2014-02-24 Coffee Fountain
Players: Loki, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Coffee Fountain

A small coffee and malt shop students from Empire State University would regularly frequent. It is a typical coffee house.

It's cold.

It's cold, it's windy, and with the way the buildings of New York are, there's a deep chill running down the spines of those who choose to walk through the wind tunnels masquerading as city streets.

But inside the Coffee Bean, it's warm.

Oh so warm, and the shop is filled with some of the most delightful smells to greet one coming in from the harsh climate outside.

And this is perhaps why Mike has opted to stop in here. Having taken posession of the most comfortable seat in the building, the knitcapped musician is reclined comfortably on a sofa, coffee in one hand and a worn old library book in the other. What a glorious day to take in some reading.

Loki doesn't really feel the cold, but in order to blend in, he has to look like everyone else. He wears a wool pea coat that reaches just above his leather clad knees, a green and gold scarf around his neck and a hat with a fuzzy ball on top. His hair is pulled back, the sides braided and pulled around to form a sort of head band that meets in the middle and joins a thin braid down the center. He isn't immediately recognizable like this, so he drifts into the Coffee Bean, hoping to run into Frigga. When he doesn't see her, he drops heavily into one of the few empty seats which happens to be near Mike with a sigh as if all the energy just poofed right out of him.

Oh sigh of sighs that interrupt thine reading! Pale eyes peek over the top of the book, looking to the green and gold scarfed newcomer. The book lowers slightly as the glance lasts a little longer than the passing ones but eventually the book lifts up again as Mike sips his coffee thoughtfully. The dustcover upon the book has an aged quality to it, depecting a rather old style illustration of a horse with more legs than it should being ridden on by an elder, bearded man.

As he wearily rises to his feet to go order a cup of the chocoliest hot chocolate he can possibly get, his green eyes happen to land upon the dust cover of Mike's book. The normally graceful young god nearly plows into a larger man when he misses a step. Sleipnir? Really? He mutters his apologies to the man and picks up his drink, scurrying back to the table. "You know, what they say about the origins of that horse isn't exactly true."

Mike glances up as someone speaks to him, looking a bit confused before glancing to the cover of his book. "Ah. I just started the book actually, no mention of the horse yet. Just a salt licking cow, a man coming out of ice, and a pissed off giant." He reaches over, setting his coffee down on the floor to free his hand to mark his place in the book before closing it. "So, I take it you've had your fair share of reading up on this stuff?"

Loki sits back against the wall, looking over at Mike with a weary gaze. "I suppose you could say that," The young prince replies and takes a sip of his drink, closing his eyes as he relishes the taste. "The story of Ymir and Auhumla is one that is well known. Buri was the first of the gods, who begat Bor, father to Odin, who would become and still is the Allfather. Why do you read that particular subject for entertainment? History is so twisted by humans."

"Someone I talked to brought it up and I was curious." Mike admits "And oddly enough that was the only book I could find in the library on the topic. The others were already checked out." He sets the book down, "Any of the books worth actually buying?"

"I've only read a few of them and they were complete rubbish. I wonder why there is such a sudden interest in Norse deities. Who did you talk to that brought it up? Now I am curious." He sips the drink again and leans his head back against the wall, looking over at Mike with just his eyes.

Mike leans forward to pick up his coffee again. "I actually didn't catch his name," He shakes his head, "You know how someone could say something and it just seems weird at the moment so you just dismiss it, and it's not until after you've already parted ways that you start wondering what the hell they were talking about?"

"I suppose. So what do you think about the book thus far? Do you believe any of it? The subject must interest you, but why? It's a rather archaic belief system is it not? A rainbow bridge? A golden realm? It all seems rather far fetched."

"Being I'm only a few pages in, it's probably not the best time to judge but, right now, it is kind of a weird set up." Mike grows quiet for a moment, considering, "But just because something's weird doesn't make it impossible. And even if it is, I'm kind of interested in how the ravens figure into this since those tend to get featured in other cultures."

Loki nods, turning his cup in his hands. "Huginn and Muninn are Odin's messengers. They reside in the royal chambers of the Allfather and Allmother. One is memory the other wisdom. They are older than I can remember. Why the interest in the ravens?"

"Because ravens are interesting." Mike replies matter of factly, "They're intelligent, they exhibit it in the ways they adapt to their surroundings. And it's really neat how different cultures just pull them in and give them similar functions." He smiles, "A symbol of good luck for some, messengers in others, a teacher, or to the native americans, a creator and a trickster."

