Thoughts of Midgard

Recorded: January 7, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Thor
Location: Asgard Palace - Sitting Room
Summary: Thor and Frigga talk about recent events.

The All-Mother of Asgard has seemed like a fixture in the throne room for some time. Now, she is taking a moment to herself. She is seated on a fainting couch closest to an open window, staring over her shoulder at the greenery just outside the palace. Her bronze-colored gown stretches in angles that make her seem like a perfectly carved statue in the sitting room. She barely moves except to breathe slowly and sip from a goblet lightly gripped with her left hand.

There is less urgency in the crown prince's demeanor as he enters the area. For Thor, it is a welcome respite. The Allmother, though, would notice a grim determination about him present when he has a goal in sight. "Mother. I'm glad I've found you in a moment of solitude. Selfish as it may be, I had hoped to steal your ear for a private moment."

Frigga turns her gaze away from the serenity of the garden to Thor's purposeful approach. "It is not selfish to wish your mother's counsel when she would freely offer it to you. Come." She pulls aside the length of her gown so that there is room next to her on the couch. "Tell me what darkens your mood."

"Tis not darkened. Determined, perhaps. The queerness of my approach and alien hesitation in my heart is not for the counsel I would seek; tis for the counsel I hazard to provide. Should you be willing to consider the worth of my words." Thor replies, swiftly closing the gap and choosing a seat beside Frigga.

His mother's brow turns upward with interest. "Oh? On what matters?" She angles herself to give her full attention, studying his face as he speaks.

"Since Loki's grand calamity and consistent, offensive disregard to the will of the Allfather, Midgard has been a constant subject of my thoughts. Privately, at first, I had found myself wishing contact to be broken. I feared that our return had tainted their independence and endangered lives. I fought with an unusual thirst for the mortal soil beneath my feet and winds upon my face. I feel I've come to a revelation that has some weight. I want to suggest an official course of action." Thor explains, lifting a palm to rub at his brow.

Frigga's look of curiosity settles into thoughtful neutrality as she listens to Thor's words. "Go on."

"The realm has seeded itself within the minds of the warriors who have made the voyage; whatever the reason. There is a zest and liveliness about the land and the people. One that I must admit is alien to the everlasting lands we protect. I believe that there is much we can learn from the blessing of Midgard; a sweetness we can feel born from their fragility and briefness of life. A richness we can take to improve upon ourselves." Thor elaborates, pausing to raise a finger for emphasis. "Because of our boundless might and extreme manifestations, though, we also pose great danger. In our own way, we inadvertently poison Midgard. If we interfere too heavily they will grow dependent on our might and rely on our strength of arms and wisdom to guide them; ultimately weakening their potential. We need to create guidelines and standards to define how we may observe, learn, and interact with them. Guidelines that prevent what happened countless generations ago from returning. We cannot become the Gods we were; now, I feel we must learn from them."

Frigga listens intently, waiting for a pause in Thor's speech to speak her own peace. "So you have come to know the sword of godhood, whose blade protects and harms with the direction it is poised. I have not forgotten what it meant to be among the mortals of Midgard. Their gratitude quickly becomes expectation, which is one of the reasons why your father forbid us from lending them our presence." She shakes her head. "I know you desire to learn all they may have to offer, but I cannot condone interaction with them. Not while our own borders are under such peril."

"I do not propose we neglect our duties to focus on Midgard. If anything, it should be a form of training. We temper our very beings by determining our character. We have much to benefit from exposure. I just feel that we must sensibly govern and monitor this training." Thor explains, setting his jaw as he considers how to best approach the next subject. "I also feel as if, due to how many have already touched the plane, sealing ourselves off again would be detrimental. The elders including yourself and father have learned from experience but our generation are but whelps in comparison. Until we learn, people will sneak off. Emotions and curiosity will be left wanting; I believe closing that path will create more complex problems."

Frigga sighs lightly. "I know. By the actions of you and your brother, I am well aware that merely declaring the realm off-limits would not make it so." Her face sets in a stern and motherly expression. "But by that same observation, I also know the troubles your interactions have wrought. The rift between you and Loki has never been greater than it has since you visited that realm. If for no other reason than to repair your bond, I would advise against focusing on the mortals for a time."

"I can speak only for my own actions when I say I have put my interest aside. We have pressing matters that demand we attend to them; I have duties that keep me occupied. I can speak for the history of others when I guarantee that such a request will be disregarded." Thor admits. His tone has chilled cooler than he may notice. "Balder and I are engaged in our current…situation. When time permits itself to be free I promise this will become an issue again. Tis better to set rules that must be followed rather than forge a law that will be broken."

Frigga nods and moves to the edge of her seat, clasping her hands together around her knees. "Let it be known that my concern is primarily for the people of Asgard. An enemy is reaching at us from the shadows and I know not where to shine the light to reveal them. But I have not closed my ears to your yearning." Her gaze trails off to the side, lost in a thought that she knows she must keep to herself. The All-Mother turns a regal stare onto Thor and declares, "As you are heir to the throne and so greatly entranced by the mortal realm, I charge you with the task of scribing these rules of engagement. You will have until our current turmoil is resolved, and then you must present them to me. I will make my decision then. Be prepared for opposition, should your terms be unreasonable to me."

Thor rises to his feet with a respectful bow. "It will be done." He replies, dropping his shoulders with an exhausted sigh. "Though I know not where the source of this evil is, I know that, strength willing, Mjolnir will claim a head from greedy shoulders for the transgression. Too many slights have we been dealt without shedding blood for the trouble. Our people have long been deserving their vengeance."

"I trust you will seek justice for our people. They deserve no less." Frigga waves off her son and resumes her thoughtful gaze at the nearby garden.

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