2014-02-25 A Global Cold Front

Recorded: February 25, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Nova, Odin, Rom
Location: Greenland
Summary: Frigga and Odin have words, causing a storm that blankets the world in snow.

The crisp climate of Greenland is a refreshing place for the Queen of the Gods. After wandering the congested streets of an American city, there's no place she would rather be. Her nostrils take in the clean air wafting off the nearby ocean. Her hands run along the broken stones of Norse ruins that are nearly gone. She walks the overgrown path of a coastal village that has long-since returned to the rocks it came from. One may very well take her for a goddess since she has shed her mortal clothes for a white robe with golden edges. Her long hair rests along her back but every once in a while, a stray strand catches on the ocean breeze.

The heart of the ruins may have been subtle art to the scores of archaeologists that initially mapped it; to someone more familiar with the scroll and elegant patterns they can see where the bifrost had descended. All evidence points to the ancient northmen having constructed an altar around the exit of the ancient bridge.

The remnants themselves seem to pulse with an unearthly surge of power that grows all the more constant. That gentle ocean breeze, too, begins to whisk itself into a more violent froth as a cold front collides with the region. Skies that were blue and beautiful moments ago have been choked away by massive stormclouds pregnant with frost.

Frigga lifts her gaze briefly and immediately recognizes the change in atmosphere. Her shoulders straighten as she redirects her wandering away from the remains of the Bifrost entrypoint. The All-Mother has nothing to say to her husband right now and intends to enjoy her time revisiting old haunts.

Unfortunately for Frigga, her husband is seemingly uncaring of her current stroll through nostalgia. The bifrost parts with a magnificent column of fire that scorches away the dusting of ice that had only just begun to settle atop the worn stone. When the cacophony and boundless light of the gateway passes what remains is the deep snorting of the massive warhorse Sleipnir and the cold stare of the heavily armored Allfather perched upon the saddle. "This madness must end."

Frigga rolls her eyes in no particular direction and stops several yards from the All-Father's arrival with her back purposefully to him. "Your flare for theatrics supersedes my own," she states in response to his appearances on horseback. A gentle wave of her hand stops the dusting snowfall and forces the clouds to allow a few rays of sun to shine down on her. "There is no madness here, my king. Only clarity. I only wish that my mind's eye were opened sooner."

The northern hemisphere has been clasped in a sudden and merciless cold front. Unseasonal weather moves into most areas. In New York, citizens will find themselves buried beneath many feet of snow and ice over the next several hours.

"I beg to differ, my queen." Odin replies flatly, throwing a leg across the stallion to land with a heavy thud upon the heels of his boots. "I have not forgotten that I am the Lord of Asgard. Where I travel my actions and my appearance will reflect upon our people and our lands." He begins to explain, tightening the grip his knuckles have wrapped about the shaft of Gungnir. His single blue eye reflects a crashing ocean of anger and indignation behind it; his great silver beard shifts as the jaw beneath tenses with agitation. This is inconvenient.

"And on your queen?" Frigga turns to face his approach and her hand reaches forward in time to rest on a staff that manifests itself within her arm's reach. "Do not your actions reflect upon me as well, or am I not to be considered at all? Am I but caretaker to all your decisions, to this day a mere symbol of agreement between Asgardian and Vanir?"

"This moment I see not the Queen of Asgard but a scorned wife." Odin replies, voice dipping with a hint of disappointment. The heavens thunder at Frigga's words, clamoring further and louder after his statement. "You forget our mantle of responsibility. I have erred in judgment. I will make no effort to conceal this. I would add that there is a dire tone to every statement we utter and every action we create. Some of the decisions I have made were made for the good of Asgard; at the expense of our contentment."

