2014-02-22 Bad Parenting
Players: Choir, Darklight, and Demona
GMed by Choir
Title: Bad Parenting

Winter has been harsh to New York City, snowstorm after snowstorm has ravaged the city, but as with everything else. The city survives and thrives…much like the young woman standing in the middle of the park. Irina Clayton wanders through the entrance of Central Park and notices how some people seem saddened or just miserable from the cold. She is dressed for the cold in slacks and a turtle neck with a long black stylish trench coat.
A grin appears on her face as she notices a small group of kids getting into a snowball fight. Discretely lowering the neck of her turtleneck, the mouths on her neck form small smiles and then open simultaneously. A series of voices rise up sounding like a children’s choir and sing out in harmony a nursery rhyme. The kids look about wondering where it is coming from.

Xian is bundled for the cold as well, but her ensemble included a hooded cloak with the hood pulled up and its hard to tell much about her other than that. She walks along and pauses though as she hears the singing.

The singing continues in a splendid display of harmony as other patrons look about and have no idea where it is coming from. Irina sits as a bench and uses her coat to cover the extra mouths, though it does not affect the harmonious singing.

It grows louder and some people begin to clap and ponder if there is some sort of hidden camera prank or something.

When the song is done, Irina rises, pulling up her turtleneck and stops short of a hot dog stand. Even the cold weather does not deter vendors from making money. The children resume their snowball fight and one misaims and the snow ball is launched towards Xian.

Xian is looking around for the singing a bit and doesn't notice the snowball till too late. One watching closely might notice a small flare of purple light near her, but it might just be a trick of the snow, the ball does seem to break against her cloak. She giggles and calls out, "Careful." her voice having a chinese accent.
Thankfully for Xian none of the adults present notice the small flares of purple light, but the kids do. Two of the little boys just stare at her while another one makes a sour face and throws another snowball at her yelling, ‘Freak’

This catches Irina’s attention as she just finishes purchasing a hot dog from the vendor.

Xian sighs and now that she knows it is coming, it doesn't startle her, so no new purple flares or flashes. She just turns and takes them on her back and starts to move away. She is wearing a hooded cloak and hiding all her features, maybe just bundled up good due to the cold.

Quickly moving towards the caretaker of those children, Irina points out to her, “Your children are accosting that person with snow.” All three children are now launching snowballs at the hooded woman.

The caretaker turns to Irina and in a foul, yet typical New York response, “Are you telling me how to raise my children? You have a problem with my kids, you have a problem with me!” She smacks the hot dog out of Irina’s hand.

Mona has taken some time away from training with the Guild today to destress an just wander the city. Always something new to find throughout the large city, especially when it is a relative newcomer to the city doing the wandering. While the weather is still wintery, it's much warmer than it had been earlier in the winter, allowing her to be out in just a hoodie rather than a winter coat.

Xian is moving away but does notice the interaction with Irina and ponders for a moment before she heads over that way. She appears maybe to be angling so that the kids throwing snowballs at her end up throwing them at the caretaker instead.

Irina backs away from the caretaker slowly, “I was just hoping you would reign in your kids.” The angry caretakers unloads a plethora of curses at Irina who stumbles back and falls on her butt.

Xian’s angling works as the snowballs are now redirected at the caretaker. She looks back angrily at her children and unloads a plethora of curses at them. Unforunately, most people watching are either simply recording the scene on their mobile devices or ignoring it all together.
One of the kids runs off from his angry mother and pushes people out of his way as he runs right towards Mona, ready to push away.

Mona simply sidesteps the midget with an arched eyebrow, then looks toward the mother. "Oh aren't you an example of good parenting."

Xian shakes her head, "Sorry." she says towards Irina and then starts to move off. Through it all she as continued to keep herself covered.

The mother ignores her other two kids who are frozen in fear as she chases after the rogue one. She stops short of Mona and looks her over and utters a curse word towards her, “Bitch. You got a problem with how I raise my kids?” Before the kid stops running and goes by his mother. With her focus on Mona, he sticks his tongue out at Mona. “Now you’re gonna get it…” He singsong says to Mona.

