The Favored Son of Frigga

Recorded: February 23, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Tyr (NPC)
Location: New York - Chinatown
Summary: Frigga has a welcome visit from Tyr while she visits earth.

The feeling of being watched by a mysterious stranger has haunted Frigga since she left the coffee house earlier today. Fortunately, the feeling has now passed and she is free to enjoy her wandering yet again. The Queen of the Gods is standing near an Asian food stand with a half-eaten pork bun resting on the tips of her fingers. She smiles and nods her approval to the vendor, then glances around the cart to try and determine what next to try. By all appearances, she is a middle-aged American business-woman who just happens to be out trying new things in a different part of town.

The All-Mother of Asgard is wearing a three-piece lavender dress suit with a skirt that allows her legs to be seen all the way up to the knee. An auburn trenchcoat gives her the appearance of dressing appropriately for the outdoor weather, and her low-heeled dress shoes put emphasis on the modesty started by her dark-colored silk stockings.

Cloak and Dagger operations lack honor and glory. A hunter is better suited for stalking. A rake better equipped to spy. For the God of Glory and Warfare everything must be deliberate and overt. Cleverness only has so much space before it crosses the line of dishonor so, whenever possible, Tyr Odinson avoids deception entirely.

A heavy thud cracks from within a narrow alleyway as Tyr descends with a gentle leap from a nearby building and lands with a heavy slam. Dark, narrow eyes appraise the crowd as he advances into the open, shouldering past locals and earning passing curses and stares.

Though her powers are not as great as they are on Asgard, Frigga has little trouble hearing the sound of concrete crunching under heavy feet. She turns from the cart to look as others do towards the strange man in costume that is shouldering his way through the thick crowd. Then she drops her pork bun and rushes forward, smiling broadly when she recognizes the face. "Tyr!" She reaches forward to grip his upper arms and embrace him warmly. "My strong and handsome son, it has been ages since I have appraised you with my own eyes." The All-Mother smiles up at the face of her eldest son with fondness.

Tyr shows no reservations in returning Frigga's warm embrace. "Mother…" He replies, lingering for a moment before releasing his grasp and stepping away. "I have been wandering the walls, reinforcing our defenses. Tis a poor excuse, but the cloak I shroud myself in to avoid the others."

Frigga nods solemnly. "I understand, and I bear much responsibility for your station as it stands." She gestures back to the food stand she came from. "Come, taste the mortal delicacies with me. We will think nothing of Asgard; only of what interesting ways the mortals prepare their meat."

"I value the opportunity to spend time with thee; but, I must confess that I bear little curiosity towards the mortal realm and its inhabitants." Tyr remarks, following after Frigga towards the stand and presenting the vendor with an inhospitable glance. It thaws when it rests upon the Queen once again. "Thor sent the jotunn for me. Upon my return I find a demonic horse in Thor's stead and a bastard brother amongst our ranks. Worst yet, you are nowhere to be found."

"These are your brother's wishes," Frigga states with a casual shrug to Tyr's list of odd observations. She pays the vendor for two teriyaki beef skewers, then turns and offers one to her son before moving to walk with the crowd. "He is heir to the throne and I am but the king's wife. What Thor wants is what he receives, as it was with Odin Borson and all that we have come to know."

"I recognize his decision and make no attempt to debate them. I have come here to inquire about you." Tyr explains, gesturing with hand and stump. He finally concede's and clasps the skewer to take a bite. He does his best to conceal his approval of the meal. Frigga can probably see through it.

"You are the voice of reason; tempered by your distant vision. It is often you that must breath rationality into our lives." He says, swinging the food as he continues.

Frigga smirks at his attempts to hide his enjoyment, then focuses her attention on her own food as he continues to talk. She stays quiet for as long as he makes his statement. "Your words and concern are more than I deserve, my son. If my wisdom held any weight with your father, you would not be forced to wander the halls of your birth as a spectre." Her gaze finds a distant point ahead of their path. "If my presence meant anything to your father, it would be him walking next to me at this moment, inquiring about my well-being."

"I will not speak ill of father." Tyr remarks with a stern scowl. As far as he was concerned, Odin's actions speak far more. "I would say that Amora lacks the wisdom to apply her arcane talent to great effect. I would say that Loki both lacks foresight and is entirely too petty to benefit the kingdom as father believes he will. You are our only true arcane shield."

"And when your father needs to make use of his shield, I'm sure that he will come for me." Frigga shakes her head as she finishes off the seared meat skewer. "Asgard will not suffer in my absence. Our people have you and your brothers to protect them. Your wisdom, which you can thank me for, will guide them when strength is not enough."

There is nothing more that Tyr can protest to without directly calling Odin's competence into question. Instead, he devours the rest of his snack and tosses the stick aside. "I will keep appraised of your status. Should anything threaten harm, I will personally deal with it. That is not negotiable."

Frigga rolls her eyes but does not argue. "I am a guest of the Sorcerer Supreme and will come to no harm under his hospitality. But as always, I am humbled by the compassion you keep despite your station." She moves to embrace her son again, staring proudly at his warrior's countenance. "The problem of my absence is your father's quest to resolve. I can speak no more of it than that. But if Asgard truly needs her queen, I will return to do what I must. I just—" The All-Mother sighs lightly, then forces her face back into a doting smile. "Call upon me when I am needed, and you know I will come to our kingdom's aid."

Tyr withdraws from the embrace with more questions than answers but chastises himself for having not expected the eventuality. "I can protect the Kingdom from enemies without; I cannot mend the fractures that tear at us from within. Someone need address this; there is naught but the jotunn bawling at everything until they go away. It is ineffective. Balder has grown more stoic than I, Bragi fancies his prose more important than blood. Loki is…unreliable. Thor is unavailable. Vidar…Vidar is a brute. I will leave you to your devices; though we both know that it is in large part due to your mastery of the arcane. I will ask for thy counsel in this, though. Who?" He asks, squeezing a firm fist of his hand and waving his cupped stub away. "Who will be the foundation that clasps this fortress up if not for you?"

Frigga closes her eyes with a weary sigh. Even when she goes away on sabbatical, she cannot escape her duties as the matriarch of Odin's clan. "Thor meant well when he asked each of you to gather in his stead. What he says is also what we all know: The sons of Odin have stood apart for far too long. The one binding factor among you is our beloved Asgard, and you must focus on that to keep your brothers as allies. She needs each of you now more than ever. She needs your leadership, Loki's arcane gifts, Balder's bravery, Vidar's strength, and Bragi's cunning. You must work together as bricks and mortar or the wall that keeps our people protected will surely crumble." The All-Mother squares her shoulders as she steps back and regards her son with a firm nod. "Take the helm in Thor's absence, my son. Show our king that he chose wrong when he chose your brother over you to one day receive his throne."

Irritation is palpable as Tyr's dark brow gathers. It is the most sensible plan. "Then it is as I have feared. I will have to talk to them." He remarks, quietly emitting a sigh. A knowing glance passes skywards. "You see what I must contend with, Heimdall? Her resolve is as uru; unyielding." He laments, firmly studying his mother again. He may have arrived as a cherished son; but, he must maintain the dignity of a God of War as he departs. "You will always have my blade. As will Asgard. Her walls will be as stubborn as the heart of her queen." He assures, bushy mustache angling into a grin. "Fare thee well, Frigga Allmother." He says, crouching in place then kicking off to rocket himself into the air and land on a neighboring rooftop. Another stout jump sends him soaring into the distance. When he calls the bifrost, it will be far, far away.

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