As Frigga's eyes narrow, flashes of lighting dance in the clouds above. "I forget nothing, and I have sacrificed much contentment beyond your consideration." She wafts her free hand, stirring the clouds with a rough wind. "The past is what it is, Odin Borson. I would not change it, for it has brought me much joy in the midst of sorrow." Her voice echoes above the howling wind. "But as I look to the future, I cannot help but wonder if the actions of the past have doomed me and my sons to discontent. Tyr walks as a spectre among the halls of his birth. Balder paces as a beast in a cage. Hermod may very well be a mere messenger in our court." The thunder claps across the sky, flashing lightning bolts in the distance. "What does this say of me, my king, when my sons are overlooked for the throne? What does this say of me, when you would seek another to satisfy your basest need, bringing forth an outcast to our realm? Should I even see myself as worthy to rest upon your throne in your absence? Come with answers, I beg of you." The bitterness in her tone is matched by the grumbling wind that whips her hair around her face.

Storms of frost and snow choke at the north with growing intensity. What started as an unnatural collection of scattered disturbances has grown into an enormous tempest spanning from the Great Lakes into France. The whirling, frozen eye appears to be located over Greenland.

The nordic ruins that once speckled the plain approaching the seaside cliff has sunk beneath sheets of snow and nipping ice as the whole of Greenland has become the epicenter of a catastrophic storm that has been tearing the region to pieces. At the center of the worn and frozen stone, though, is a zone of comparative respite. A massive, armored stallion anxiously claps a hoof at the ground; one of eight hooves, to be precise.

"I cannot ignore your gift for prophecy as you cannot ignore what I have come to know through sacrifice." Odin replies, waving an open palm towards the thunderous landscape being scythed by wind. "Midgard was to be the battleground. We needed a champion who would not wane. One that would be of the same great stature here as ever he would find upon the lofty fields of Asgard. If the champion quailed, so, too, would our people. Only oblivion follows." Odin remarks, hoisting his full beard with as much patience as he has left to muster. "It is imperative that we remain as one. If you would question this, let it be within our walls. Within our dominion."

Richard is flying quickly, making the trip from New York to Greenland in a sluggish 40 seconds. He is speaking inside his helmet, transmitting on several frequencies at once. "This is Nova Centurion 1124-9-4-4-396. There is an insanely powerful storm over Greenland - this storm includes populated areas. It is likely this is more than the local authorities and populations can handle. Requesting assistance from any that can. Weather-ability assistance would be helpful from the super-powers on Earth, but standard disaster assistance is imperative. I'm no expert, but this weather seems extreme even for Greenland. Either way I stand by to assist. I request response from Danish authorities on the island." He begins his surveillance search for people and towns. He begins listening on the radio frequencies, letting his on-board computer collate signals.

As Nova flies to the center of the storm, he feels the cold wind, and sees the rain, but just keeps flying. He grumbles something about having to get accustomed to winds again, and then looks around, his eyes stopping, and his flight stopping, high above the man on the horse. He stares for a few moments, and then dives, to stop flight about 20 feet in front of Odin. "Asgardians? Are you here to assist?"

"The God of Thunder is not even a question, and that you would think only of him is further grounds for my disposition!" Lightning strikes the ground behind Frigga and her white robe billows in all directions on the tumultuous wind that emphasizes her upset. Her voice echoes throughout the area despite the storm that rages, tossing waves against the rocks in a tantrum that her regal bearing refuses to express. "My questions go unheeded within our walls. Only in my absence does my unrest catch your eye. Knowing this, you have quite the battle before you if you think to convince me that I should set foot in your chambers again." Her eyes fill with a white light that steams past her narrowed eyelids. "I'd rather the frosted plains of Jotunheim, or the blazing fields of Muspelheim. In this moment, they would be a comfort, and your words have done nothing to abate my fury." A single eyebrow is arched at the sudden appearance of mortals.

Rom picked up a massive energy reading from this area, so of course he had to go and investigate. It can't possibly be the Dire Wraiths; there's no way they'd be this blatant about an attack. The Spaceknight doesn't know of many others who could summon up such power, but he'll soon find out. As he enters Greenland airspace, he has to readjust his rocket pods to deal with the intense winds, and the cold strains even his powerful temperature regulators.

