Frigga Talks to Stephen and Wanda

Recorded: February 11, 2014
Characters: Dr. Strange, Frigga, Wanda
Location: Grand Throne Room of the All-Father
Summary: Frigga questions The Scarlet Witch about her involvement in recent events, then asks the Sorcerer Supreme for aid.

The procession that began out in the residential area has made its way to the Grand Throne Room of Asgard. Frigga leads the march and while the guards signal for her guests to halt, she continues to stride up the brief staircase to the golden throne. "I ask that you would excuse the circumstances of our meeting," she says as she settles herself in the grandiose chair. "You have come with good intentions, and another time I would have rewarded your bravery with comfortable accommodation and conversation. Instead, we must meet here to settle two important matters." The queen lifts a hand delicately to her chin, studying Stephen and Wanda with a thoughtful gaze. Her guards give them space but keep their hands on their swords.

With a calm and collected mind, Stephen appears so in body. The wizard stops when the Asgard guards give a sign that couldn't be interpreted any other way than halt. Strange puts a hand out with his palm towards Wanda with his fingers flared, just in case she doesn't see or comprehend the protectors. He doesn't speak, but instead bows his black haired head at Frigga. His grey eyes move from guard to the other and then finally settle on the Odin-wife, making sure he knows his surroundings and the actions of those about.

Wanda looks self-assured, confident that she won't be spending time in a prison or dungeon in the bowels of Asgard, if only because she was never here before. However, the accusations of Thor and the apparent actions of her fellow team seems to have unsettled her more than a little.

Frigga rests her palms on the arms of the grand throne, sitting poised on the edge of the seat as she speaks. "It was not long ago that that our realm was accosted by agents from Midgard. I was not there to witness the event, but I have comforted the grieving women who live now without fathers, brothers and sons, all taken in this one heinous act." Her eyes are the only things other than her lips that move, studying her guests' reactions. "They were mercilessly destroyed at the hands of two men: One, I am told, who could manipulate metal with his mind, and another who is said to have moved with the speed of the wind. Do you know of these men?"

"I have. But it is not my place to pass judgement nor stand witness to any from my realm." Stephen says but he steps back after speaking his part, to give Wanda the floor. She's worked with the two of them, she's on the spot due to Thor's accusations.

Wanda colors a bit, with what emotion is hard to discern, "I won't lie about this. From the descriptions, it sounds like Magneto, the leader of the Brotherhood, and… my brother, Quicksilver." Her gaze hardens, more at the realization that they did, in fact, do this, "I swear, I knew nothing of this, nor was I a party to their decision. Nor would I have suggested it, if I had been a party to it. You have done nothing to oppress my people, and as far as I am concerned, we would have no quarrel. I would have kept it as such."

Frigga studies the Scarlet Witch intently while she speaks her peace and her stare lingers on in the moments of silence that follow. "To shed the blood of our people in such a way is unforgivable. Were I my king, you would find your time cut short for your brother's misdeeds." Her gaze relaxes and the guards instinctively take their hands from their swords. "It is to your fortune that I believe an eye can only be repaid from he who removed it. Know that your brother's life is wanted by the justice of our court. Should he ever set foot in this realm again, his soul will be sent to wander the most untamed regions of Hel."

Wanda nods, "I understand this, and I accept that judgment. Rest assured, that they won't be coming back here, save to face your justice." Her voice gets more than a little tone of steel behind it, "We have enough enemies on our own world, adding your realm to the list is most unwise."

"And should my son seek justice on your realm, you now know why this will be so. I will speak a pardon to him on your behalf, but for your own sake I suggest you seek new allies. The God of Thunder will see this wrong redressed." Frigga nods once, then fixes her stare on Stephen. "I have known several over the ages who held the title of Sorcerer Supreme. We have always become allies, and I hope that we will be able to do the same."

Wanda smiles slightly, "I think, you may just be right, your majesty. But I shall deliver my… resignation notice, in person. It would only be fair." And then her smile quirks into something positively wicked. Certain mutants might want to start running now.

After Wanda's said her part Stephen doesn't step forward but does raise his voice just to be heard. "That, actually was my intention in coming was to build good relations with the house of Odin and all of Asgard."

