2013 News

Mutant Attack in Central Park
Copy by Bea Arthur Written for December 28, 2013
A news anchorwoman turns to the camera, "This video just came in from Central Park. The quality is low as it is from a cellphone from a person near the scene in the park. A number of men bearing the arm bands of the erstwhile Friends of Humanity started the confrontation with an unidentified mutant. A young woman intervened before revealing herself to be a mutant as well. We now cut to the video."
The video on the screen is rather grainy and lacking detail, as the person recording it was twenty feet away from the action in question. A blue mutant wearing a trench coat throws one of the men into a tree some distance away and takes on a second. A third draws a handgun from his pants to aim at the mutant, at which point the teen girl explodes out into a demonic gargoyle form and breaks the man's hand. At that point the gargoyle grabs the hand of the other mutant and takes to the air, flying off with video coming to an end with a grainy image of the two in the air from a distance of about sixty feet.
"As you can see, the confrontation was swift but violent. Three men with broken bones from the unknown mutants. Whether the man who drew his gun was justified in his actions is unclear as at this point it is not clear who started this instance of violence in Central Park. The Friends of Humanity issued this statement. 'The young men in the video refuse to give interviews but I am authorized by them, and by the Friends of Humanity, to issue this statement. This violence against normal law abiding humans shows exactly why mutants are not fit to live among us. They bring violence wherever they go, they are unnatural and a danger to us all.'" the woman reads the statement as it shows up on the screen for the viewer to read as well with the picture on the screen showing the gargoyle holding the gun hand of the human.
"No matter where you stand on the mutant issue, this does bring into question just how laws will be enforced against mutants and violence. This is Abigail Brown for WCCN."
UFO draws out Demon of Hell's Kitchen
Copy by Juan Don Written for December 6, 2013

Carl Hicks shuffles the papers on his desk before staring at the camera. "Breaking news just in. A reported UFO that was being tracked by the FAA turned out to be a flying, armored suit, made a crash landing in Hell's Kitchen earlier this evening, causing significant damage to the black top and several parked vehicles.
The commotion apparently drew the ire of a local man who confronted the 'UFO' before what has been dubbed the Demon of Hell's Kitchen arrived on scene. The Demon, who showed up only moments after the crash to threaten the robotic, potentially exo-skeletal machine, unleashed more flame than has been reported in earlier incidents and was even seen to communicate with the machine and irate man through the use of letters drawn in flame. Before authorities arrived, both the machine and the demon had long since vanished

We turn now to our panel of experts to discuss the increase in appearances of this creature and what it means for the safety of the citizens in Hell's Kitchen."

Demon of Hell's Kitchen Caught on Film!
Copy by LS Walker Written for November 16th, 2013
The news feed fades in and focuses in on the news anchor who shuffles some papers before starting the segment. "We go back now to our report of the recent incident in Hell's Kitchen. From what our sources are telling us, a thick, asthma inducing gas was sprayed throughout Hell's Kitchen by a man in a green, protective suit. Images and video filmed at the time of the incident are blurry and jumpy, but several seem to corroberate that at some point, a fight ensued between the attacker and two unknown defenders. One defender wielded what seems to be an advanced piece of weaponry, while the other appears to be a walking pillar of flame as shown in this image here." The feed cuts to a horribly blurry and out of focus shot of a humanoid looking flame. "We will return to this story after this quick break."
Demon Sightings in Hell's Kitchen
Copy by J Austen Written for October 7th, 2013
Making rounds on the tabloid circuit are headlines regarding the sudden appearance of a figure covered in flames from head to toe in the back alleys of Hell's Kitchen, coupled with reports of a blast and a raging inferno that stopped as suddenly as it had begun. With only a few transients as witnesses and no evidence of an actual fire or any damage done, none of the reputable news sources, nor the police, are bothering to give the story the time of day. However, each tabloid poses its own theories from government experiments to portals to Hell ripping open.
World Wide Library Heists?
Copy by Edgar Poe Written for April 24, 2013
Major libraries all over the world, including the LIbrary of Congress, the British Library, and some even report the Vatican's library have all been stolen from. Strangely, the nature of the thefts has left each library not specifying what exactly was stolen, except that they were priceless pieces not meant for the eyes of the general public.
The strangest part is that there is very little evidence of theft, outside of these items being missing. They simply seemed to vanish into thin air. Though security officials report "anomalies" in the reviewed footage from surveillance cameras, they have yet to specify what exactly these anomalies are. Perhaps even stranger is that all of these reported thefts occurred within one hour, suggesting either the most coordinated group heist in history, or something far stranger.
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