Irina rises up as the cloaked woman apologizes. She cannot make out the face under the hood, but she simply states, “No need for apology. You did not thing wrong…those horrid children and their despicable mother on the other hand…” She turns over to see where the mother has gone and upon hearing what she has called Mona. She sighs, “Perhaps, I should intervene.”

"You're teaching them to swear like sailors and they seem rather terrified of you, so I think it's more that every decent sentient being probably has a problem with the way you raise them," Mona says calmly to the woman.

Xian quickly flees the scene once Irina takes her attention off her and towards the mother. Irina starts to make her way over trying to figure out a way to de-escalate the situation.

The mother looks confused for a moment, “Did you just call me a sentient being?” The woman clearly has no idea what that means and looks down at the shorter woman standing before her. She says to her son, “Momma is gonna show you how to beat the shit out of someone.” The larger fatter mother raises her hand and attempts to smack Mona.

"Yes, a sentient being, since some people say that mutants aren't human otherwise I would have said 'human being'," Mona says, easily blocking the woman's attack by lifting the arm on that side and her forearm taking the impact. Shotokan training makes her more than a match for a woman who telegraphs her moves. Of course, a shouting match with kids is one thing but a nearby cop isn't going to take a woman with three kids (so older), slapping a 14 year old midget like Mona.

Surprised by the woman’s actions, Irina stops short and peers around as again, people do nothing but start to record what is happening. With attention drawn towards the mother and Mona. Irina lowers the neck of her turtleneck and the three mouths on her neck begin to open and amplify the sound of sirens as if cop cars are suddenly arriving.

The woman is surprised her slap is blocked, but the sound of sirens draws her attention, quickly grabbing her kid and signaling for the other ones to quickly follow her as they amble down towards a subway station.

Those who were recording suddenly sigh as the entertainment is over. The sound of sirens suddenly ends and people begin to walk away. Irina approaches Mona, “Are you alright?”

"I'm fine, people like that are annoying," Mona says with a shake of her head, looking around for Xian which was the target of the trouble earlier.

“Ah alright. Well sorry it escalated. Her children were wicked and I tried to get them to stop throwing at the…” She looks around for Xian, “…the woman in the cloak?” She squints a bit, “I guess she fled the scene.” Irina shrugs.

"I don't blame her with all the focus she was getting," Mona says as she looks around. "Kind of weird someone in this city trying to stop someone from doing something."

“Well I can’t stand any kind of abuse or bullying. There was no reason for those children to start pelting that lady with snow…and their mother…” Irina sighs, “Hopefully the people recording it will pass it on to ACS.” She smiles then, “Oh…I’m Irina.”

"I'm Mona," Mona says with a smile at the taller girl. "I doubt anyone would report it, no more than that cop is going to do anything about her trying to hit me."

“Oh yeah…the cops…I guess they weren’t really here. Weird considering all those sirens we heard before.” Irina looks around as she notes the Maine sweatshirt on Mona, “For a tourist, you seem to get the reputation about how most New Yorkers don’t care about what happens here.”

"Not really a tourist, been living here since before Christmas," Mona says with a small shrug, sliding her hands back into her pockets.

“Ah ok…well I live upstate, though I only came to New York a few years ago.” Irina offers. Her stomach grumbles a bit as she pats it, “And that woman knocked the hot dog I just bought out of my hand…” She looks back over to the vendor, “Well, you should get some kind of reward for standing up to the woman…want something from the vendor?”

"sure, a chili dog sounds good," Mona says, starting to pull out her own wallet

“No no…I got this.” Irina smiles as she makes her way over to the vendor with Mona and places their order. As they wait for the vendor to make their food, Irina continues the conversation, “So what are you, like a freshman or sophomore?”

"If I was actually in school, I'd be a freshman I guess. I'm studying for my GED rather than taking actual normal classes," Mona says as she puts her wallet back.

“Oh wow. Your parents are cool with that?” Irina seems perplexed. “Are you in a rush to work and stuff?”

"Me in a school with bullies and everything else that might make me lose my cool, not a good plan," Mona says with a small chuckle, accepting the chili dog when the vendor hands it over.

Putting ketchup on her hot dog, Irina asks, “Well, your defense against the larger woman…you can handle yourself. “It seems you know some martial arts. I know a bit myself.”

