Motherly Words of Wisdom

Recorded: February 27, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Loki
Location: Asgard Palace - Loki's Room
Summary: Frigga offers Loki some words of advice on how to handle his current obstacles.

Loki is laying on his back on his bed, a book propped up on his legs. One arm is folded behind his head, the other free to flip the pages. A lamp burns on the bedside table, providing a bit of extra light. He accomplished a lot today, and now he's just taking a little bit of time to chill out and relax, and devise his next plans. Also on the bedside table is a paper cup from a coffee shop in New York City, a souvenier of his last visit.

As the birds return to their summer homes, so too does the Queen of Asgard eventually return. Her momentary lapse of passionate expression was resolved after a discussion with Odin that left Asgard blanketed by a snowstorm for several hours. But now the storm is over and the snow has quickly melted to reveal the realm's normal springtime atmosphere. After a brief respite, Frigga has continued to her duties and one-by-one completed tasks that were waiting for her return.

One such task is offering a kind ear to the son that has stayed closest to her bosom. There is a light knock at Loki's door before it opens to reveal the All-Mother in her typical golden splendor. "How has the day treated my prince?"

Loki snaps the book closed and sits up properly, smoothing his hair back. "It has been just fine, my queen. How may I help you?" He rises to his feet and straightens out his clothing. "Welcome back to Asgard. It is good to see you again. I hope you are well." Loki gestures to the chairs around a small round table. "Please be seated if you wish. Shall I fetch you something to eat or drink?"

Frigga chuckles and fully enters the room, closing the door behind her. "Loki, you are not my servant, you are my son. I am here to help you. Remember?" She stands near the chairs but only rests her hand on one of the tall backs. "Before dealing with Fafnir, you asked if I would counsel you. So tell me. What ills reside in your heart and mind?"

"Oh. Well, I didn't mean that you actually had to do that," Loki says, standing next to the other chair. "I am fine. You have all of your other sons here now, and once Thor has returned, your kingdom will be fully secured. As I am the weakest, and not blood to you or Odin, I will take my leave and move into a cottage I found on the outskirts of the city."

Frigga smirks wryly at Loki. "By your own words, I can tell that you are troubled. Sit down, and tell me what makes you think you belong outside the home where you were raised."

Loki obediently sits, folding his hands on the table. He suddenly finds his thumbnails fascinating and looks down at them. "Well, when Thor chose to exile himself, he gave Balder and Bill important missions. My mission was to bring a message to Tyr and Vidar so that they may take their proper places within the kingdom. There is no longer a reason for me to be here, so I will relinquish my room to one of the others. I know the only reason Odin took me in at all was to act as a pawn against Jotunheim."

Frigga slips into the chair that she stood behind and gestures to Loki. "Oh, my troubled child," she sighs. "These are the worries of a youth not yet known to reason. You are a man now, capable of seeing beyond that which lies before you." The All-Mother speaks calmly, studying his face as she continues. "As one who has mastered sorcery so well, seeing the ley lines where all others see only air, how is it that you are so blind to your place in this family? How is it that you have done great things in the name of our people, yet continue to see yourself as one who does not belong?"

Loki looks up to meet her eyes. "Because they have made it apparent that I do not belong here now that they are here. Say what you will, mock me, even, but it does not change the way I feel. I know what my talents are, I know that I have done great things and continue to sacrifice my own reputation for my brother and my kingdom, but…I don't want to bring any more conflict. If you had need of me, I would respond, of course."

"So you will be as Tyr: A ghost in your own homeland? I will not stand for too much haunting in the land of Asgard." Frigga smirks and continues to speak her calm wisdom. "Loki, consider your brother's actions. You are all men. Men handle each other roughly to test each other's limits. To brace each other for hardships. To know that when difficulties arise, there are others in the ranks that can be relied upon to assist. Would you have them treat you with the care one would in courtship with a maiden?"

"I was fairly certain you would frown upon me setting any of them on fire or turning them into frogs. I have proven that I will be there during difficult times and that I can handle myself, yet all they have done is insult me. Balder will not even speak to me, Tyr believes me to be nothing more than Thor's errandboy and insults me, and Vidar wants nothing to do with me. Thor has been the worst, however. The things he has said recently…I can never look upon him the same way again. He insulted Eir in ways that are unforgivable. What would you have me do? I will not stoop to their level."

Frigga rest her hands on the table and links her fingers together. "So you would not defend your woman's honor? Well then, I see not why she is with you." She shrugs lightly, blinking only once as she stares down her son. "A man fights for what he believes in, Loki. For what he is due. All you have said to me today is that you plan to flee because two brothers have coarse words for you and the others have none. Where is your cunning? Where is your determination to prove yourself worthy of godhood? These efforts do not call for villainous acts, but they call for acts nonetheless. You cannot withdraw yourself from the world simply because you feel mishandled." She adds the next statement with a deliberate stare. "Not if you ever wish to be called king."

