2014-02-25 Why is he so hungry?
Players: Loki, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Why is he so hungry?

With the generous funds donated by Andrew Carnegie, the 115th street branch of the New York Public Library was opened in 1908 and has been a blessing to those within walking distance to obtain low cost means of entertainment and education.

This old fashioned styled, white building has a contrasting interior with wooden display cases giving a mostly brownish color scheme inside. While children run up to the second floor to find their childrens books, the adults and teens hang out on the main floor for their book selection.

With it being in the middle of the week, the library is not experiencing their peak hours at the moment. And yet, there's a line at the front desk. Primarily BECAUSE it is not the peak hours, there is only one person working the table, checking in books and checking them out.

Mike, who is now without a book featuring a certain horse with extra limbs, is instead browsing the non-fiction section. In his hand, a slip of paper with the sorting code written down on it.

Loki can't really read English very well, but he has been trying. He comes down from the upper level with an armload of children's books, standing in line at the desk. A few people ask him if he has kids and he jus gives them a ' off ' look. No. HE wants to know why that damn caterpillar is so hungry. He notices Mike and sighs, flicking a finger to flip his pages a bit as if a swift breeze had just blown through.

The slip of paper flutters out of Mike's grasp but the escape is not for long. Eyes narrowing, Mike's hand snatches up to trap the escapee within the palm of his hand. He glances to the side, looking to see if there was a gigantic air vent nearby. But upon finding none, he shrugs it off and looks to the shelf again for his book.

Loki checks out his books and takes them to a table and takes the first off the stack. It might be a bit bizarre for an Asgardian god to be reading kid's books, but how else is he going to learn? He pushes a bit of hair back, concentrating rather hard on the pages.

Upon finding the book he was looking for, Mike pulls out a paperback with a picture of a raven on it. After he skims through it, he starts to make his way out of the shelf area to head over to the reading area. Instead of grabbing a table, he starts heading over to a bean bag chair only to stop as another flops onto it way ahead of him. He sighs, turning to look to the nearby tables. Upon seeing Loki, his glance pauses, looking to the God and then to the book selection.

Sensing eyes on him, he looks over his shoulder at Mike and then back at his books. He heaves a sigh and runs a hand through his hair, flipping to another page. So Mike reads complicated books on ravens and Loki reads a book about caterpillars. How did it come to this? Loki smacks the book closed and gets shushed by a few people as he takes another off the stack and looks at it.

Mike gives a small smile and gestures to the empty seat across from Loki, "May I?"

"If you wish, it is not my table. This library is so small. Is there more to it? A downstairs that spans the city perhaps?"

At the sort of permission, Mike pulls out the chair and sits down, setting the book on the table. "No, but there are different branches and a computer system to tell you which branch has the book you're looking for." He looks over to the book on the fuzzy caterpillars. "Is the library where you're from that large?"

"The library in the palace is positively enormous. It is easily half the size of this very city with books from thousands of years ago on just about any topic. But this…I cannot READ THIS." he puts his fist over the smiley face of one of the caterpillars. "Stop smiling at me."

Mike forces a frown on his face as he just looks to the stack of books, "Sorry, it's just, I haven't seen these books in awhile." He pauses, "So, language barrier then? Were you able to find the Encyclopedia Brown and The Great Brain series upstairs? Those would probably be more entertaining."

"I don't know. I asked the employee for recommendations for books for those just beginning to read." He moves his hands and summons a hefty tome from his dimensional pocket and sides it to Mike. It has pictures, but it is written in Norse Runes. "This is a book of fiction from my world."

"Ok, then something to work your way up to then." Mike concedes. "You'd probably like Tom in the Great Brain." When Loki summons up a book, the musician curiously looks over, flipping it open to look to the writing, which he sure as hell can't decipher. "Cool." He looks to the illustrations, studying the artwork, "So would you call this your equivalent of the fuzzy caterpillar book or the more advanced type?"

