A Goddess in Grammercy Park

Recorded: February 22, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Wanda
Location: New York - Grammercy Park
Summary: The Scarlet Witch happens upon the Queen of the Gods on Midgard.

The beauty of Grammercy Park has attracted an unlikely visitor. The All-Mother of Asgard slipped from her realm in the form of stardust and one would never have expected her to end up here. For what it's worth, she doesn't exactly look like a goddess at the moment, though she also doesn't look like your average person on the street. She's wearing a floor-length auburn dress with long sleeves and short-heeled shoes, wrapped in a tan trenchcoat so as not to appear out of place in the cool weather. Her hair is braided in a wreath around her head but it's a style that's still as acceptable in the modern day as it may be in centuries past. Those who have never laid eyes on the queen of the gods would assume she was just some nicely-dressed middle-aged woman sitting on a park bench, staring quietly at the statue of Edwin Booth in the middle of the park.

Wanda was walking through Grammercy Park, taking a break from the Sanctum as she still tries to figure out how to confront Magneto, no doubt. Clad in black slacks and chemise, with a dark red trenchcoat and fedora over that, she cuts a distinctive figure… though not immediately connected with her villainous alter ego. However, when she sees Frigga sitting there, she nearly trips, then shakes her head and cautiously makes her way over.

If Frigga notices anyone, she certainly isn't making a show of it. She's been sitting on that park bench for hours and could very well be a statue herself. At least the occasional rising and falling of her chest proves that she is something more than a fixture on the park bench, but her distant and thoughtful stare say otherwise.

Wanda moves over towards the bench, and doesn't bow or curtsy, sensing perhaps that Frigga doesn't want attention drawn. She does, however say, "Excuse me, might I join you?" She gestures to the other half of the bench, tilting her head.

Frigga blinks out of her self-inflicted trance to look up at Wanda. Recognition is acknowledged with a brief smile and she nods, gesturing to the seat next to her. "The Scarlet Witch. I did not expect to look upon you again. It is a pleasant surprise." Though she speaks with a pleasant and inviting tone, there is a fatigue that her voice does not readily hide.

Wanda takes the seat, "Please, call me Wanda. My other name tends to attract a bit of attention, and I'm not really dressed for it." She glances over at Frigga with a wry expression, "I must admit, while I thought I might see you again, I was not expecting it to be here, of all places."

Frigga nods once, still smiling. "Wanda. No, I did not expect my travels to bring me to this point, but here I am all the same." She shakes her head and returns her gaze to the statue.

Wanda hmms, "Just a short visit, or staying for a while?" She follows Frigga's gaze to the statue, tilting her head a bit.

"In truth, I do not know. I have taken leave of Asgard for a time to seek purpose elsewhere." Frigga looks at Wanda again. "Midgard is but my first stop on this journey. I lived among the mortals long ago and thought I might try it again for a brief time."

Wanda considers, "Do you have a place to reside, yet? Or have you not had an opportunity to look just now?" She glances back at Frigga, "You… lived among us before?"

Frigga chuckles at Wanda's words. "Mortals have many myths and legends about their interaction with the gods, but there is a grain of truth to much of your people's fantastic storytelling." Her eyes study Wanda for a brief moment and her spirits seem to lift as she regards the woman. "When you came to Asgard, I sensed great potential within you. Have you become the new apprentice of the Sorcerer Supreme?"

Wanda blinks a little, "Well… yes, I think I shall be. I have a few… things to take care of, first. But I plan on becoming his apprentice, m'lady. I feel that there are things that I should do, both to protect my own people, and to make up for the damages inflicted by others."

Frigga shakes her head at Wanda's formality. "Please. Frigga. Frigga—" She was about to say 'Odinwife,' but her whole body pauses as she considers this. "… Just Frigga," she adds with a downcast smile, then glances at the statue again. "What your allies have done is unforgivable, but I see great things in you, Wanda. You would do wise to seek the tutelage of the Sorcerer Supreme. It is an honorable station, one that would open you up to roads and realms mortals assume are but in their imagination."

Wanda nods, and smiles, "Honestly, I feel like this is a first step on a path I'm taking for myself. Instead of what is being decided for me." She tilts her head, "Is… well, forgive my presumption, but is everything alright, Frigga?"

Frigga smiles softly at her question. "Yes, thank you. My thoughts are frozen in the past, and it is time for me to move into the future. Surely there is no better place for that than the 'modernized' mortal world."

Wanda gives Frigga a wry look, "Just don't ask me to set you up with a Facebook account, or Heaven forbid, Twitter." She smiles, "But New York is a good place to get things sorted out in that regard, m'l… er, Frigga."

Frigga chuckles. "Such things are not for one whose mind truly wants to wander." She rises from the bench and nods politely to the Scarlet Witch. "I have seen much of Midgard's development from afar. It will be interesting to see it up close. I should continue my wandering now. It was good to see you, young sorceress."

Wanda nods, "Likewise, Frigga… ah, if you do need a place to stay, I might be able to find some accommodations for you. It wouldn't be any trouble, I think." With that, she rises as well, smiling over at Frigga, "I'm glad that we were able to meet and talk, though this was not quite how I envisioned it."

Frigga looks thoughtful for a moment. "I confess that I have not eaten or rested since I left Asgard… But I cannot impose upon you."

Wanda grins slyly, "While it is not my house, technically, I'm rather certain that Stephen… er, Doctor Strange would not deny you hospitality. And I think he would be upset at me if I didn't make the offer."

Frigga's eyebrows raise in brief curiosity. "The Sorcerer Supreme?" Her gaze wanders again. "I had not thought to seek him for counsel, but perhaps I should." She nods once, then smiles at Wanda again. "Let us go, then, to the Sorcerer Supreme. I truly appreciate your kindness in my hour of need."

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