Brotherly Grievances

Recorded: January 1, 2014
Characters: Balder, Loki, Thor
Location: Asgard Palace - Healing Room
Summary: Balder and Thor express their frustration with Loki's antics.

In the healing chamber, the healers worked hard and fast to restore Loki enough that he was in no danger of dying, then bandaged him up and placed him on one of the wide, plush benches in the outer area so he can continue to heal by the large restorative fire. He remained unconscious for quite some time, but as the sun began to disappear, bathing the room in an eerie orange light, Loki began to stir, awakening groggily. He puts a hand to his forehead and lets out a deep sigh.

Towering above the wounded Jotunn is Thor Odinson who, beneath the brim of his great winged helm, has a hostile glare burning into Loki's face. "Good morning." He mutters, leaning forward to scrutinize the man's face.

Balder stood in the healing room near one wall, though within Loki's view. Balder wore nearly the same look of disapproval on his own face. Arms cross over his broad chest and eyes were shadowed by the helm on his head.

Loki blinks a few times, focusing on Thor's face. He offers a weak smile. "Hello, brother…" he says quietly, "Why the long faces? I thought you would be pleased at getting mother back." he grimaces when he tried to sit up. "How is she? Is she unharmed? Does she remember anything?"

"She has gone to seek counsel with father and appears, quite understandably, worse for wear. I have no doubt that, with rest, she will be scowling us into submission shortly." Thor replies, inhaling deeply as he pushes himself away from the rough cot. "No, brother. We have something different to speak of. Your 'clever' little plans. Your consistent impatience and disrespect."

Balder stepped away from the wall. "There are better ways to use your illusions, brother. Your magic can be invaluable, but you continue to squander it in battle. Wishing to turn one of us into a baby? Disguising us when our only purpose in Jotunheim is to kill giants?" His arms fall from his chest and hands rest on his hips.

"I suppose you have a captive audience, brother." Loki sighs, letting his head fall back against the pillow, feeling the soft fur used for a blanket with his fingertips. He hates being lectured, especially by his brothers. "I don't know what to say. It may have been caused by being reborn. Then again, mother and I have always been close."

A brawny hand lunges forward and clasp Loki by the throat, lifting him just enough so that a punch in the nose smashes the back of his skull into the headboard with a painful crunch. "This is what I speak of! Should you be a spiteful little rat our patience is beyond strained!"

Balder quirked the corner of his lips and averted his eyes for a moment. "Loki, you need to learn to be independent of mother, of father, of Jotunheim and of Asgard. You're Loki. The mortals know of you as a God, just as us. An equal in their eyes. But they don't see all of this… Clinging to mother's skirt, drying your tears on her dresses… How could we see you as an equal?"

Loki emits a cut off yelp when Thor grabs, then hits him. He covers his face with his hands to soothe his nose and stop the room from spinning. He chuckles, muffled by his hands, then lets them drop to his sides, looking up at the ceiling. He blinks, then looks at Thor. "Is that jealousy, brother? Go on, hit me while I'm down if it will make you feel better. Hit me if you are so blind that you cannot see that I have done nothing to deserve your ire. I have been there every step of the way to save her. Had I not created diversions, you two would not have lived to rescue her. Spite me, hate me if you wish, it matters not to me anymore." To Balder, he frowns. "You will never see me as an equal no matter what I do to impress you, Balder."

Balder turned his eyes away again, narrowed and shadowed beneath his helm. "I would see you as equal if you'd stop trying to rely on subterfuge. Through all your tricks, you managed to give a single Jotun a burn." He shook his head suddenly. There was more he wanted to say. He remained silent for a moment before he started again, tone lower. "We all grew up together. We're all equals… We're brothers, princes of Asgard."

"No, Loki. Your plots are frequently dangerous to everyone and your consultation of those around you unheard of. This is a discussion that has been in dire need from some time." Thor explains wandering from the bed to try and compose himself. "You are weak. You constantly whine, and you blame everyone but yourself for all the terrible things that occur around you. I wonder if you recall the calamity you caused on Midgard that drew me there. I wonder if you recall what I told you about how much we care about you. Yet, so enamored with yourself were you that you placed yourself in peril because 'nobody cares for Loki.'"

Thor whirls about and levels an accusing finger upon Loki. "Balder and I had both thoroughly scoured the guard. Strange how the enemy knew about a Laufeyson in Asgard. Especially when the information is restricted to the family. I wonder how many people you've complained to."

Loki throws the fur aside and is on his feet in a flash, bearing down on Thor with a furious look in his eye. He may be at a slight height disadvantage without his boots on, but he reaches out to grab Thor's armor by the edges of the arm openings and with strength they might not know he possessed, yanks hard on him to try and bring him down to his eye level.

"Do not lecture me about weakness. You may believe yourselves to be so superior to me, but you have no idea what you are talking about." His grip is iron as he gives Thor a shake. "Which one of us helped protect the mortals while you weren't here? Which one of us tried to sniff out a plot to exterminate every human on Midgard that wasn't a mutant? Which one of us then put themselves in a bad position just to protect their brother from being drawn into something from which he may not be able to remove himself? Which one of us died for our world? WHICH ONE OF US, THOR??" his voice echoes through the chamber as he glares at Thor with fury and hurt in his eyes. In a hushed tone, he speaks through gritted teeth. "You speak to me as if you even begin to understand me. Your love for me is conditional as long as I am the good little brother you expect me to be. But I am not. I am burdened with more than you will ever know about in order to protect YOU! YOU, THOR."

Balder stepped close to the two. He waited for a gap in Loki's speech before he began, "We just want you to control your emotions. Look at you…" He turned and left the healing room without another word. All that accompanied his exit was the heavy falling of his boots on the floor, fading down the hall.

"I will lecture you on weakness because that is what you are." Thor roars at Loki, gnashing his teeth into a wrathful sneer. "It was because of your weakness and insecurity that you went to Midgard in the first place and unleashed a storm of strife; it was your weakness and calamity that allowed you to get so involved with the mutant raiders! Now they have claimed Asgardian lives. Lest you forget the fallen guards from your 'grand escape' when I had to track you once again."

At this point the great thunderer is practically frothing from the quite visible fury. "Lives we were charged with protecting have fallen and those that struck the death blows have gone unpunished. I am an obedient son and such are father's wishes. All this death, this misfortune. Even the knowledge that we are here; everything is because you somehow think we find you below us." Thor elaborates articulating with his hands, which are mostly fists at this point, as he tries to illustrate the concept.

"Yet, you are so ignorant, foolish, and arrogant that you see only what slights you perceive rather than the root. We are angry. Balder and I specifically because we are disappointed. You are supposed to be our equal yet you constantly place everything we protect in peril because of your shortsightedness and poor planning. It does not help that you constantly complain and weep like a wounded child." Thor lingers a weary glare on Loki as he searches himself for anything else he has left unsaid but, failing that, simply stalks out of the room. There is probably something for him to hit somewhere. Maybe he can find a troll.

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