The Fate of a Royal Maiden

Recorded: January 1, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Odin
Location: Odin and Frigga's Bedchamber
Summary: Frigga and Odin discuss the future of Kari and her family.

The All-Mother has slept deeply since returning from her time on Jotunheim, but even as she awakens now, she continues to look weary. Only the privacy of the royal bedchambers would anyone be privvy to seeing her outside of her usual poise. She rests on her side in the bed, fully covered in a white silk nightgown, with her hair braided in a wreath around her head so that it retains some curl.

Odin sits next to the bed, holding his wife's hand in both of his, patiently watching her sleep. Hugin and Munin remain quiet on their perches, keeping the room silent as guards remain stationed outside the doors with explicit orders that they are not to be disturbed under any circumstances (Barring the palace being on fire).

Frigga opens her eyes slowly to look at her husband. "You have a kingdom to run, my king," she murmurs. "Do not root yourself at my side when an entire people depend on you so greatly."

"Asgard will survive while I am here, my queen." Odin says, brushing a bit of her hair back. "Your well being is the most important at the moment. Do you want anything? How do you feel?" he doesn't mention the status of their sons, not wanting to concern her.

Frigga withdraws her hand from his grasp to aid herself in sitting up in their bed. A soft sigh escapes her as she positions herself. "Rest is all I require. As Fanndis, I used much of my power to attack our sons and defend the Jotuns. I must recover from that expended effort." She spares a glance around the room. "Loki… I nearly ended him. Have the healers restored him to a full state of health?"

Odin reaches out to help if needed and nods as he listens. "Have something to eat and drink. It will aid you in recovering your strength. Thor and Balder are well. They are no worse for the wear from the experience. Loki is still in the healing room, but is no longer in danger. The last I heard the three were quarreling, so I believe they will be just fine. Physically, anyway. I must confess I am concerned about Loki's mental state. He did not take your disappearance well at all, which seems to be the main reason for the quarreling."

"Should a day go by that our sons are not quarreling, Ragnarok will truly be upon us," the All-Mother jests lightly and wavers a hand at the offer of food. "Perhas a golden apple a little later, but for now, water will do." Her eyes sparkle as she remembers something. "Odin, what has become of Kari?"

Odin chuckles and pours a goblet of water, offering it to her. "Kari is in the dungeon at the moment pending investigation into what happened." Cue themesong for CSI: Asgard. "Loki has described to us what occured, but, well…Loki is a bit unreliable when it comes to facts, as you know. He said that she was threatened by the Jotun witch, but when he tried to coerce information out of her Thor and Balder were distracting. Was anyone else present in the garden? Do you remember?"

Frigga shakes her head as she sips from the goblet she was given. "The guards were at a distance. I did not feel it was necessary to have them walk with me in my own garden." She sets the goblet aside and reaches for Odin's hand. "Hear me, my king. No one knows better than I the desperate actions of a mother trying to protect her child. To exchange young life for old is a decision I would not wish on anyone, and were I in Kari's place—a maiden, faced with a monster's hands on her infant's flesh, with husband and protector too far to call? I would have made the same actions."

Odin covers her hand with his and nods once. "I hear you, my queen. Once it is determined that she is truly not working with the Jotuns, or under any kind of spell, she will be released. Her family has been placed under protection, so there is no danger of them being attacked. Fear not. She is being well cared for now, and I am certain she will be reunited with her son soon. "

Frigga leans in to emphasize her words. "She was not in league with the Jotuns, Odin. She was under duress." She leans back against the headboard of their bed. "Release her, but do not leave her to roam freely on Asgard. The servants gossip and once rumor spreads over her hand in my recent disappearance, there will be nowhere in our city where she or Sten will be welcome."

Odin nods. "Consider it done." he calls for a guard and instructs him to release her, but to give her and her family a room within the palace for the time being. The guard nods and bows, leaving to carry out his instructions immediately. "She and her family will be safe within the palace. Once he is healed, I will have Loki spread rumors that will assist in protecting her honor."

Frigga shakes her head. "No, we cannot fight deception with more of the same. For the sake of their future, Kari, Sten and Jary should be sent to Vanaheim to live out their lives in a realm similar to our own. I am confident they will easily re-establish their livelihoods there, and to let them live in the palace would bring scandal on us all." She arches a tired but amused brow at her husband. "There are moments, my king, when I feel you would be lost without my decisions."

"Vanaheim…I would be concerned with brigands attacking. I will make it so, but in the meantime they can be safe here until they are transported. I was not considering it deception since there would be nothing said that was untrue."

"Rumors are always harmful, even when based on truth." The All-Mother slips downward to rest beneath the fur blanket that covers their bed. "Brigands are not assaulting the entirety of Vanaheim. There is an entire world there, and we can find a safe place for Kari and Sten to live. Now please, my king. Go see to your people while I rest." She offers him a tired but loving smile as she closes her eyes once more.

Odin takes the goblet and sets it aside on the table, then pulls the furs up to her shoulder and smooths back her hair. "Rest well, my love. I will come visit you soon. If you wish to see Thor or Balder, I can have them brought to you. Or Loki." Poor Loki, always an afterthought.

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