A Visit from the Sorcerer Supreme

Recorded: February 6, 2014
Characters: Dr. Strange, Frigga, Loki, Thor, Wanda
Location: Asgard - Residential Area
Summary: The realm of Asgard gets an impromptu visit from the Sorcerer Supreme and his new apprentice.

It is a warm evening in the city of Asgard, and Loki is out on a walk to one of the bookshops in town. He passes through the residential district, keeping his head down so he doesn't have to deal with any crap from citizens who may not think very highly of him. It is fast approaching twilight, with still some sunlight left before the street lamps are lit. Children still play in the streets, and people are outside socializing or also going for a walk.

With a fantastic BOOM, two figures appear standing on the streets of Asgard. One, Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, stands with his hands outstretched and the magical anomaly underneath their feet formed by light rays. "We're here Wanda." The good doctor says with a deep voice, and with his eyes scanning the streets, looking for a sign of Loki. "Keep your eyes peeled."

Wanda nods, clad in her 'business' attire, the form-fitting outfit snug against her as she keeps her cloak furled around her, "Understood." She looks back and forth, eyes narrowed a bit as she looks for signs of their quarry.

Loki passes near some youths playing with a ball and catches it when it goes a bit too long. He runs into the group with the ball and joins the game, actually smiling for once. His arm is all better now, so he can freely use both to bounce and throw the ball to the next person. He trips just slightly when he senses Stephen's arrival, but not entirely able to pinpoint what it is just yet.

With his eyes moving from person to person, Stephen's hands lower but stay poised in case there's a sight of Loki. "Let me know if you spot Loki." Stephen commands the young mutant. He steps out of the circle to begin to widen his search, wanting to use magic but it's hard to track a god in the god's home land.

Wanda frowns, "I don't know… it's hard to distinguish the auras with everything… well, Asgardian." She tilts her head, fiddling with her fingers, "Maybe over in that direction? Perhaps?" She sounds uncertain, but there's an underlying note of confidence in her voice.

There is one advantage to being the most powerful Asgardian sorceress—When another magical presence enters your domain with mystical flare, it doesn't take long for you to be alerted. While a few nearby guards are making their way towards the strange newcomers, a shaft of golden light touches down a few yards in front of Stephen and Wanda. When the light recedes, the All-Mother of Asgard and her eldest son are left in its wake. The goddess stands in a gown of white silk with golden trim to match her rings and the collar that drapes along her collarbone. Her hair is kept up in its endless curls by a circlet of that same sparkling metal.

Frigga keeps two fingers on her left hand raised calmly at her side, both an indication for peace and a preparation for action if necessary. "Mortals. You have tread a path not crossed by your kind in ages. To what does the Queen of Asgard owe your visit?"

"Be warned. Aggression will be met in kind." Thor cautions, Mjolnir already gripped firmly within his right fist.

Loki tosses the ball to another, then comes to a halt, nearly getting beaned in the head when it's thrown in his direction. He waves to the others and starts running down the street, coming to a halt near Frigga. "Wanda," Loki blinks. "What are you doing here? How did you get here? Were you accidentally brought by the Bifrost as well?" He cringes a little, not having told Frigga or Thor that he had been keeping a pet mortal (Mona).

"Odin-bride." Stephen says towards Frigga as the woman appears with her son behind her. "And Odin-son as well. I am Stephen Strange. Sorcerer Supreme of this reality." Then motioning with a hand towards Wanda. "This Wanda, my associate in a mission to find a missing Mutant from Midgard." Strange covers his tale. "We are in pursuit of Loki."

Wanda curtsies deeply towards Frigga, "Yes, madame, we simply came here to get a mutant that was apparently…" She glances towards Loki as she straightens, looking at him with an arched brow, but thinking back on the scene, she's willing to accept that before continuing, "whisked away by the Bifrost, when Loki last left Midgard." Seeing Thor, she takes a half-step behind the Doctor, not wanting her other activities to become an issue.

The familiarity in the adopted prince's tone earns him a hangman's glare from Thor. It is clear that there is a flood of emotion rushing through him and, as that glare darkens with a hint of wrath it becomes apparent that few of those emotions are warm and fuzzy. Armor grinds together as Thor steps forward and levels Mjolnir towards the woman huddling behind Stephen. With her location, the hammer remains transfixed upon the Sorcerer Supreme as well.

