Strange Acquaintances

Recorded: February 23, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Loki
Location: The Coffee Bean
Summary: Loki attempts to make contact with Frigga while in disguise.

For the first time in many centuries, Frigga is feeling free as a bird and that feeling has encouraged her to step out and blend in to everyday mortal life. She is sitting in this modest cafe at one of its tiny round tables with her hands cupped lightly around a warm mug of specialty coffee. No one would assume she was a goddess, though she is still dressed in fine modern clothes: An auburn trenchcoat that covers a three-piece lavender dress suit with a skirt that allows her legs to be seen all the way up to the knee. Her short-heeled dress shoes tap the floor lightly beneath her chair, while her gaze fixates on the passerbys that seem endless outside the coffee shop window.

Loki used a massive amount of energy to try and locate Frigga. He traveled to Midgard in disguise, slipping through one of the portals that Heimdall doesn't even know about. He is shape-shifted into the appearance of a young woman dressed in modern Midgardian clothing, carrying a purse over her shoulder. Loki had been to this coffee shop before - it is where he ended up when he was able to pull himself together after being impaled and killed by the Jotuns. The bells above the door jingle as !Loki comes inside, grinning happily at the staff at the counter. "Hello!" She says, her voice perky and un-accented. "May I please have a double mochaccino with extra whipped cream?" To Frigga, she nods and smiles. "The coffee here is great, isn't it?"

Frigga turns her gaze from the streets to review the boisterous woman speaking to her out of the blue. "Yes, it has rejuvenating qualities that any can appreciate."

"I'm new to the city, but a coffee shop is a coffee shop! I love your outfit. It's so elegant! I could never pull that off, I don't have the legs for that sort of thing. Oh! I'm Mandy." She reaches out to offer a hand to Frigga. "You should try the chocolate muffins with your coffee. They are so good!"

Frigga politely shakes Mandy's hand but at the same time, levels a dour gaze in her direction. "At another hour you may have been well met, Mandy, but what I seek today is thoughtful observation of my surroundings. Do you have need of my services?"

"No, of course not, I was just a little overexcited, I guess." She rubs the back of her neck. "I'll leave you alone, then. Sorry to have bothered you, ma'am." Loki's coffee is ready, so she takes it and slips onto a stool at the counter, turning it in her hands, occasionally casting a glance in Frigga's direction and making it look like she's looking out the window.

Frigga watches Mandy with a tired gaze, but smiles to herself once she's back to being alone. She takes a long sip of her mug before turning her attention back to the streets. One wouldn't think people-watching to be exciting for a goddess, but it is as natural to her as breathing.

Loki!Mandy takes a sip of the coffee, then calls the counter guy over, pointing at something, then pointing at Frigga's table. He nods and moves away, then brings a tray with some assorted muffins in a to-go box over, setting it down and leaving. The Asgardian in disguise picks up a newspaper from the counter and pretends to be able to read English, looking at the pictures more than anything.

Frigga looks up with surprise at the barista's sudden gift, then to the direction he points in for the source of the muffin tray. She sighs, smiling softly, then gestures for Mandy to come over.

Loki!Mandy slides from her stool and comes over with her cup of coffee. "I thought you could use a bit of cheering up. I know you don't know me, but if you're in need of an ear, I'm always willing to listen." Shapeshifting isn't quite like illusion casting, it is very soul draining, so the trickster is happy to consume lots of coffee to keep his energy levels up.

"You are quite kind, youth, but I do not need cheering up. My ills will pass as nature changes its season." Frigga leans back in her seat. "If there is something that you need, by all means make your wishes known. I am not renown here lately in… America… But I am a marriage counselor. Are you, or someone you know, facing difficulties in courtship?"

"I ahhh, no, but thank you. A marriage counselor, eh? That must be an interesting job! People are probably all crazy. My parents could probably benefit from a marriage counselor. Do you have any children?"

Frigga nods once. "I do. All sons." She tilts her head in curiosity. "Have you no husband? No suitor?"

"Wow! All sons? That must be difficult. I had brothers myself, but no, no husband or suitor. Not yet, at least. Maybe someday, but for now I'm enjoying being single and getting to do all the things I won't get to do when I'm married. How about you? Are you married?"

Frigga studies Mandy's face for a moment. "It is interesting… Mandy. I have traversed this realm for days and spoken with few mortals. You would be the first mortal unfamiliar with me who has not questioned my choice of words." Her eyes narrow casually and the air becomes thick with the sense that she is preparing to act. "Who are you. Truly."

"Realm? Mortals? Why should I question your choice of words? You could be from some other country for all I know. Who am I to judge? I'm Mandy. Truly. Is there a reason why I should question the way you talk?"

Frigga stares quietly at Mandy with a piercing stare, the kind she has leveled on her sons all too often when they were children to make the truth come forth.

Mandy looks over her shoulder to see if Frigga is looking at something else, then looks back to the woman. "What? Do I have something in my teeth? Ok, look. If I'm bothering you, I'll take off. I was just trying to help, I didn't mean to offend you or anything."

"No, I think it is I who should take my leave." Frigga slides from her seat and heads for the front door of the cafe. Amidst the constantly moving crowd of New York, it only takes her a moment to disappear from view, before she literally disappears from the area.

Sigh. Leaving the coffee and the muffins behind, Loki slips out of the coffee shop as well and makes her way in the opposite direction. She doesn't use magic to teleport, knowing Frigga would probably be able to pick up on it, and slides into an alley to think, sitting down on a stack of plastic crates. "Great. Well that failed."

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