2014-02-23 Wieners and Buns
Players: Alchemy and Choir
GMed by Choir
Title: Wieners and Buns

Late Sunday morning, a cab can be heard pulling up outside the fence surrounding the campus. A few minutes, Irina Clayton walks into the foyer, she stretches her body shaking off any tiredness. She lowers the collar of her turtleneck and allows the multiple mouths on her neck the chance to get some air. She lets out a sigh as she looks around the foyer. There is a small duffel bag by her feet. Clearly she spent the weekend away and was returning back to campus.

Tom has his nose buried in a book as usual, an apple in his other hand. He takes a bite of it as he reads, wandering into the foyer. Irina's arrival is noticed when he's about halfway through and he pauses, using the back of the hand holding the apple to push back his glasses. "Oh, hello there. You're back! Where did you go running of to this weekend? Anywhere fun?"

All of her mouths seem to smile in unison, Irina nods her head but before she answers a loud “Boo!” can be heard behind Tom.

Tom jumps, losing his book, his apple turning to gold and thumping heavily on the floor. He regains his composure, smoothing his hair back. "Don't DO that!" he squeaks, gathering the book and now gold apple. "Oh, that was my lunch! That is such a dirty trick!"

Giggling, Irina smiles, “Oh, Thomas! I had such fun this weekend. I thought I would continue the fun, but I suppose we should all be so boring and not fun.” She looks over the apple and attempts to grab it from Tom, “This would make a lovely paperweight…and I now owe you lunch.” she looks at the apple, “A real lunch at that…”

"You can have it, I can make another." He smiles. Tom can be a bit stuffy at times, but he isn't all seriousness. "Lunch sounds lovely. I was just studying. We could probably get some lunch in the kitchen. Want me to take your bag upstairs, first? You should at least have the opportunity to take off your coat!"

“Thank you, Thomas. Chivalry isn’t dead…just on vacation from time to time.” Irina steps back to let Tom get her bag as she starts to remove her coat on her way to her room, as they walk. “I was in the city. I had a good time. Met some interesting people.”

Picking up her bag, he starts for the stairs. "What kind of people? I ventured into the city a few times, but it's just so…dangerous, even if it is quite lovely. What did you do all weekend in the big city? I suppose it reminds me of London in some ways, but I would feel more comfortable there than New York City."

“Well, you are more familiar with London, oh I would love to visit there one day.” Irina clasps her hands together and tilts her head before she opens the door to her room to let Tom carry the bag in, “Well, I mostly went on tour of it. Hit up some broadway shows.” Her mouths open in unison start to sing out ‘Defying Gravity’ from ‘Wicked.’ The sound is as good or better than the Broadway show.

"Maybe you'll get to visit. I'll be going to visit my mum and sister, maybe you could come along." Tom puts the bag on her bed and stuffs his hands in his pockets, rocking back and forth on his heels. "That's rather good. Maybe when mutants aren't seen as freaks and constantly shot at, you could make a career for yourself."

“Maybe. . “ Irina sighs then smiles, “But until then…” She grabs Tom by the collar of his shirt to lead him out of her room and towards the kitchen. “I also met the worst mother in the whole multiverse. Her crazy kids. And a girl who can turn into a gargoyle.”

Tom's arms flail as she drags him out. "The worst mother? What did she do? Not serve tea at tea time? What were her children like? I've met people that can turn into things but never have I met somone that can turn into a gargoyle. That must be quite interesting!"

“Well, I didn’t actually see her turn into a gargoyle, which is good. She knew about the school and had even met Magneto…As for the mother, she was a bitc…er…a rude woman who would yell and tried to hit another woman and her kids were causing a scene throwing snowballs at this woman in a cloak.” Irina realizes she is back at the school is carefully states the events as they went down. They reach the kitchen when she is done.

"She knew about the school? Oh, that could be bad. Very bad. Why were the woman and her kids being mean to the woman in the cloak? What happened with that?" As they enter the kitchen, Tom opens the fridge and peers inside. "We have to be very very careful. People will shoot first and ask questions later, I'm afraid."

Lifting her hand and shaking her head, “No. Mona seemed harmless. Well someone tried to recruit her here once. I don’t think it will be an issue.” Irina opens the fridge door and peers its contents, “The woman is clearly a horrible abusive mother and her brood are just as bratty. The woman knocked a hot dog from my hand and she tried to smack Mona.”

"That poor hot dog. Did she try hitting Mona with the hot dog? That would have been something to see. Sorry, I don't mean to joke about it, I suppose when you've been chased by trolls a few crazy old ladies don't seem so bad. What would you like for lunch?"

“No, the hot dog would have been funny though if used as a weapon.” Irina envisions it and giggles before resuming her search for food, “Would you like a hot dog? I can heat some of them in the microwave or boil them.” She pulls out a pack of Oscar Meyer hot dogs.

"Microwaved would be fine. I shall locate the rolls. What else would you like? We could have
chips…do they let us use the oven? I've never actually tried using it since I've been here." He
goes to the bread box and retrieves the buns, taking a few out and putting the rest away. "I
certainly hope we aren't going to beat each other with the hot dogs."