"Erm, it's a bit more advanced than that. We have fiction just as you do, but it is not a children's book. It is more advanced." The runes in the book seem to shimmer now and then, and the images are animated. "One must begin somewhere," He says in reference to his own book.

"You already have more of an advantage than others." Mike comments, starting to smile again as he watches the images move, "There are a lot who can't even read in one language." He flips the page to look at other illustrations, admiring the artwork.

"I suppose you're right, but if I am to spend any time around Midgard, I should be familiar with its languages. Once upon a time our language was the language of the Norse. Now, they have another language, but we have never changed. That is one thing I dislike about Asgard…it never changes."

"I'd offer to help with the reading but I'm probably not the best one to be offering." He glances over, "You also seem the type who would gain more satisfaction accomplishing it on your own. So there's that too." He turns another page, "I wonder if the library has a Norse to English dictionary somewhere."

"Not an Old Norse to English dictionary. I will figure it out with time. I am a scholar, and thus will learn what I need. Perhaps the land in which the Angry Birds reside has such information."

"Yeah… The internet might. There's all sorts of stuff on there, needed and not needed."

"Inter…net. That is what it is called? I have a device called a mobile telephone. It contains birds that are angry at mutated pigs."

"Which was probably installed on the phone by connecting to the internet." Mike adds in, giving a nod.

"Possibly. I suppose you would know more about it than I would. I feel so lost on this world, it is so confusing."

"I'm, actually not as well versed in it as my friend is." Mike admits, shifting in his seat to pull out a rather beat to shit, obsolete candybar phone. The screen is smashed, to the point where all he gets displayed is a little text icon in the upper left corner teasing him about a message he'll never be able to read. "My phone is for talking only and I have to borrow my friend's laptop if I need to look something up. But, yeah, school does tend to get you oriented in it enough to have some familiarity with it. Even if you don't access it all the time."

Loki looks at the broken phone and reaches a hand out for it. "May I?" he asks. "Perhaps there is something I can do about that. I don't have access to anything such as a computer, so I don't really know how to use one."

Mike hands the phone over, "It's a pretty tough phone. I don't think a smart phone could survive what that phone's been through and still be able to make a call." He rests his arms on the table, looking to the phone, "Well, you're in luck with the computer thing. One of the major computer companies switched over to a completely new operating system so their regular customers are basically having to relearn now to use their computers when they have to replace their old ones. So you're not that far behind us on figuring out how they work."

Loki takes the phone and places his other hand over it, casting a bit of green magic. Hopefully when he's finished, the screen is fixed. "Is this right?" he asks, handing it back. "What's an operating system? So confusing. "

Mike looks down to see the screen fixed and the little black blob of whatever it is that got smushed under it gone. "Damn." He reaches over to take the phone, studying it, He hits a button, bringing up the message. "Thanks." He sets the phone down. "I'm guessing the best way to describe it is to think of the computer as a guy who speaks a different language. The operating system is like a translator who makes the computer understand you. What the company did basically was replace the translator the people are used to and replaced it with another guy who can speak more languages so they only have to deal with one translator instead of two."

"I have the gift of the Alltongue, I can understand any spoken language. It translates to Norse in my mind. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with written language." Loki smacks his palms down onto the table and suddenly shouts "FAEN MEG WHY IS THIS CATERPILLAR SO HUNGRY???"

"I could tell you," Mike offers, "But then reading the book would be even less rewarding." He pauses, "Or you could just let the pictures tell you the ending."

"I will learn to read this language. I can do it! I also wish to become an Avenger. I have been inquiring. They cannot deny me, then."

"An Avenger?" Mike smiles, pocketing his phone as he starts to get up "Well, that's an interesting goal. I'll leave you so you can focus on your studies. Good luck."

"I suppose. Don't tell anyone." He looks up from the book and nods to Mike. "Farewell. Thank you, I will hopefully learn this before too long. Have a pleasant evening."


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