Lissarn and Morgantha

Recorded: December 27, 2013
Characters: Balder, Heimdall (NPC), Lissarn (NPC), Loki, Morgantha (NPC), Thor
Location: Asgard - Heimdall's Observatory
Summary: The sons of Odin pay a visit to a lecherous Vanir.

Stalwart as ever, Heimdall keeps his watch over the vastness of space, though for now he's been commanded to keep his gaze in a specific direction. The stars and galaxies that shine in his helmet are brightly lit as he focuses on Jotunheim and the activities below, waiting for the Odinson brothers to return to the Bifrost.

Balder returned to Heimdall's, right hand behind his back, and the other resting on the hilt of his sword. "Good news, everyone."

Loki comes down the Bifrost, carrying a book, a few scrolls and a few other supplies. "I have studied the imprint and have uncovered some information that may be useful to our quest. The bangle is Vanir in nature. There was an inscription as well."

There has been far less productive work done by Thor who, for much of the day, has been explaining the situation to the Allfather and contemplating possible contingencies to utilize against Frigga. A near fruitless task.

Heimdall does not turn from his vigil, though he speaks over his shoulder to the brothers. "So far, the All-Mother has not presented herself to Laufey. She has ventured with the witch to a tribal village, but her very presence there has caused another unnatural storm to appear. Nothing else eventful has occurred."

Balder gave a nod, helmet shining. "A lot of things on Jotunheim are unnatural," he said. Balder moved closer to the people present, and shared what he knew. "Laufey has nothing to do with this at the moment. The Jotun we've been dealing with are part of a small sect ran by a 'Borgeth' fellow. Our mother is just a gift intended for Laufey so this sect can gain a footing in the social hierarchy of Jotunheim."

"If this is lead by Borgoth then, should we capture him, should that not be the end of it? We can force them to revert her." Thor proposes, running a thumb past his chin and scowling. "What of that witch? What do we know of her?"

Heimdall finally turns from his post to look at them. "I know only that she continues to live. I did not see her flight from the field but she is now with the All-Mother in their village."

Balder shrugged his shoulders under the armor. It was unclear of he sought relief from pinching metal or if he was answering Thor with the gesture. "The only other thing I could get from the assassin is that they paid a visit to a Vanir named Lissarn. Some tower in Vanaheim. The witch was purely insistent, but the assassin doesn't know what happened there." He paced a bit, right hand behind his back, the other on his sword.

"The next step, then, seems clear. We track the Vanir. She will likely have more information to share. Were you able to determine whether or not she willingly dealt with the Jotunn? This may be theft." Thor inquires, sauntering towards the wall to lean back. "It would be nice to know whether or not she will attempt to slay us."

"I believe we should continue our search in Vanaheim. The inscription reads 'To Morgantha, May the winds of change be what binds us together. - Lissarn'. The Vanir have always had a higher level of magical ability than those of Asgardian stock, we may be able to find more information on Morgantha and Lissarn there."

Heimdall's eyes dim thoughtfully. "Lissarn, did you say?" He turns back to the cosmos and focuses his gaze on Vanaheim. Within moments, he points down to a specific point that only he can see. "Lissarn's tower is there. It looks to be in partial ruin. I shall open the Bifrost to his front walk." He twists his sword and the portal opens, ready for the brothers to step through. The other end will set them down in front of a stone house connected to a tower, both of which appearing as if they'd seen better days.

Balder placed both hands on his either sword hanging from his hips and strode through the portal to Lissarn's. He paused several feet from the portal against the nearest wall. "Alright…," he said thoughtfully.

Thor needed no more invitation than that. "Then we can stop this deliberation. If we are fortunate, it will not be a reclusive old fool." He murmurs, moving into the bifrost and vanishing in a brilliant flash of light.

Loki nods and steps toward the portal, gripping the books and scrolls in the crook of his arm. "I have not been to Vanaheim in quite some time. Let us speak to Lissarn and see if he can provide us with more information. Thank you, kind gatekeeper." Loki seems a bit different now that he's been assured that Frigga is alive and not obliterated.

The home of Lissarn is in shambles, to say the least. Of the one-story house, the thatched roof is partially caved in, and stones have been knocked off the tower connected to it. The log fencing that surrounded it is partially knocked down and there are scorch marks on the earth where mystic battle more than likely took place.

The heavy wooden door of the house swings open to reveal a rather leggy maiden wearing a blue tunic and sandals with straps that go up her calves. She's carrying a barrel in front of her as if it were nothing and one of her wrists bears a bracelet similar to the one that was clasped on Frigga's wrist. The maiden stops and lowers her load it to look at the three brothers. Her dark lips purse as she looks them over, and the curls of her wavy, black hair bounce as she calls over her shoulder, "Lissarn, you've got guests."

"Tell them to go away! I don't need anymore guests. Not after the last bunch."

Balder stepped forward towards the maiden and pushed by her, "I believe you'll want to speak with us, Lissarn." He intended to make their identity known. Balder cleared a way for his brothers into the next room. Eyes darted to make sure the immediate area was safe.

Thor bows politely to the woman and waves a hand towards the barrel. "We apologize for the inconvenience. Perhaps, though, I can assist you with that task?" He asks, lips parting into a broad, rugged smile.

Loki smiles at the maiden. "Allow me to help you with that. Such work is beneath one of such beauty and grace." He takes her hand (the one with the bracelet) and kisses it lightly while inspecting it closely with his senses and his eyes. "Where did you receive such a marvelous bracelet? Perhaps you could tell me a little about it."