“I can’t imagine why we would not be able to use the microwave.” Irina hmmmns, “Chips would be fine.” She takes the package of the hot dogs and makes her way to the microwave behind Tom as he goes to retrieve the bread. Irina hrrrmms, “Buns?” She gets a playfully wicked grin and smacks Tom’s rear, “Buns, indeed. Firm.” She laughs again playfully and goes to place the weiners in the microwave.

"I meant chips as in chips not as in potato chips - YIKES!" He jumps and nearly loses the buns, snatching them out of the air and skittering across the kitchen to put them on the table. "That is quite unfair! I had my hands full!" His tone doesn't indicate that he's upset or anything, just a bit surprised. He takes out some paper plates and blushes, glancing over at her as he puts them on the table as well.

Noting he is not upset, Irina smiles, “Unfair as it is, I am glad you can have fun, Tommy. So how’re you getting on with the other students?” The microwave is set and the sound of whirring can be heard as the wieners are being nuked.

Tom chuckles as he retrieves a bag of 'chips', though not the french fry variety. He puts a bit on each plate and takes a seat. "I get along with them well enough. I'm not very social, I'm afraid. Mum always did say I needed to go out and make more friends. Unfortunately, that hasn't been very easy since I developed my powers and got kidnapped by trolls. How about you? I know we haven't had much opportunity to get to know each other very well."

“Well alot of them freak out over the extra mouths. We’re all mutants, but I could the more obvious ones. That and my powers are seen as cool as some of the others, but I make do. The friends I have are incredibly close. Hopefully, we will end up as such.” Irina offers as she grabs the buns and places the frankfurters on them. “Condiment?”

"Yes, I just meant that you have to be very careful. We're not supposed to expose the school, afterall. I am not an obvious mutant, obviously. Ketchup will do nicely, thanks. Maybe you could ask the Professor for one of those watch devices that change your appearance so people won't immediately try to shoot you or anything!"

“The image inducer? I thought about it. For now a turtleneck works. I’m not ashamed or afraid. I just accept the way I look.” Irina gets some ketchup for herself and then momentarily thinks to squirt some on Tom as a joke, but that would not be nice or funny, so she refrains and hands him the bottle.

Taking the bottle, Tom freezes before he squirts some onto his hotdog. "Oh, nono, I didn't mean to say it as though there's anything wrong with the way you look, you fine! I meant that it would keep you safe." He offers a smile as he sets the ketchup bottle down and sighs. "Sorry, sometimes my mouth doesn't always confer with my brain before it speaks."

With a bemused look on her face, Irina takes a bite of the hot dog. “No offense taken…but you think I’m fine?” She quirks her eyebrow at that.

Blushing profusely, Tom nearly chokes without even taking a bite of his hotdog. "What? Oh, I ahh, I mean there's nothing wrong with the way you look!" He's suddenly on his feet, sticking his head into the fridge. "Would you like something to drink? Milk, soda, juice, water? Flavored water…uhhh…"

Laughing a bit at his embarrassment, “No worries, Tom. I’m used to people thinking I’m not fine. It’s not a big deal.” Irina continues on her hotdog, but points to the soda on the fridge door. “With ice, please.”

Pulling out two sodas from the fridge, he gets the glasses and fills them with ice and sets one in front of her. "Nono, I didn't mean that either! Of course you're just fine. You're pretty, of course! I just meant…ugh you know what I mean!" he sits back down and takes a bite of his hot dog before it begins to cool off too much.

Sighing loudly and resting her head in her hands, “Yeah…I get it.” She finishes her hot dog and goes to grab the cup to pour her own soda, “Do you have plans for the semester break in a few weeks?” Irina asks to change the subject.

"Not yet. I don't really have anywhere to go. When it is summer, I'm going to visit London, but for now, I'll be spending the break here at the school. What about you? Do you have plans to go visit the city again?"

“Well it is always good to go away. If you want we can try to go somewhere or see if any of the other students want to go somewhere. A road trip. Maybe visit my old home in California.” Irina offers as s suggest as she sips her soda.

"California? Oh dear, that is so far away! I suppose we probably could. I'm certain they would allow us to borrow a vehicle, right?" Yeah right. "I'd be happy to accompany you if you like! I don't have any family in the states to visit. Oh, I could always make gold for us to sell to get money to travel!"

“It is far. But we are still young…mutant or not. We should have fun. Plus I think you would love Valle Soleado. My hometown. It’s like Xavier’s dream come true. Mutants and humans living in harmony.” Irina winks. “I never realized the practical use of your powers. Gold can come in handy.”

"I can do a lot more than just make gold, but it can be dangerous. I'd love to visit your hometown. Let's go, then! It would be quite a bit of fun!" He pours his can into the glass of ice and takes a sip. "How long do you think we'd stay?"

“Well we have a week, but we still have time to plan it out too.” Irina smiles and is feeling better. “Let’s see how many students we can get to go. Maybe one of the X-Men will chaperone, though I don’t think we would need one.”’

"Of course. We are mature and reasonable adults! We can make our own decisions! I look forward to it! Perhaps later you can tell me a bit about California so I know how to pack!

“True. .“ Irina lets out in a yawn, and looks at the clock, “Well, Tom, thank you for lunch.” On that note, Irina heads to her room.

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