Loki Interrogates Reggar

Recorded: February 1, 2014
Characters: Loki, Reggar (NPC)
Location: Asgard Palace - Dungeon
Summary: Loki gets more information from Reggar on what transpired.

Feelings of anxiousness have overwhelmed Reggar ever since he was placed in the dungeon. As a town guard, he's quite familiar with the protocol; however, his concern rests with his wife. The way she looked at him when he tried to comfort her was understandably devastating. The man paces his cell now, dressed down in a simple jerkin and pants that one would normally find beneath a guard's armor. The only reason he isn't chained up like Norbreth is because he seems to be behaving himself.

Loki steps down the stairs leading down into the dungeon, dressed in a stately dark green tunic with gold trim, belted at the waist so that the bottom hem reaches mid-thigh, and a pair of black leggings. He nods to the guards posted outside the cell. "I would like to speak to the prisoner, please." Once they've stepped aside, he stands on the outside of the cell for a few moments, one arm behind his back, the other in a black cloth sling. "I would like to speak to you. Whether you are agreeable or not, you will answer my questions. Are you in compliance?"

Reggar turns at the sound of voices and salutes Loki. "My prince! I am yours to question, but tell me, what news have you of Emis? Is she all right? Will she ever see me again? Or at least let me explain?" He takes a quick step towards the doorway but stops himself and stands at attention.

"We will speak of your wife after." Loki appears on the other side of the door, turning his green eyes to the guard. This way, he can read the man's body language and expressions to determine if he's lying. "Tell me what happened. Leave nothing out."

Reggar relaxes his posture with a sigh. "On my honor, Prince Loki, I would never do anything to harm Emis." He braids his fingers together for lack of anything else to do with them. "What happened the other night… I—I thought it was a dream. Or nightmare. Killing my own wife… Am I to be named Lorn?"

Loki gestures to the bench for Reggar to sit. "That is not in question. I need to know everything that occurred. What you saw, what you felt. Were there any smells or anything you heard? It is important that you tell me, or you will be named Lorn. It is imperative to your freedom that you concentrate."

With a furrowed brow, Reggar moves to the bench and settles in. He rests his forearms on his thighs, shaking his head as he stares at a few loose stones in the cell floor. "I came home after my shift. Went about my normal interactions with Emis, then bed down for a rest. I was to join the patrol again in a few hours." He looks up at Loki. "I thought what came next was a dream, but I suppose my being here means it is not so. My eyes opened and I sat up, but it was not my doing. I could see myself move, but I was not in control. How could that be so if it were not a dream?"

Loki nods, listening. "Go on." He won't tell him anything about there being a common theme until after Reggar has told him everything. "Did you hear anything out of the ordinary?" he moves to sit down, a symbolic gesture placing him on the same level as the guard as if they were equals, not prince and guard.

Reggar shakes his head and makes room for Loki on the bench. "Nothing but what I normally hear in my own home…" Then he thinks for a moment. "Perhaps a… humming? A constant whisper? It could very well have been a constant gust of wind in my ear." He gestures forward. "I moved — or rather, my body did — from my bed and reached under it for an ornate knife. A weapon I had never seen before."

"An ornate knife. Did it look like this?" Loki moves his hands and conjures an illusion of it. "Do you know what happened to it? At which point did you awaken from your dream-like state? Is the weapon still in your home?"

Reggar looks at the illusion Loki has conjured. "No… It was, larger. More ceremonial. Made completely of gold, and, with blue and green jewels embedded in its hilt. It was as if it was shaped from a single piece of metal and had the jewels pressed into it." He holds his hands apart to illustrate the length of the dagger.

Loki nods, moving his hands to adjust the illusion to his description until Reggar tells him he has it right. "Do you know what happened to it? Did you see where it went? It is important. What happened once you were aware of your surroundings once again?"

Reggar sighs and lets his hands drop into his lap. "You might ask that of Prince Balder. He is the one who prevented me from doing the unthinkable. By the time he and the other guards arrived, Emis was bound to a chair in our cellar. Even though I thought I were having a nightmare, I tried to fight off whatever it was that was making me attack her." He grits his teeth, admitting the next words with a pained expression. "I still stabbed her, though! Several times in the shoulders. I did what I could to keep myself from striking her where it would be fatal. Then your brother arrived and sent me to the ground. I have never been so grateful to be mishandled."

"Well, do not fret. I am asking these questions because it is not the first time this has happened. You are just fortunate that you did not bring serious harm to your wife. We will solve this mystery and you will be released. If you wish, your wife can be brought down to speak with you. You are not feeling any homicidal tendencies right now do you?"

The guard shakes his head. "No, my prince. After Balder sent me to the ground, I felt like myself again. I could move and speak under my own power." His brow furrows as he remembers something else. I had spoken something while I was in this nightmare. I had spoken something to Prince Balder, before he blinded me long enough for a tackle."

"Must I pry every answer out of you or will you make this easier on both of us and tell me what it was?" Loki shifts his shoulder uncomfortably. "You are fortunate, as you are the only one that was stopped before killing their victim. So perhaps you should be a bit more forthcoming with any information you may have if you wish to have your name cleared."

Reggar blinks and stares at Loki as if he had just been slapped. "I—I am sorry, my prince. I am trying to recall everything, just as you asked…"

"You said you remembered saying something. What did you say? These things are important, Reggar. I'm trying to help you, but you must think hard."

Reggar shifts uncomfortably and looks away from Loki. "It was not I who said this word, though it came from my lips. My face contorted with rage at the sight of Prince Balder, as if I hated his very existence. I declared 'Odinson' as if it were a cursed word. Then my prince's blinding light afforded him the opportunity to send me to the ground." He looks at Loki again. "Please tell Prince Balder that I do not hate him for what he has done. I owe him the life of my sweet Emis. Even if she will not forgive me, at least she is alive to hate me."

"I'm sure he already knows this. You said our name. I see." He tucks a bit of hair behind an ear. "Is there anything else you want to tell me before I take this information to the others? " Loki rises to his feet again and looks down at the guard.

Reggar rises with his prince and stands at attention. "No, Prince Loki. I have felt myself since that moment. It has not happened again."

Loki nods. "If you feel anything strange, let someone know immediately. I will relay this information to the others so that we may continue to coordinate our investigation. Thank you for your cooperation."

Reggar salutes Loki as he leaves. "It is my honor, and my duty."

Loki offers a nod and steps back, vanishing and reappearing on the other side of the door.

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