"There is also a time when fighting will do no good. Thor would not listen to my words, only see that I was angry and not understand why. I do not plan to move because two brothers have coarse words for me. I plan to move because four brothers have course words for me, plus the unrelated one that broke my arm and yet was awarded Mjolnir." He listens to Frigga until her last statement, which earns a hard glare from him. "Do not tease me, mother. I am not an heir, I will never be king of Asgard. Odin lied to me, he never had any intention of looking at me as an heir and with the others here now, Bill probably has a better chance of becoming king than I do."

"Asgard is your home, but it is not your kingdom, child. You know there is a place where, by blood, you may inherit the throne." Frigga's stare and tone never waver. "Loki, you need to find strength within you to endure the trials of your brothers, for they are but a precursor to what may await you in the future. Kings cannot afford to allow emotion to govern their actions. Kings cannot flee when they feel dishonored, nor stay behind while an army of followers fights to restore that honor. Do you think if you were to become the king of Jotunheim, that they would respect this side of you? It is your birthright, but can you find the strength to wield it?"

Loki's expression wavers a bit. "J-Jotunheim?" He asks, sitting up straight. "I-I-I am not king of Jotunheim. Laufey discarded me, how would I lay claim to the throne? I have the strength, but…what are you trying to say? That you want me to go to Jotunheim and claim my birthright?" He steels his expression again, though his thoughts are going crazy. "I know I have what it takes to be king."

Frigga briefly lifts her hand to signal for his silence. "I say no to all of that now because you are not ready, but let the seed of what might be, plant itself firmly in your mind. Asgard and Jotunheim have long been at war, and maintain a tentative peace at best. Their people—your people, are born and bred to despise us without cause. You have grown up here, and can see reason where they have not the opportunity." She links her fingers again and rests them under her chin. "Loki, it is for the good of both realms that you find the strength to be a leader to the Jotuns. You may feel yourself a pawn, but consider the sacrifices Odin and I make for our people. True kings do not live a life of leisure, making selfish decrees and seeking the deaths of those who slight them. True kings look beyond their own needs and act on what is best for their people." The All-Mother closes her eyes for a moment. "Even at the cost of those they hold dear." Her gaze finds its way to Loki's once again.

"You have been chosen for an incredible honor. The throne of Asgard cannot compare to the task you are meant to complete. Becoming king of Jotunheim, and bringing peace to two realms that have been at war for centuries?" Frigga shrugs casually, leaning back in her chair. "What could Thor do that would compare?"

Loki nods. "I know what makes a true king. Everything I have done for Asgard has gone unnoticed. I sacrificed my life for it. But, if this is what you believe my path should be, then I will make preparations to travel to Jotunheim. Do you wish for me to assassinate Laufey, then? Or simply wait for him to die of old age? Perhaps I should take the Casket of Ancient Winters with me and restore Jotunheim to its former glory and simply wait for them to melt? Tell me what you want me to do and I will do it at once.""

Frigga shakes her head and once again signals for Loki's silence. "I said that you are not ready, Loki, and your words prove my wisdom. You must first find the strength to unite with your brothers. Only then will you begin to understand what it takes to unite entire realms." She rises from her seat and smooths out the length of her dress. "Thor's first task for you was to retrieve your brothers. Your secondary task is to work with them to protect your home. Show me that you are capable of carrying out this duty, and I will tell you what comes next on your path to Jotunheim's throne."

Loki rises as well and shakes his head. "You are mistaken, mother. I have made every effort to make a connection with them, but they will have nothing to do with me. I led the journey to find Vidar. I traveled myself to speak to Tyr. While I used diplomacy and my mission was a success, they believe themselves to be superior to me. I am nothing but a runt Jotun pretending to be a god to them, but that has not stopped me from doing what was asked of me. Their inability to accept me is what makes remaining here very difficult." He begins to pace and sighs. "I have tried to speak to Thor as equals. He claims to love me but he will not listen to me nor will he acknowledge any of my efforts. When I led the journey with Balder, I felt it to be a good opportunity for us to speak and get to know each other better, but he would not speak a word to me. Vadir would not converse and Tyr wants nothing to do with me and simply insults me at every opportunity. I cannot befriend those who do not wish to be my friend, mother."

Frigga lifts her chin proudly. "And would you have me speak to them on your behalf? You are to old for such tactics, Loki. If what you have tried so far has not succeeded, try a different strategy. I can guide you but I cannot do the work for you." Her eyes narrow, and her gaze threatens to pierce his soul through his returning stare. "Do you not see? One day I will be no more, as will Odin, as will Laufey, and you will have to face the universe with versatility of thought and action. If you cannot do this now, then prepare thy bed in Niffleheim, for that is surely where you will be before the hour of my passing is through." The All-Mother throws aside the length of her dress and turns for the room's entrance with a flourish. As soon as the door is opened, her body disperses in a charm of golden hummingbirds that speed their way through the halls of the palace.

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