"My dad enrolled me in shotokan karate that was offered in a local dojo back in Maine," Mona says with a small smile, grabbing some napkins to have them ready for when the chili inevitably tries to make a mess.

“Wow. That’s cool. Smart choice given your move to the city.” Irina finally takes a bite of her food. “So what do you do most of the time if you are not in school?”

"study, train. I'm not really in school but that doesn't mean that I'm not doing the work," Mona says with a grin, stilling her words for a few moments as she bites into the chili dog, eyes half closing as she enjoys it.

Moving to a nearby bench, Irina takes another bite of her to dog, “Well, I do not know Shotokan karate, so you will have to show me some moves if you’d be willing.”

Mona walks with the older girl and sits down as well, "maybe some other time. So what about you, you've always lived around here?"

Shaking her head with a pleased look as Irina finishes the hot dog, “No no. I live upstate. I just came down for the weekend. I go to a private school and was able to get the weekend away before midterms. I’m a junior.”

"What's your school like?" Mona asks curiously, finishing the chili dog and using her napkins to wipe her cheeks and lips, as well as her fingers for any chili that might have escaped.

Tossing the hot dog container into a bin, Irina has an almost grin on her face as she tries to describe Xavier’s. “It is an interesting place. A lot of different people. Some might say a school for gifted youngsters.” She smirks, “Not that I am gifted. But alot of different types of people. I would say it is a ‘special’ school.” She makes air quotes when she says special.

"is it called Xavier's?" Mona asks with an arched eyebrow, the 'gifted youngsters' line being one she's been told before.

Revealing a surprised expression, Irina grows slightly suspicious, but the school is listed as a regular school. Most people not knowing the regular types of students from there. Irina shrugs and nods, “Yes, it is.” Quirking her eyebrow, “I’m surprised you have heard of it.”

A small shrug of one shoulder, "someone tried to convince me to go there."

“Really?” Irina stares over Mona, almost as if examining her, “So you know what kind of school it is then? Why didn’t you go?”

"It all sounded so naive to me. Of course, Magneto and his group are the opposite side of the extreme. Two polar opposites," Mona says with a shake of her head, balling up her napkins and the little wrapper from around the chili dog and tosses them in the bin.

“You’re a mutant?” Irina squeals lowly and in a surprised tone. “Wow. Magneto tried to recruit you? Thankfully, I never had to encounter him.”

"He tried to recruit a friend of mine and I was there, I think he would have accepted me but he wasn't so intent on me," Mona says with a sigh, "I really didn't like him or what he stood for."

“Yeah. The Professor is a nicer man. Though I have never met Magneto.” Irina laughs to herself and looks around as people seem to have left the area, “I’m a mutant too.” She lowers her turtleneck to reveal the multiple mouths on her neck. “Nice to be able to relax around a new person.”

"My other form is a little more drastic," Mona says as she stares a little at the multiple mouths. "a sore throat must be killer for you."
Laughing, “Yeah…it can be. I usually keep them covered. But even covered I can still use them.” Relaxing onto the bench, Irina asks, “So what is your other form?”

"Gargoyle, wings, tail, claws. I gain about two feet in height, which is kind of cool, not being the midget anymore," Mona says with a pout, her height being an issue to her.

“Dang…” Irina is visibly impressed, “That’s beats my power, but most mutants do.” She smiles not used to that thought, “Well, you should consider coming to the school. It is safe there and Magneto is nowhere around.”

"I don't think I'll be going there, the man who told me about it. It all sounded no naive," Mona says as she sounds exasperated about it.

“Well, you look like you can take care of yourself. Me harping about it would just annoy you.” Irina fishes for something in her pocket. “But at least take this. It’s a way to contact me, if you are ever in a situation that would require assistance. Good thing about the school is being connected.”

"I'll add it to my collection," Mona says dryly, taking the card and putting it into her pocket.

Tilting her head, Irina offers, “No problem. Worth reaching out. At the very least, I got a new friend in the city. And I’d leave to see the gargoyle form one of these days…hopefully when not in some kind of battle or anything.”

"Maybe sometime," Mona says with a small smile. "I should get going."

“Well it was nice meeting you, Mona.” Irina nods her head, “I’m sure we will meet again.” She rises and makes her way into the park.

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