a northern storm. "You already received one correction; you have four more before I remove your ability to honor your king and forefathers on the field of battle. After that I will take your ability to see the spilling of noble blood. Steal from you the ability to hear a soldier's skull buckle beneath your clubs. You will never again taste ale or meat. Finally, when I tire of your novelty, I will return you to Laufey. I will tell him how you have failed him. How your name now belongs to the the Thunderer, and how helpful you have been in revealing what weaknesses in our security that you already have." Thor hisses, rising to his feet and marching away from the crumpled form of the prisoner.

"Oh yes. I will do these things, Vorganth. You already know that I will always speak true. I will leave you a ruinous pile of flesh and blood. Then I will let Laufey have his own justice." He states, glaring into the damp stone wall. "Let us conclude this so that you may formulate whatever lies you will to preserve your life with what little discomfort has already been visited upon you. Why did you attack Loki?"

"(Arrogant Asgardian! You think your threats mean much to me? A warrior in the tribe of Borgeth is always ready to suffer for our king!)" Vorganth claws at the hammer once again, even employing the broken finger which has by now gone numb. "(You think you can keep me here as you have that pet you call a brother? You have taken one of ours—Do you think we would not be inspired to repay the exchange!)"

"Very good, then. One wonders how you came upon the information." Thor muses, stomping down upon the wounded hand with the heel of his boot and summoning another sharp crack. "How did you come upon this information, Vorganth?" Thor roars back at the giant, face twisting into a wrathful sneer. "How did you learn that Loki was banished?"

Vorganth snarls and kicks at Thor with one of his long legs. "(Ask yourself, Asgardian! Ask your people. You have so many. Surely there are those you cannot readily trust, even within your own palace.)" He grins through his pain, offering an additional statement. "(In the name of Laufey, my tribe will set right your unsanctioned exchange. We will destroy the tainted trickster, and leave a gaping wound in your clan the likes of which will never heal.)"

Thor backs away from Vorganth as the giant continues to flail and proudly defy Thor's line of questioning. Despite the flagrant threats he usually faces, however, the Prince of Asgard muses the jotunn's words in his mind as he backs towards the door. "Gaping hole." He echoes, suddenly clutching at his head as a shrill voice rips through his mind. Loki. When he recovers a glare passes Mjolnir, a hand outstretching to welcome an old friend.

Mjolnir gently glides into Thor's waiting palm and, without further adieu, the interrogator passes and locks the dungeon's portal and rushes towards the exit. Something is wrong.

Though free of Mjolnir's weightless arrest, Vorganth remains on the floor of his cell. He has taken to a round of malicious cackling at Thor's sudden exit. The Frost Giant will tend to his wounds once the Thunder God's footsteps are well out of earshot.

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