As he pushes his way toward the source of the storm, he soon comes upon the Nova he met some time before, who seems to be confronting a strange man on an even stranger horse. "What kind of sorcerous being is this?" the silver knight calls out to Nova over the roaring of the winds, coming down not too far away from Richard. Whatever it is, they'll have to do something about it soon!

Odin withdraws from the verbal fencing he was engaged in at the arrival of Nova. "Prudence, Queen. This conversation is not meant for mortal ears." He calls, tone of his voice smoothing over. "I will hear your words in their entirety, Frigga. This disquiet will be addressed. Understand, though, that this is not where that will be so. You will return to Asgard where we will explore pain in depth." He commands, waving a dismissive hand towards the woman to send her away in a brilliant flash of light.

Armor creaks at the joints as Odin turns in place, raising his eye to regard first Richard then Rom. "Assistance has been rendered." He calls to them calmly, voice carrying as if he were right beside them. Already, the calamitous storm has faded to make way for a brilliant, clear sky.

Richard looks at the Asgardians, and floats over to them, slowly, so as not to alarm. He turns his head to Rom, and speaks, his voice going through the comms channel. "Thank you for responding, Rom." He gets real close to the guy on the horse, and speaks again, keeping his voice transmitting on the frequencies. "I am Nova Centurion 1124-9-4-4-396, or Nova Prime, working with Rom, the Spaceknight. While it did appear the lady didn't want to be stolen by you, if she was the cause of this storm, then I must ask why Asgardians are unleashing such a storm here on human lands. I request assistance in unburying the human settlements, as they seem to have taken more of a beating than usual."

Rom takes after Richard's example, moving slowly without any sudden movements to avoid provoking the weather-controlling gods. He regards Frigga for a moment, but deems Odin the priority in this situation. "I did not respond to you, Nova, but I am glad to help in any way necessary," he responds to Richard, then comes to a slow, careful landing a few meters in front of Odin. "An Asgardian? I have heard of your kind, but my interactions have been limited. You typically keep to yourselves, do you not? What is it that has brought you to Earth?"

"I am Odin Allfather, Lord of Asgard. I have met you through my sons, Nova Prime. One a dutiful sentinel, the other a lost soul. We will learn of your quality in days yet passed, Rom." Odin replies. He dismounts and steps away from Sleipnir so as to take a deliberate and leisurely pace of his spot. There is nothing unusual. In fact, everything in the immediate area appears as it did before the storm had happened. A more detailed search will reveal that the entire world has been restored to its former 'splendor.'

"This was unintentional. My kin are a people of extremes; it is because of these extremes that, for centuries, I had decreed that none shall enter your realm." He explains, turning his gaze heavenwards. "Including my Queen."

Richard looks around, and does a scan of the area… "Interesting…" He then says, "I take it that was your Queen? Is that Thor and Loki's mother?" He blinks, even inside his helmet, as he realizes the effects of the weather are undone. "Well, as long as you are able to fix it, then there is no injustice here." He then pauses, and says, "Nonetheless, I really was hoping to meet you. There is some insight I wished to gain, which I think your people may be able to help me. In return, of course, I can help you with any just and honorable task that I am able to do. I know you are great warriors, but even the Asgardians have had allies throughout the centuries."

"Be warned, mortals. I will hear what you have to say but it is unlikely I will offer guidance. Long has it been since we have left your kind to forge your own destiny; even now, it is only Thor who truly defends the realm." Odin replies, setting one foot in his stirrup then lifting himself back upon the saddle. "Speak now, while you have my ear."

Rom is the first to step forward. Even though he has already detected vast amounts of power from this man, the Spaceknight has no fear. He rid himself of that two centuries ago, when his body was changed from flesh to steel. No, the coal red glow of his eyes does not waver or dim as he meets Odin's gaze. "I have heard of your great wisdom, Odin. For two hundred long years I have roamed space, seeking to root out the evil of the Dire Wraiths, but some always elude banishment and begin the process anew on other planets. I beseech you, if you have the knowledge, is there a way I can end their threat once and for all?"

