Trickster God in Love

Recorded: January 11, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Loki
Location: Asgard Palace - Sitting Room
Summary: Loki seeks Frigga's blessing to court Eir, the royal healer.

Evenings in Asgard can get cool at times, which is why the All-Mother is sitting on a curved sofa near a lit fireplace. She sips a goblet of wine and stares into the fire, dwelling thoughtfully on the day's events. Her hair has been styled down to give her a more relaxed look, with the ends braided together to weight down its length. Her day gown has been exchanged for a lavender robe made of long silk fabric with golden trimmings. Her entourage has been trimmed down to a single maiden playing a lyre from a corner of the room, as well as a guard standing at the doorway.

Loki enters the sitting room, wearing his rather formal clothes. His hair is pulled back and tied by an ornate length of cloth, and he seems a bit timid when he enters. "Pardon me, mother. May I speak to you, please?" it is a simple question, but it seems to weigh heavily upon the young prince.

Frigga glances over her shoulder in Loki's direction. To ease his timid approach, she offers a warm smile and extends a hand in his direction. "The day that I no longer have time to hear from my children will be the day that I am no longer a part of reality. Come, my son. Tell me your concerns." She motions to the free space on the couch and to a tray bearing a pitcher of wine and extra goblet. "Join me if it will ease your resolve."

Taking a deep breath, Loki moves across the room to sit beside her, folding his hands in his lap. "Mother, do you recall how you wished for me to find someone as Thor did? Well, I…I believe I have." he pours himself some wine and drinks it, trying not to look directly at Frigga, but flicking his eyes up to her to judge her reaction.

"Oh?" Frigga sits up and sets her goblet aside. "Well that is wonderful. In these troubling times, there is no greater news I could have received than that of my son's found affection." She smiles places her hands in her lap, looking intently for his answer. "Who shall I accuse of stealing your heart?"

Setting down the goblet, Loki taps his hands together, then folds, unfolds, refolds and finally rests his hands upon his knees. He looks down at the floor, at the ceiling, the walls, the wine and then Frigga. "Eir." he says in an exhale of breath, then tenses as he inwardly cringes, waiting for her to slap him upside the head.

Moments pass as Frigga absorbs Loki's response. "The Royal Healer?" She smirks calmly and reaches for her goblet. "With as much time as you have spent in the healing chamber recently, it is more surprising to me that you are not already wed." The All-Mother chuckles and sips her wine, glancing back at the roaring fire.

Loki blushes and looks away, suddenly interested in his goblet as he grabs it and turns it around in his hand. "Yes, well…I just wanted to ask for your blessing. I knew it was a mistake, I should have waited. There is much still to be done with the investigation, and I am certain you have other things to think about." he downs a bit more wine to busy himself, then resumes staring at the goblet.

Frigga turns to Loki and reaches for one of his hands. "My son, Eir is a good woman. She would not have succeeded our last Royal Healer if we did not trust her with the business of our family. You are a prince and you may have who you wish, so long as it does not bring scandal upon our household." She squeezes his hand and smiles, though soon after her chin lifts and face washes over with regal wisdom. "Though the heart speaks to us in languages that are unique to each being, you must also never forget that you are a prince, and your actions reflect not just on you, but also on our kingdom. This includes who and how you love. Be mindful of her station. As a healer, she has duties that you must not interfere with. Along those same lines, she is not to interfere with the duties of royalty. She does not become royalty simply by your courtship, and she must maintain the level of respect that her position as a servant demands. Should your courtship jeopardize this kingdom in any way, you will have to make the sacrifice and end it." The All-Mother looks her son right in the eye. "Knowing this, do you still wish to pursue Eir?"

Loki looks at her when she takes his hand, listening to all she has to say. "Yes, I understand, and I still wish to pursue her. I am certain she understands all of this already. It is so difficult to find others with the same interests and intelligence. She has been teaching me alchemy, namely a Recall potion which could be used on the prisoner from the Bakery. If you would allow it, I could take her with me and we could use the potion, which may uncover additional information. The dagger has yet to be found, though."

Frigga studies Loki's face while he answers his latter inquiry. "The woman is grieving, Loki, and I was to understand that you already gleaned vital information from her during your interrogation." She gestures casually and leans back in her seat. "You have my blessing to court Eir. I will speak to your father and see to it that you also have his. In time I will speak to her to gauge that her intentions are also true, but that may not be until after we have dealt with our current crisis. The weapon Norbreth used, as well as the one used by Lorn, are both nowhere to be found. Each guard claims that another was in charge of securing the evidence." She sighs over her goblet. "There is a lax in our sentries that I do not care for."

Loki nods. "Perhaps it could be used on the guards, then. A dagger does not just vanish without detection. what do you suggest? Perhaps something is happening that they do not remember?" Loki rises to his feet and smooths out his clothing. "Thank you for your blessing, mother. I shall continue to try to make you proud."

Frigga smiles softly at him. "There will come a day when you believe me when I say you already do me proud, but until then I suppose I shall have to keep saying it in simple terms." Then she shakes her head. "Questioning the guards will not put us any step closer to locating that weapon. I have ordered the city on high alert, and Balder and Thor are out in the streets keeping their eyes and ears open for sounds of citizens in distress. Word has spread to all of our sentries of this mysterious weapon, thanks to your efforts. Now, we must wait and see if another murder attempts to take place. The constant patrol should keep any attempt from becoming fatal." She waves him away. "Go rest, my son, for we will both need great strength of mind soon."

Loki nods and starts to walk away, but then turns around and looks at her questioningly. "What do you mean by we will both need great strength of mind soon? What do you foresee happening soon?" he folds his hands behind his back, curious as to whether or not she knew something was going to happen or if she meant something else entirely.

"That we both were pained by unseen forces is no coincidence, my son. As the two sorcerers in this realm with the most power, we are the most sensitive to when that power is being abused. Something, somewhere, trifles with the very nature of our realm's magic. It will take the both of us to learn its origin, and you will need to be ready when I call upon your assistance." The All-Mother looks upon her mystical prodigy with a dire certainty, then turns her gaze back to the fire. Sorcerers prepare themselves in many ways for a great use of their power, and solitary meditation is one of Frigga's.

Loki ahs and nods. "I will be ready, mother, should you call upon me." he nods a bow and slips out of the room to head back toward the healing room. Well…that went well at least!

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