Even Gods Can Have a Mid-Life Crisis

Recorded: February 21, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Odin
Location: Asgard Palace - Odin and Frigga's Bedchamber
Summary: Frigga expresses feelings she has suppressed for some time.

The All-Mother of Asgard does much to hide her feelings to the public; after all, a queen must be strong so that her people are at ease. But after sending Thor to begin his quest, Frigga spent a lot of time in her chambers with a troubled look on her face. She has spent several hours pacing and reflecting, sending her guards and maidens away, much to their concern. Now, she stands on the balcony with her hands gripping her elbows, staring out at the distant cosmos.

Odin enters the room, a bit weary from the day. Being king isn't an easy job by any means. As he removes his cape, he looks to Frigga and sets his jaw. "What troubles you, my queen? I Have heard report that you seemed unwell. Tell me what bothers you so that you would nearly wear a path in the floor?"

Frigga's shoulders rise as she hears the sound of Odin entering. She casts a weary glance over her shoulder before resuming her stare at the cosmos. "I stand envious of Heimdall at times, for his gaze can find the infinite possibilities of the universe. Here I stand, the Odin-wife, and I wonder if that was all I was ever intended to be."

Uh oh. This can't be good. Odin stands still for a few moments, gathering his thoughts and then steps forward to try and put his hands on her shoulders. "You are my wife, yes, but you are also Queen of Asgard. You are mother to our sons. Is that not enough? After all these millenia, I don't understand why it is now that you feel this way. What has happened to change your thoughts?"

Frigga smiles bitterly as she levels her gaze to the landscape of their kingdom. Her shoulders remain stiff despite the intentional comfort of Odin's hands. "My thoughts have never changed, they simply have not been expressed." She pulls away from his hold and turns to face him. "Thor, our son — Your son — has gone about his business elsewhere. But before he left, he reminded me of something that I have let be for some time, though it is of great shame to me: Your selfish indiscretions which brought about several of those that I call 'son.'"

Odin lowers his hands and nods once. "Where has Thor gone? " He begins to pace back and forth himself. "You are correct. I did bring shame to our marriage, but I was doing it for the good of our kingdom. Do you not love our sons? I have not needed to engage in such activities since the adoption of our last son. Why have you not spoken of this before if it troubled you so? The sons I have fathered are strong warriors, capable of defending our realm and taking my place when I am gone."

"And were not the sons that I mothered good enough? This is not just about me, Odin Borson." Frigga frowns and steps away from him. "I bear no ill will towards Thor, Vidar, or Bragi, for they could not have coerced their own creation, but your plans… your aims… What of Tyr, OUR first born? It was shame enough for me that you took up with another to produce a much stronger heir, though I understood that his power would benefit the mortals. But for our eldest's birthright to be taken from him so?" The All-Mother shakes her head and turns to pace the balcony. "Your words today are reason enough for why I have never spoken more of this matter. You justify the means with the end." She stops and looks at him. "Am I but a part of those means, my king? Am I but a fixture in your kingdom, owned with pride and charged to caretake your legacy?"

"Of course not, Frigga. I chose you as my queen because I loved you. Must I have an agenda? Tyr was not right for the throne. Ruling is not one of his strengths. His strengths lie elsewhere, just as Balder and Loki. Thor is the son I named as heir to the throne. Would you rather I name someone not qualified and watch our kingdom fall around us in pieces? Would you endanger our people just to spare the feelings of one entitled boy?"

Frigga shakes her head and laughs incredulously. "Loved. The man who loved me would not seek another for a superior heir to my son." She steps closer to the balcony railing and casts her gaze to the distance. "I cannot change the past, and I do not wish to, but I also cannot change the fact that recent events have caused my future to feel uncertain. Your favored son's words have called your love to question, and so long as that question haunts me, I cannot return to this chamber or the kingdom that houses it." She gestures towards their bedchamber, then turns back to the rail. "I will make my exit discreet, so as not to alarm the people of Asgard. I cannot name the hour of my return, or confirm that it exists. But know this: All that rises must converge, and not all tides ebb as swiftly as they rush inland." With a heaving sigh, the All-Mother pitches her arm aside and becomes starlight that fades before Odin's eyes. She does not look at him, but keeps her sights forever on the stars she longs to join.

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