Frigga settles back in her seat. "Then you may have that opportunity." The All-Mother holds her hands palm-up in front of her chest, conjuring a golden oval of light that eventually reveals an opulent dagger. The ceremonial weapon is made of a single piece of gold with jewels encrusted in its handle and patterns carved into its blade. The item floats above her fingers and rotates slowly as she speaks. "As I said when we first met, an unseen force has sought to do harm to the people of Asgard. One of my husband's old enemies has made his intentions known, though he continues to operate from the shadows. At the same time, I have sensed that the very barrier that separates our realm from so many others has been disturbed. The two events are not coincidence. I believe this artifact to be the key to Asgard's current ills."

Stephen takes a step forward, crossing a foot in front of Wanda, though he approaches no closer to the Queen of Asgard. "May I?" He asks, extending a hand, hinting that he'd like to examine this artifact. "Do you know which enemy stands against your realm?"

Wanda glances curiously at the dagger, then arches a brow at Frigga, "Dare I ask… what enemies would they be? Considering what has been done, well, I would be remiss if I did not offer what help I could."

Frigga lets her hands return to the armrests of the throne. The knife crosses the distance between them but stays afloat just out of Stephen's immediate reach. "I warn you not to lay a finger on the blade, for it has been found in the grip of several Asgardians possessed with the madness to murder their kin. He who has convinced them to commit such actions has not shown himself, though he has spoken to my son. He wishes to slay more of our kind to repay my husband, I am assuming, for having done the same so long ago."

To those not sensitive to mystic energy, the blade seems to silently rotate where it floats in mid-air. It has a hypnotic gleam that seems to entice the weak-willed or inattentive to take it in its grasp. Others, however, might sense something darker within the depths of the golden weapon: A low whisper that builds into a raucous overlapping of indiscernible demands for action.

Stephen lifts his hands, his fingers contorted to focus his magical energies into telekinesis. He takes mental control of the blade and examines it without touching. "So it's an unknown foe. Do you have any ideas as to which of Odin's former conquests could have access or knowledge to enchant blades in this manner?" Referring to the negative effects it seems to pass to its wielders and the haunting sounds that echo from it.

Wanda frowns, "I am not that versed in magic, but I can sense its power from here." She shivers a little, "A dark device, for darker purpose." She then looks over towards Frigga, "Surely a weapon like this would not be without an origin."

"The All-Father's enemies are great in number. As he sought to tame the realms, many turned away from one hand extended in peace, and were met with a fist clenched in war." Frigga shakes her head and shrugs. "It is the way the Nine Worlds have come to be as they are now." She looks between Wanda and Stephen, then waves one hand to draw the blade back towards herself. "I have prepared myself to unlock the weapon's secrets but it will take a great deal of power to do so. I had intended to perform this ritual with the aid of my son and apprentice, Loki, but he has shown he that he is not ready for that task." As the blade disappears, the All-Mother closes her eyes and sighs briefly, then casts a steadfast gaze on Stephen. "You owe our realm nothing; in fact, it is we who owe you for the taking of one of your own. I would still ask that you aid me in my quest." She nods to Wanda. "You will both be allowed to stay here as guests of the Queen of Asgard, and you may roam the streets with escort of the Einherjar. Do this for me, and all of Asgard will be in your debt, Sorcerer Supreme."

"That is how relations are built and strengthened." Stephen says with a bow, showing that he has respect for Frigga's office and for her question. "I will aid you wise Odin-bride. However, I will not speak for my friend here." The sorcerer says with a motion towards Wanda. He straightens up with a smile on his lips and a flourish of his hand.

Wanda nods, "I will help with whatever I can, to dispel the stain that others have left in my name." She smiles faintly, "I do tend to be fairly fortunate, and while I do have some business now to attend to there, I need to think about this. As I'm sure you're aware, family complications can be… well, complicated."

Frigga lifts a hand to Wanda and shakes her head. "This matter is between myself and the Sorcerer Supreme, though you are free to stay should you wish. I know now that you had nothing to do with what befell our people and I will not hold that against you." She nods to an attendant who steps up behind the pair of mortals. The guards give them more breathing room but still look poised to follow when signaled. "You will first have the opportunity to see your mortal charge home, then I ask that you prepare yourself and return here to begin the ceremony. It will take much of your strength, Sorcerer Supreme, so prepare yourself well." The attendant stands ready to show Wanda and Stephen to the healing room where Mona has been staying.

Stephen bows deeply while grasping the sides of his cape. Once up right. "I shall return shortly." He says, turning around and coming face to face with the attendant who he would then follow to Mona's current location.

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