Necessary Reminders

Recorded: February 26, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Odin
Location: Asgard Palace - Odin and Frigga's Chamber
Summary: The King and Queen of Asgard finish their discussion.

A winter storm has settled over the city of Asgard and its epicenter is the royal palace. The All-Mother's return has brought snow in the warm season. She paces the balcony of the bedchamber with arms folded stiffly across her chest and stares at everything as if her eyes could melt all objects within their gaze.

The delay was only temporary. Odin appears upon Midgard and it is only natural that the only mortals in the area immediately demand he reveal everything unseen. "Contact must be further limited." He grumps upon his entry, armor having been replaced with flowing, comfortable robes at some point en route. There is a patient calm that has taken his form when he sets his eye firmly into Frigga's features. "You have been patient. Ease your mind and voice your grievances."

Frigga spins on her heels the face Odin when he arrives. Though the winter storm continues to bathe their kingdom in a pallet of white, her tone is much calmer than it was during the raging tempest on Midgard. "I have said all that I needed to say. I shall not repeat myself only to be unheard again." She moves to the railing of the balcony and watches the servants fruitlessly plow the snow from the garden pathways.

The patience initially projected from Odin tangibly thins. "When I was but a young lord I spoke at length with Bor Burison on the state of the Aesir." He croaks, quickening a pace towards the woman until he stands before her.

"Our people lacked the unity they now enjoy; we were fractured and weak. T'was my father that sought to unite the people of Asgard and Vanaheim. T'was serendipity that blessed Frey with a daughter renowned for her unrivaled beauty and remarkable insight. To Bor, he saw in Frigga Freysdottir the ideal queen for his heir. When I was betrothed my eyes were filled only with the opportunity to strengthen the bond of the Aesir and Vanir." He recounts, averting his faraway stare as he loses himself in the nostalgia.

"Transient diplomacy. Thor has inherited the passion of the storm I once bore as a youth. Few would know in their hearts better than thee that, for all my boundless potential, never could I manipulate the heart. I am a slave to my passions as are we all. At times, it has led me astray so that I may learn." Odin returns to the present, snapping his eyes to rest into Frigga's own. "There are occasions where I have been rewarded. I was enraptured with your beauty; I learned to be enraptured with your strength. Never have I found a woman so peerless."

Frigga turns again to watch her husband's approach and her eyes do not leave him during his speech. She studies his body language as much as his words, and though her body language displays no immediate reaction, the unseasonable winter of Asgard lessens in intensity. At last, she sighs, allowing her shoulders to lax.

"When we were betrothed, my heart was also filled with duty above all else. A duty which was then and is now eternally mine. But it quickly became secondary, for I saw in you what even you do not see in yourself. Your heart is your master, Odin Borson, and I have seen it guide you to do great things in the name of others. That is the part of you that will always draw me to your side."

Frigga's brow furrows as she briefly casts her glance aside. "Selfishly, I have longed to see that heart do great things in my name alone. It is a wish of a common wife, I suppose, and not one that should weigh on the mind of a queen." She looks at him again. "I am sorry if my recent actions have inconvenienced you, but understand this. I have felt as though I have stood beside you, but not you beside me, for some time. Your favored son's words merely broke the dam that kept those feelings at bay.

"For some time I have been estranged from my own desires. My duty, now, is to safeguard our borders and quell the fires burning through the hearts of our sons before I retire to Valhalla." Odin replies, turning from Frigga to saunter towards the bed. "If at all you felt me distant t'was because I am. When I feel the need to retreat into my thoughts know that you are never far." He calmly admits, sitting along the edge and raking his fingertips through his hair in an ill-fated attempt to battle his weariness.

Frigga sighs, glancing off in the distance as she crosses the room to stand near him. "It seems a fire never-ending," she admits in a tired tone, then studies her husband's face. Outside his field of vision, her lips purse with relenting resolve. She stands against his shoulder and moves her hands to carefully massage his furrowed brow. "There will come a day when both you and I must leave this realm, but that day seems ever distant, for those who would care for the Nine Worlds in our stead can barely mind each other. It is troublesome to me that the sons I raised would compete more than cooperate. That one in particular, who I kept closest to my bosom, would display more weakness than strength in his adult years."

"If you clasp them too firmly as a youth they may never scrape their knees and learn pain." Odin murmurs, leaning back into the bed with a grand orchestra of crackling joints. Age is a wonderful, terrible thing. "Tyr grows bitter. I question what his wrath is capable of. Thor perceives his own failings perhaps too keenly. Balder must remain safeguarded; the lack of glory he can clutch erodes at his heart. Bragi removes himself so thoroughly at times I wonder if he remembers where he is. Hermod seeks naught but growing swifter. Then there is Loki." He laments,raising a hand to rub at the bridge of his nose. "His weakness is alarming. Worst still, he only considers the weakness of body and neglects the weakness of heart."

"I know," Frigga states in a sigh. "I often wonder what trial will bring them together. It took my death and reincarnation as a Jotun for three brothers to come together as one, but by Heimdall's account, even then their partnership was strained." Her eyes narrow thoughtfully, lips pursed in a half smirk as she stands near the edge of the bed with her arms folded across her chest. "And why did my king not come for me when I thought myself sworn to Laufey?" Choose wisely your answer, King of the Gods.

"The reason was two-fold, my queen." Odin replies, scowling at the memory. "I would have chanced our tenuous peace by entering Jotunheim. It would have acknowledged to Laufey how powerful a bargaining tool he had at his disposal as well as display a sign of weakness towards the other Kingdoms by indicating that we could not safeguard our Queen, let alone distant lands." He illustrates the first issue on the plate with a heavy sigh, closing his tired eye as he tackles the second. "As we left the mortals to allow them their own growth; we must, too, allow our sons to solve as many state affairs as they can. Dabble when we must, guide and mentor as needed. They must be capable of moving under their own willpower. Acting with their own courage, dignity, and honor."

Frigga relaxes her arms and lets her smirk become more subtle as she crawls forward on her side of the bed. The playful expression nearly vanishes as she angles her body to rest her head on her husband's shoulder, sighing away the feelings of age expressed by her bones and muscles. "Always thinking of lives affected by the road ahead. This is what makes it difficult for me to be anything more than your queen." She closes her eyes, breathing in the silence of a few peaceful moments. "Life would be much different between the two of us if not for all that we govern. But, I would not change the past, for it has brought great things to this universe, and I have had the pleasure of witnessing a lot of it."

Indeed, the entirety of the multiverse may have looked very different than it does. "Unity is closer than you think for them." Odin assures, closing his eyes and allowing a normal night's rest to begin to take claim. "Though we both worry at times, unity is close."

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