"Wanda Maximoff. The Scarlet Witch." He spits out, the finer features of his eyes clouding behind a veil of crackling sparks. "You are hereby placed under arrest for the murder of numerous men of the watch as well as attempting to free criminals incarcerated by the will of Odin Allfather. You will await trial in the dungeons." He continues, shifting his gaze towards Stephen. "If you resist or any attempt to aid in your escape, so help me, I will rend them limb by limb."

Loki blinks and holds up his hands. "Wait wait wait, must we resort to threats so quickly? Relax, Thor. They aren't here to cause any trouble, they are looking for the mortal that was brought here accidentally. I will take full responsibility for it. The Strange one thinks he is powerful, but he has not proven himself to be a threat to us or anyone else." He is trying to keep the peace, even though he knows Wanda should be arrested for her association with Magneto. "I will erase their memories of this place if you wish, so neither they nor Mona will remember."

While digesting all that is said around her, Frigga lowers her arm to rest at her waist. Both of her arms disappear into the sleeves of her robe while she observes Thor's declaration.

"So their words are true, God of Mischief. You have absconded with a mortal?" Frigga's tone is a mixture of astonishment and building anger as she realizes the accusation's truth. Her gaze slides to Loki and she takes one step in his direction. "Knowing the urgency of our realm's current state of affairs, you would be so reckless as to use the Bifrost where even a single mortal may be caught in its path, let alone leading to the journey of two others?"

Stephen ignores the words of Loki, as he looks to Thor and then back over his shoulder towards Wanda. "The mutant here, a citizen of Midgard, is under my watch. She will stay by my side until the other Midgardian has been returned to her proper place. Then at that time you my proceed with the trial of Wanda Maximoff." Stephen then looks to Frigga to see if she would agree with his request.

Wanda, for her part, looks at Thor with nothing less than pure disdain. "I have done nothing against the people of this Realm, nor have I done anything but acted in the defense of my people. You have no right to hold me here. Now, if you wish to discuss a surrender into Midgardian hands, I would be willing to have that discussion after Mona has been returned to her proper realm." She lifts her head slightly, looking aloof as she regards Thor, "Perhaps some of your compatriots can educate you on the law you profess to defend, but I'm fairly certain that you have no legal basis to hold me here." Her look gets a bit sly, "I'm also fairly certain that ripping people limb from limb is not exactly heroic behavior, at least among Midgard, Thor Odinson, and the only reason I am here is to secure Mona's return." She glances over at Stephen and shrugs slightly, murmuring softly, "I was afraid that my previous reputation would have proceeded me."

Frigga's voice carries on an echo that causes some of the Asgardian passerbys to stop in their tracks. "Mind your tongue and tone in my realm, mortal, for you are no longer on Midgard, and the laws of our people are dictated by their king and queen." Her left had reaches forward with two fingers and points in Stephen's direction. "Sorcerer Supreme, you have come at a most unfortuitous time. Our realm is under siege, our enemy is unseen, and we have reason to suspect all who enter her borders as accomplices to this malicious act. If you have come for a mortal, then that mortal shall be returned to you at once and you will leave this realm immediately after." The queen's hand sweeps to aim two fingers at Wanda. "I know not your crimes against our realm but I trust that Thor would not seek justice where there is none to claim. You will explain yourself when I have asked you to speak again, and not speak a word sooner than that."

The Queen of Asgard gestures to Thor. "Mind your emotions, my son, and direct your attention to the true heart of this event." She turns to face Loki with her fists at her sides and chin tilted upward to emphasize the anger in her narrow-eyed stare. "Is this what you have longed for, my son? To see your mother look upon you with such disappointment? You have shamed all of Asgard with your actions of late! Do we not go to war with other realms for such deeds? To take one of our own is to bring the wrath of Asgard upon you. You think that because the mortals cannot do the same, that we should do with them as we please?"

"NO! Of course not, mother." Loki takes a deep breath and sighs slowly. "Mona was leaving when Eir called for the Bifrost. It was not known that she was in flight in the path of the bridge. It was an honest error. She seemed rather weak and ill when she arrived so I helped her with the intent that she would be returned when she was strong once again. I know not how these mortals came to arrive in Asgard. I had nothing to do with it, I swear to you." He pushes some of his hair back and sets his shoulders. "I have met these two before and can vouch that the sorcerer is not a threat to us. Please, do not be angry with me. I did not intend to bring shame upon me or Asgard. It was truly an accident."

"The realm does not forget the actions undertaken by Magneto. Nor did it forget the blood spilled upon her stones." Thor replies curtly, hardly reigning his tremendous ire. "We have children with no father. Wives whose husbands now warm the halls of Valhalla. All this because of the man whose flag you chose to march under. I once entrusted the Avengers to bring the Brotherhood to justice for the crimes they have committed against my people to spare senseless violence upon Midgard but it seems as if mercy has shown me the fool." He remarks, lifting his proud chin and lowering the hammer at the Queen's urging.