"Well, to the Asgardians, they are messengers or watchers. Odin often sends them to look after his sons when they have traveled away from the palace such as to Midgard. They do not serve as tricksters, they have someone to fill that role."

"Ah yes." Mike answers, "That'd be…" He flips the book over, looking to the back of the dustcover like a cheater, "Lo-kai… Lokee. Haven't gotten to that chapter yet."

Loki furrows his brow a bit and corrects him. "Loki. That book will tell you nothing of value about Loki. It is full of mistruths and lies. He did not mother an eight legged horse, a giant wolf, a planet eating serpent or the ruler of Hel. He is too young for that."

"That also sounds uncomfortable as hell to do if it was." Mike murmurs, shaking his head, "One big pain in the ass." He pauses, thinking about what he said before snerking for a moment, lifting his coffee to take a sip.

Loki lifts a hand and with a zip of green magic knocks Mike's cup away. "You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about."

With the cup flying to the side, causing for what little opening on the cup lid to spill out some of the contents, Mike's first reaction is to reach after the cup. At least setting the tipped over cup upright on the floor before working to figure out what hap-

Wait a minute.

Mike looks over at Loki, "Did you just…?" A finger points towards the coffee.

"Me?" Loki asks, tapping his chest with his fingertips to try and look innocent. "Would I do such a thing?" He moves one finger and room temperature coffee comes spouting from the cup like a fountain. It seems impossible that so much coffee could come from the small cup. Loki giggles to himself, muttering in his silky smooth voice, "Clean up in Aisle…you." Ok so that reference failed.

Mike watches as the coffee spews out sadly as he lifts his foot away from the slowly creeping over pool of coffee. What a waste of a good beverage. "So, I guess this makes you, Loki."

"At your service." Loki grins and makes the coffee stop. "I am indeed Loki, and not really at your service unless you choose to become one of my followers. How did you guess who I was? I could have been some random mutant."

"Lucky guess." Mike replies, eying the coffee but not reaching towards it just yet, "And if you were a random mutant, would you really take offense to being called Loki if you chose NOW to act up while we were on that topic?"

"I am not acting up! And I am not a pain in the ass!" He flips his hand at the coffee, which seemsto flow in reverse and go back into the cup. "A mutant should be proud to be accused of being Loki!"

"But, I didn't say you were a pain in the ass." Mike protests, slightly, not bothering to defend himself from the other statement as he did say something similar to that, "I said, the whole giving birth to the snake, horse, and other stuff would have been a pain in the ass." Mike makes a mental note to just throw away his coffee since the liquid on the floor makes it's way back in to the cup. "And as you said, if a mutant should be proud to be called Loki, how am I to lose by calling them Loki?"

"It was said I gave birth to the horse, not the others, the rest were birthed by the giantess Angerboda. I'm not the father of anything. In fact, I just started courting someone for the first time and she is Vanir, not a giant or a horse. The Vanir are very similar to the Aesir, only there are very few of the Vanir left after a great battle many millenia ago."

"You do realize I have no clue what the Aesir are being I'm only up to the salt licking cow in the book." Mike points out.

"Aesir are the gods. Odin, Thor, Balder. Surely you've heard of them. Frigga is Vanir. Technically I am Jotun, but am an Aesir by way of cosuming the golden apples. It's rather complicated."

Mike turns to open the book, glancing to the chapter title, "…How'd I miss that?" His head looks up at the mentions of apples, "You guys have your equivalent of the Garden of Eden?"

"No, not really. Idunn picks the golden apples. She is the goddess of immortality. The apples keep us from aging and extend our lifespans indefinitely. Those that do not consume them have a lifespan of about five thousand years."

"Oh. Sounds like a HELL of a health care plan though." Mike comments, leaning back into the sofa, folding his arms and smiling a little in amusement.

"Health care plan? I don't understand." Loki looks around for a moment, then rises to his feet. "I am being summoned, but I shall return to Midgard soon. Farewell, mortal. Enjoy your hot bitter beverage." And with that, he disappears in a poof.

With Loki gone, Mike looks to the chair for a few moments before he picks up the coffee and takes it over to the trash can. Alas poor coffee, such waste. Much Coffee, so wasteful. Very Sad.


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