Loki is Grounded

Recorded: February 12, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Loki
Location: Asgard Palace - Loki's Room
Summary: Frigga lectures Loki on his recent behavior.

Loki is in his room, laying on his bed with one leg bent, the other leg crossed over it, a book situated on his lap. Out of sheer boredom, he tosses a small object into the air, catching it over and over as he reads. He's done a lot of studying, reading, research and more, sending illusions of himself to the gardens to take a walk, or wander around the palace to eavesdrop on various servants and other people. He tosses the object into the air one more time and leaves it suspended in the air with his telekinesis, letting it rotate there as he focuses upon it. That is one ability he hadn't refined to an extreme extent, usually preferring to use his magic instead to move objects.

Evening has blanketed Asgard in a peaceful darkness that will soon lull many of its citizens to sleep. For the Queen of Asgard, there are matters to settle before she can turn in. The guard outside of Loki's room steps aside to allow her access, and she slips past the door, but stays close to it when it is closed. Her gaze silently studies Loki and the object he manipulates.

Loki closes the book, setting it aside and looks over at Frigga, the object still floating above him. "Hello, mother." He says with a bit of a sour tone. "Has the mortal been sent home, then? Come in, if you wish. There is no contraband or any more mortals hiding under my bed. You may check if you want." His tone indicates that he is not pleased with being punished because of an accident, and for something he had nothing to do with. He was just making sure Mona was OK and not sent back in worse shape than she arrived.

Frigga keeps her place near the door, resting her arms in the long sleeves of her robe. "You think yourself without fault in this situation?" Her gaze briefly sweeps the room. "You think I put you here on whim and misunderstanding?"

Loki sits up, the item dropping onto the bed. "I had nothing to do with Mona coming here. I had nothing to do with Wanda and the Strange one coming for her. So yes. I am not at fault. I do not understand what I have done that was wrong."

"You had EVERYTHING to do with them coming here!" Frigga takes one step forward and frowns deeply at her son. "I spoke with Heimdall to learn what transpired. To know why Eir would ever have cause to enter the mortal realm, so that I could confront her." She shakes her head. "You will be pleased to know that I do not find her at fault for any of this, for I know that she only came to Midgard to STOP you from committing violence against a mortal!"

Loki stands up and frowns. "I was NOT going to commit violence on ANYBODY. If anything I was trying to HELP her. Yes, I am pleased to know you will not yell at Eir. Why do the ends always justify the means when it comes to Thor, but everything I do even if it is with good intent is always considered to be BAD? I am not as bad as you think I am, but there is little I can do to change your mind. You already assume I have evil in my heart, so it must be true."

"Look to yourself for one who makes assumptions, Loki. You fill your own head with ideas on how you assume we all see you. I seek the truth before my final judgement is made known." Frigga speaks with an unwavering tone and keeps a rigid posture before her son. "Should I distrust the word of Heimdall, who sees across all of the Nine Worlds? You were posturing to this mortal in the form of a dragon. For what reason were you there? Had she somehow sent a message to you here, on Asgard, that lead you to rush down to Midgard in defense of your honor? Or were you causing mischief on the planet, as you often do, and ended up in the position to defend yourself when you could just as easily have avoided upsetting any mortals at all?"

"I don't know." Loki says, shaking his head and walking toward the balcony. "I do know I wasn't going to hurt her. I had no ill intent, I just can't seem to stop myself sometimes." He rubs his forehead. "I'm sorry. I really wasn't there to cause any harm. I don't even really know why I was there. I was probably seeking out plants to bring back to Eir again. Mona and I had encountered each other before, where we got into an argument." He leans on the railing and shakes his head. "I don't know what's gotten into me lately, this is not how I want to act."

"You are too important to act without reason. Without thought." Frigga shakes her head again. "You are a prince of Asgard, Loki. Your every move must have purpose, for it reflects us all. Think what might have happened if someone other than the Sorcerer Supreme came for that mortal. Did you forget the raid on our kingdom that left so many of our guards dead? When those mortals came for you? Your thoughtless actions bring DEATH to your people!"

"I don't know who else would have come for her. I don't even know how that sorcerer came to be here. I have not forgotten the raid by those mortals. I tried to stop them. I did not want them to do what they did. I made a mistake by allying with Magneto in order to attempt to help the mutants. My plan went terribly wrong and I will never forgive myself for my mistakes. I will not go to Midgard again, but I do ask to be permitted to leave my chambers. I cannot bring back those that were lost, but I can attempt to make amends."

The All-Mother lifts her hands and lowers her gaze briefly. "It is to your advantage that the Sorcerer Supreme is known to me, and that a visit from the latest heir to that title is most welcome in our dark hour. You may leave your chambers, but know this: When I returned from my time on Jotunheim, I thought long and hard about ways to begin bridging the ties between our people. In my dreams, I saw you as a worthy ambassador between our two realms, or, a just successor to Laufey should the hand of Asgard be forced into a fist. Your thoughtlessness of late has shown me that you are not ready for the honor of such diplomacy." Her hands disappear into the sleeves of her robe and she side-steps out of the doorway. "I have no doubt that you will try to make amends, but it will be a steep and uncertain hill for you to surmount."

"You're right. I'm sorry. I can only hope that I am not going to turn out as the evil monster the humans predict. Would you help me or am I so shameful that I am no longer to be acknowledged? I would understand, of course." He then notices she's leaving and looks down at the floor. "I will scale that hill one way or another."

Frigga sighs deeply and knocks once on the door. The guard outside pushes the door open for his queen, then walks away when she signals his dismissal. "Loki, I am your mother. I will always do what is best for you. I will grant you my aid if that is what you desire, but now is not the time. I must prepare myself to perform a ritual with the Sorcerer Supreme." She steps out of the room and starts down the hallway. "We will speak again soon."

Loki slips through the door just before it closes. "Wait, a ritual with him? What sort of ritual? Is there any way I can help? Would it not be safer if I were to be there? I want to ask for your aid, but will not until it is an appropriate time. If not, I will respect your wishes and not disturb you until you are ready."

Frigga stops and turns to face him. "It is a ritual that I asked you to prepare yourself for, but in light of recent circumstances, I sought help from the sorcerer and he agreed. I cannot turn him away now, and you have shown me that you are not ready for the journey that he and I must take." She resumes her path towards the stairwell. "I will call upon you and your brothers should the ritual succeed. Should it fail, I will tell you what I can from the halls of Valhalla, or the plains of Hel." The queen speaks and moves with resolution, disappearing down the hall to move on to the next task.

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