Norbreth's Interrogation

Recorded: January 5, 2014
Characters: Loki, Norbreth (NPC)
Location: Asgard Palace - Dungeon
Summary: Loki interrogates the baker's wife.

The latest prisoner to be added to the dungeon has a few accessories to keep her in a less than comfortable position. Norbreth has been chained to the wall that she sits up against, and the length of the chains keeps her hands from being used for more than brief gestures. Her legs are chained to the floor in the same manner so there's no option for her to get up and walk around. At least the guards haven given her straw to sit in—Straw which she plucks at while staring into a distant point across her room. The poor woman has only had her hands washed of what once stained them. She still wears the same garments, soaked with her husband's blood. She looks the very picture of someone who's gone mad, emphasized by her disheveled hair and wandering gaze.

Loki steps into the dungeons, wearing his casual tunic and pants, no weapons visible on him. He nods to the guards to give them some space and he enters the cell, moving to crouch down next to her. "Norbreth," he says quietly and gently. "I have come to speak to you about what happened. Would you tell me what happened to you?"

The woman continues to stare at that distant point across from her. "… Is my husband awake yet," she mumbles curiously. "He should be preparing the flour…" Her brow creases with momentary frustration. "The lazy fool always relies on me to tell him these things…"

"Yes, he is preparing the flour now as we speak, Norbreth. He wanted to ask me to find out if you are all right. He thinks something may have happened to you, and I would like to help find out what it is so we can find a more comfortable room for you."

Her head jerks in the trickster's direction and she squints briefly at him. "What's happened to me? … What has happened to me?" She takes a moment to assess her surroundings. "… I am in chains. For what wrongdoing?"

Loki reaches out to touch her forearm lightly, and also to see if there is any magic residue on her that he can read. "We aren't certain yet. There was a danger that you may bring harm to yourself. Have you felt anything strange lately? Can you tell me what you remember from the past couple of days?"

"Remember… Remember…" Norbreth's gaze finds the hand that touches her arm and seems lost there for a moment. There are no traces of magic to be found on the woman, just traces of blood, which her eyes gradually wander towards. "Remember…" Her bottom lip trembles for half a second before her eyes find the light of reality. "Oh. That was what happened, wasn't it. I finally put Fendroth out of his misery." The words are spoken with calm and weary resolve. Norbreth rests against the cold stone wall near her and returns to picking at the straw and staring across the room.

Loki reaches out with slender fingers to lightly put them under her chin and turn her head toward him, using his emerald gaze to use about his ability of coercion to try and get her to answer his questions. His silky smooth voice is just a faint whisper in her mind. "Remember…remember back before it happened…what changed? What did you feel that you picked up the knife…" it can be dangerous getting into people's heads like that, but he can't read minds, only project and influence. That can still cause feedback, but he doesn't anticipate any problems.

Norbreth's mind is easily entered and influenced, as evidenced by how quickly Loki catches her gaze. "I remember… How pretty the dagger was… So very pretty…" Her voice gains a drop of venom, "And how I wanted to end his laziness once and for all." Her voice wavers along with her eyebrows, writhing in confusion at her own words. "… But I would never.. Fendroth needed me as much as I needed him… He was, to be the death of me… Not the other way around…"

"Where did you get the dagger?" Loki asks, "So you wanted to end Fendroth, but you didn't really want to kill him. Tell me what you heard, what you felt…walk me through the entire incident. Leave nothing out." he passes his other hand in front of her to reinforce his influence on her, his voice just a whisper as he then removes her shackles. "Show me."

With Loki's help, the woman rises to her feet and moves away from the wall. In her mind's eye they are back in the bakery on that fateful afternoon. "The dagger came to me," she explains in a daze and walks in the direction of her nightstand. "I remember how pretty it was… Too ornate to be used in battle." Her hands are brought close to her chest as she cradles the ornate weapon, then glances in the direction of the baking area. "I had not thought anything but how pretty it was… I had not meant to lift it… But there it was, in my hand, and there he was, in my sights." She turns to look down at her bed. "Sleeping. Oversleeping as he always does in the midday. I would yell at him but I could not yell. I could only raise the pretty dagger…." Her arm lifts high above her head, "Then strike down again and again to relieve his laziness!" Her arm swings repeatedly in an illustration of her actions that day, and she turns to follow her husband into the kitchen area, still swinging with the dagger and a wild-eyed look on her face.

Loki even illusions the cell to look like the Bakery. He follows her around the room, taking mental notes. "Did you hear anything?" he asks, watching the scene unfold. "How did you feel when you took the dagger? You said you could not yell. Did it feel as though you were under a spell? What happened to the dagger after you used it in the kitchen?"

"I hear only the sound of my husband dying…. I feel nothing… I am but movement.. Movement and…" Norbreth's face begins to contort with sorrow as reality begins to take hold. "… I've killed Fendroth! Why would the Fates curse me to commit such an atrocity on my beloved Erikson?" Tears stream down her face in wavering lines to match the sorrow in her ton. The woman sobs and drops to her knees near the place in the kitchen where her husband's body fell.

Loki dismisses the illusion and drops down, his normally neutral face faltering a bit as he feels bad for her. He reaches out to put a hand on her shoulder. "We will find out what truly occurred, but we need your help. Think. Think very hard. Can you remember anything out of the ordinary besides the dagger? Any smells, sights, anything you may have heard, felt…was it colder or hotter than usual? Anything. Help me to understand what happened."

"Nothing was different," the woman cries. "Why do you keep asking me about sights and smells? I live in a bakery! There are always sights and smells to behold! The dagger was the only item out of place in our home!" She curls up against a wall of the cell and turns her back on Loki, wanting only to cry softly to herself about her predicament.

Loki uses a bit more of his mental influence to calm her down. "Did anyone come into your living quarters while you were there? Was it delivered to you or was it just left there? Where is it now? If you help us, I will do everything in my power to bring your husband back to you." he bites himself mentally for that lie, but he's Loki, it's what he does.

"It was just… there," Norbreth mumbles, face soaked in the unhappiness of her predicament. "It was there on our nightstand. I know not where it came from. I know not where it may be."

Loki sighs and stands up, walking toward the door. "All right. I was hoping you would be more forthcoming, but as you wish." The trickster slips through the door, allowing the guard to return and lock it behind him.

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