Morgantha balances the barrel on the flat of one palm, holding it out the way as Loki kisses her hand. "Uh… Yeah. Lissarn," she calls again and moves to walk around them, carrying the barrel to the broken fence.

"I said I don't want visitors!" An old man in a blue robe wanders out to the doorway, holding a pair of spectacles in a golden prosthetic that makes up his right hand. He cleans them vigorously before propping them on the bridge of his nose, squinting at the Asgardian closest to him. "Speak to you for what? Who are you? What are you doing on my property? If you're looking for work, there is plenty to be had here, but I only pay in foodstuffs. No lodging." His left wrist also bears a bracelet that matches Frigga's, though he covers it quickly with the sleeve of his robe.

Balder thumbed back behind him. "My brother wants to be on your property. I do not, old man. I'm Balder, and these are my brothers Thor and Loki." He rests his hands on his swords again. "And we need to talk to you about our mother Frigga. She's been taken by the Jotun and transformed into some kind of abomination." Balder surveys the room while he speaks. He did notice the bracelet on both the slave and the old man, but he decides to leave that line of questioning to Loki or Thor.

Morgantha earns a parting glance from Thor before he turns to slide into the room. He grants Loki a knowing nudge and minor smirk. "Jotunn appeared in Asgard. Placed a bracer upon the queen that appears to be the partner of what we see at your wrist. We need answers."

"You are Morgantha, then?" he asks, stepping after her. "I know we are strangers to you, but I must speak to you seriously about your bracelet. Have you recently found one missing?" he leans against the post of the broken fence and uses a bit of magic to repair it. "You see, a bracelet very similar to yours was used to transport our mother to Jotunheim. At this moment, she seems to have no memory of who she is, and believes herself to be the Snow-Mother of Jotunheim."

"A bracelet, you say?" The question comes from Lissarn who steps fully out into the yard, peering at all three Asgardians as if the glasses were no help to his vision. "Ah. Then you have met my other guests. Yes, the Jotun paid me quite the visit not too long ago." He gestures at the destruction still evident around his homestead. "A small band of them. If you can use the word 'small' to associate with the Jotun. Giant brutes, all of them. Even that sultry woman of theirs." The old wizard licks his worn teeth repeatedly, then clears his throat. "Anyway, yes. They stole my precious gift to Morgantha. Fortunately, I am skilled enough to craft another. Isn't that right, my dear?" The woman rolls her eyes and strides past all of them, heading indoors to continue picking up after their last visit.

Balder turns back to look at Morgantha, then back to the old man. The teeth licking earns a frown from the prince. "Eh, yeah… Enough of that. Stick to the important stuff." He shifts on his feet, "What are the abilities of these bracelets? Their purpose?"

Lissarn runs the tuft of hair on his chin and rests his golden hand behind his back. "The bracelet is one of my master works, young Asgardian. It is an artifact of reincarnation." He chuckles proudly and wanders over to the fencing, giving it a scrutinizing gaze. "With the right incantation, it can transform the wearer in a variety of ways. Transform their mind, personality, memories… The only thing it cannot change is their soul." He leans his head closer to the brothers and mutters, "I like to use it on those occasions when I am willing but Morgantha is not." The woman in question rolls her eyes and continues hauling materials around the yard.

Balder leans back when the old man leans in. "Uh, right… Listen, could you craft one that would return our mother to her original state? We cannot allow her to become a Jotun prize. It would hang over Asgard forever. And… Loki. He really loves mother." Balder glanced at Thor, then back to Lissarn.

Loki gives Balder a look of disapproval, though if it helps them seem more sympathetic to the man, he'll let it slide. "We must restore her before she is used as a tool by the Jotuns to lay waste to Asgard. It is of the utmost importance. How do we reverse the effects?

Lissarn snorts and laughs at their questions, heading into his home. "Restore her? Oh sure, there is a way. Would you believe that my dearest Morgantha does not truly appear as that Amazonian goddess you see out there? Every once in a while she must be reminded of her true self, so she remembers what she owes me for what she now has." He gestures to an inlaid bookshelf and the mess of books in front of it. "Unfortunately, that way is no longer accessible. The Jotuns tore through my tomes like the brutes they are and ripped pages from the one that held all my incantations for the bracelet. My mind is not as good at remembering these things as they used to be. But I suppose you could go the alternate route that the Jotuns took." The wizard pulls his golden prosthetic free from his wrist, showing the frest scar over a clean-cut wrist bone. "If you take the corresponding bracelet from the master's wrist, the slave will no longer be at will to their spell."

Balder turns his hands over the pommels of his swords. "If the bracelet is removed from the witch that attacked your home, our mother's mind will be her own once again? Then what do we do about her appearance?" Balder seems to be growing frustrated with the whole ordeal.

"You have taken this maiden under your will much like the jotunn have our mother?" Thor inquires, turning to try and catch sight of Morgantha.

Lissarn waves a hand dismissively at their inquiries. "Once the bracelet is removed from the master's wrist, the corresponding bracelet will also loosen. Its wearer will also be restored to normal. It is just that simple." He turns and holds up an index finger. "Oh but whatever you do, do not attempt to remove the bracelet from… your mother, was it? I put in a little failsafe on it that will destroy her if it is removed. Even if you were to try and cleverly separate her hand from her wrist." He shrugs casually. "Just a little something to solidify our time together, isn't that right, Morgantha?" Again, the woman rolls her eyes but keeps on working. "Well, I didn't think anyone would use it but us, dearest! Don't give me that look."

Balder turns without a word and ushers his brothers back into the room they appeared in. "Heimdall," he said, almost under his breath.

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