"I will stay my hand for your discussion; I will brook no prisoner without a crime in this realm but know this, Lady Maximoff, you are not without fault."

Stephen remains silent, choosing to observe the bickering of Thor, and the scolding of Loki. Though Loki seems to be digging himself into deeper and deeper holes with his need to shift the blame, and his desire to be safe. Stephen does look over his shoulder with a grey eye at Wanda, unhappy with the accusations from the blonde god. Baseless or not, he knows Thor a trust worthy being. Though Stephen is getting fed up with being called a weakling by the raven haired trickster and interjects, "Excuse me, Odin-Bride. He is not at fault for the arrival of Maximoff and myself." He explains, "It was I, who used a spell of transportation."

"Eir?" Frigga's shoulders stiffen at this revelation. "You… brought a servant with you to the mortal realm? I give you my blessing to court this woman and you would endanger her so?" Her voice is near-breathless and her chest heaves at the implication.

"It is his actions that caused you to come here, and his actions that continue to bring undue turmoil to our realm!" Her voice echoes over her shoulder to carry its message to Dr. Strange. Then she closes her eyes. "When I thought you lost to me, Loki, I wept as any mother would for the loss of their child. When you returned to me, I warned you never to break my heart again." A single tear rolls down her right cheek as her gaze finds its way to him once again. "Let it be known that you have done just that. Guards." A pair of guards who had approached earlier now step forward to stand on either side of Loki. "Escort Prince Loki to where'er he keeps his prisoner and see that she is brought to the palace. Then escort your prince to his room, where he will be confined without visitation until I have decided what may be done with him."

Were the eyes of the crown prince capable they may burn a hole through Wanda. "Prudence. I shall accompany them." Thor remarks, finally shifting his attention towards Frigga's side. "The fate of the witch, though, is something most troubling to me. T'was my duty to see justice through for those men; I would request that we seek Heimdall's recounting of the invasion to find the most sensible course of action." He poses, turning to regard Stephen dubiously before forming a vanguard for the guards and their pitiful jotunn.

Loki frowns and looks nervous as the guards approach him. "You misunderstand! Eir brought herself to Midgard! I was there alone! The mortal is in the healing room, safe. No harm has been brought to her. Mother, please. Allow me to explain everything once the situation has been resolved! I had nothing to do with Wanda and the Strange one coming here! Please do not confine me to my chambers!"

Strange's eyes dart from speaker to speaker, watching this intergalactic soap opera unfold before him. He turns to Wanda, and asks her, "Do you have anything to fear from the memories of Heimdall?" Stephen asks in a whisper. "For if you do, there is nothing I can do for you."

Wanda shakes her head, and murmurs softly to Strange, "No. I've never been to Asgard before this, and I know nothing of what Magneto would do to the people here." She sounds confused, that much is obvious, particularly as Thor isn't referring to potential actions on Midgard, but Asgard itself. "If he did… I'll have to have a long talk with him." Her voice grows a bit stern in the whisper, as there is a definite will of steel there, an obstinence much like Magneto himself, in truth.

"Do yourself the honor of facing your fate as a true Asgardian Prince," Frigga hisses in a tone both of her sons might remember her using on them as youngsters behaving badly.

The queen takes a moment to collect herself before she turns back to Dr. Strange and Wanda. "Sorcerer Supreme. Scarlet Witch. You will come with me to the palace, and we will await the return of your mortal charge." She looks at Wanda directly. "While there, I will hear your defense for Thor's accusations." The All-Mother casts a thoughtful glance at Strange, then motions for them to follow as she makes her way through the city streets. Another pair of guards steps up behind them to indicate that this is not a request.

Loki sets his shoulders and holds his head up high. "Fine." He says. "Let us go to the Healing Room to retrieve Mona and then I shall go to my room. I could use a day or two of rest anyway." He walks swiftly so that it looks as through he's going on his own rather than being escorted.

"As you wish your highness." Stephen says, showing that he does know how to behave around royalty. He gives a kind bow, grasping the side of his cloak to curl in front of him and then he steals a glance towards Wanda, hoping she's picking up on his queues. He follows behind Frigga, keeping pace, and maintaining a respectful silence.

Wanda curtsies again, "Of course, I look forward to clearing this all up." She straightens, and then follows a respectful step behind and to the side of Doctor Strange, her cloak unfurling out behind her.

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