Richard looks over at the Spaceknight. Then he looks at Odin. He also doesn't show fear, despite his sensors showing the vast power of Odin. He killed Annihilus, after all. He does say, "I was actually more curious about dimensional travel. I myself am a man outside my dimension — as I was swallowed, then spit out, by a universe that was ceasing to exist. Also, that brings me to another concern — as if I was spit out and thrown here, where were the others I fought thrown to? I don't know - but I know if the being called Thanos was thrown here, then this universe is in grave peril. I hear that the Asgardians are experts on inter-dimensional travel — if that's so, then I believe I will need your help in unlocking the mystery of why I'm here. It may take time and research, but still… It could be helpful to all of us."

"The mad Titan broods as ever." Odin replies of Richard, squinting his eye and offering a small shake. "Your destiny is unwritten. You are 'free.' Choose to find a course through which you can breach realms and you fill, in time, find it. Begin your search with the Sorcerer Supreme. Remaining where you are will grant the stars another champion." He explains, clenching his fist to tug the reins aside and walk Sleipnir towards Rom. "You seek to purify? There are few answers you will deem worthy, if indeed you are a just being. Your options are limited; you must destroy them to the man or convert them. There is no middle ground. Sometimes the right thing does not feel just; nor does the just feel altogether right. What must be done cannot be wrong."

Richard shrugs, and says, "I've heard that saying before about things needing to be done always being right… From some of the biggest despots in space. But… This Sorcerer Supreme… Is that an Asgardian? Or a magic user with a name I don't recognize? I'm not really versed in the area of magic." He takes a deep breath, then says, "I have worked with Thor… Well, another avatar, I suppose, of Thor - another presence, I suppose, in my world. I didn't work with him much, but I have met that one, and this one. As for Loki… well… things never go well when I run into him. I don't think he likes me much." He smirks, "Sorry. I don't seek out to fight him. But that's neither here nor there. Honestly, while I am here, I will follow the example of one of my Novas, and be the Nova for this sector. That, of course, entails allying myself with the forces of good in the sector. Hence, why I was willing to make that deal and offer my assistance, should it be needed. Of course, I would need your assistance in how, or that of this 'Sorcerer Supreme.' Until then I am flying around on patrol looking for random crimes."

Rom perks his head up at the mention of the Sorcerer Supreme, but he doesn't say anything until Odin has finished speaking. And when the Allfather gives his opinion, Rom lowers his head, his eyes dimming as he sighs. "Yes, I thought you might say something like that. They are the ultimate evil, there is no converting them. But if I kill them…" he trails off, trying not to think of what might happen if he goes rogue. He's /seen/ the results of a Spaceknight falling to the darkness. Never again, if he can help it. Richard's voice snaps him out of his rumination, and he finally chooses to speak up. "I have met the one called Sorcerer Supreme. Or rather, I saw him in a dream, but my scanners picked up vast mystical energies while I slept, indicating an astral visit. He is human, and I believe I can track him down for you, Nova."

"You speak what the Spaceknight fears, Nova Prime." Odin replies, turning to regard Rom closely. He leans forward in his saddle as he speaks, inviting a more candid moment. "You fear that accomplishing your goals will drive you beyond an acceptable point. If you cannot bear the burden of what must be done then someone else must. If none can be found of stalwart integrity; your foe will triumph." He elaborates, offering a smile to Richard. "Loki basks in the warmth of his own fire. He invaded this realm. Wrought chaos rather than peace and sought adulation rather than wisdom. Until he changes, he will suffer. Be mindful of your actions. Thanos sees far and has more agents than you may expect. You fill face a great challenge."

A flicker of light illuminates the scorched platform that once bore the burden of the warrior king and his stout stallion. The Nordic ruins, once again, are naught but a dusty collection of worn boulders and pits driven into the desolate earth.

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