2014-02-27 Spicy Foods
Players: Mona, Loki
GMed by {$gm}
Title: Spicy Foods

Try the spicy sausage!, they said. It's so good!, they said. So the youngest son of Odin tried it, and now he is woefully regretting it. His system can handle the food of Asgard, but they don't have such things as jalapenos and habaneros. He comes out of the italian eatery with his hands over his stomach, looking rather green around the gills. "Ugh…death by mortals…how ironic." he moans, leaning against the wall near an alley.

The same food that he's having problems with is why Mona came to Little Italy this day. She's wearing a black hoodie with the words 'Non-Flammable? Challenge Accepted' in white letters, a crop jacket, cargo jeans, and her seemingly ever present combat boots.

Looking up, Loki holds up a hand dramatically. "Don't…do…it…" He says, sliding down the wall until he's flopped over on the sidewalk. "It's…a…trap!" And he lets his extended hand fall down, pretending to be dead until he ends up with a wild case of the hiccups. "*hoop* Faen meg til helvete…"

A roll of Mona's eyes, "whatever you say, Admiral. Now, why are you here without your conscience?" Mona asks as she looks at the overdramatic Aesir

Opening one eye, he says, "What? What conscience? I cannot hear you, I am deceased due to spicy sausage." Loki puts a hand on his middle and sits up, then rises to his feet. "Ugh…my stomach cannot handle Midgardian food. How can you stand it?"

"Your consience. You know, the pretty healer named Lady Eir," Mona says with a small smirk. "Oh you big baby, drink some milk or get some antacids or something."

"Eir is the woman I am courting. What are anta..cids?" Loki asks. "I have attempted to consume Midgardian food before and it always makes my stomach lurch. Eir has classes to teach, and I am searching for something."

"Fine, come with me, we'll get you something to help your stomach," Mona says as she waits for the drama queen to get himself settled, her eyes looking at the nearby shops since she's sure there's a local little pharmacy or grocery in Little Italy somewhere, even if she's never had need of it

Loki starts to follow Mona, then ducks back into the alley, making a terrible heaving sound that shakes the ground. He then comes back out holding his stomach and nods. "I would appreciate that very much." He replies, shuffling after her. "I will repay you of course."

"So you don't like spicy food. Good to know," Mona says with a smirk, spotting a pharmacy and heading toward it, expecting him to follow. "at least you're willing to try new foods. Too many people don't."

"I like it just fine, it just not like ME." He follows her into the pharmacy, looking around and squinting against the bright lights. "This place has a strange odor." He says, looking around and occasionally picking something up to look at. "So many strange and new things around Midgard, there's always something new to see."

"Medicines and all the different things. Not sure how your senses are but these places always stink to me," Mona says, wrinkling her nose up as she glances at the signs, making her way to the right aisle. "you have a preference on flavor? There's assorted fruit, assorted tropical fruit, assorted berries, and peppemint," Mona says, looking at the different packages of the strongest Tums that is there.

"I do like fruit. Berries would be sufficient. My senses are quite sharp. I do not know how they compare to a human's, but since we are exponentially stronger, faster and more durable, I imagine that our senses are stronger as well."

"Berries it is," Mona says, picking up the larger bottle of Tums and carrying it to the counter. After a moment of ringing it up she pays, taking the bottle and opening it, removing the 'freshness' and oter seals before handing it to him. "Take a couple of those, chew, swallow. Should feel better pretty soon."

Loki rattles the bottle a bit, then pops two out into his hand and then into his mouth, savoring the taste for a moment. "Quite interesting…" he says, then takes another one. "Would you like one?" he asks, offering it to Mona and the cashier. "Mm, it is not like tasting the actual berry, but it is a close approximation."

"No, I don't like the things and spicy food doesn't bother me," Mona says with a chuckle. "Always taste like flavored chalk to me."

"Why do you eat chalk?" Loki asks, looking at her oddly. "Mortals are stranger than I thought." He waves his hands and pockets the antacids away in his dimensional storage. "Do you often eat chalk or spicy food?"

"I don't eat chalk," Mona says with exasperation. "It's a way to describe the texture and taste of something. I do eat spicy food a lot, not sure if what I am affects that so it doesn't bother me or I just have a high tolerance from having eaten stuff like it since I was little."

Loki smirks. "Then how do you know what chalk tastes like if you've never eaten it? It's OK to admit to eating chalk! Humans eat stranger things. You probably have a tolerance to it just as I have a tolerance to ale."

"I've never eaten chalk that I know of, but it's just one of those things that you learn. Probably when I was trying to describe some food as a kid my mother or father said 'chalky' as a word to help me describe it and that's what I associate with it," Mona says with a small shrug of her shoulders, heading back toward the place they started since she is hungry and intent on some spicy food.

Loki ahs as he follows along. "I see. I do not recall ever hearing that description from any of my family, erm…the people with whom I live. You want to go in there? Are you certain? I suppose I could always indulge in a glass of water."

"who knows, maybe they have spicy water," Mona deadpans at him, stepping inside and placing an order

"I doubt that, but I suppose it is possible. Humans seem to like to put hot sauce on everything. " He leans his back on the counter as Mona orders, looking around.

"I'm sure someone would do it as a prank," Mona says as she gets a couple of large calzones and a drink for herself. "so what is it that you're looking for?" she asks, heading toward a table

"I cannot say, at least not yet. It isn't that I think you would sabotage it, but there are many others that would, and thus it isn't safe to talk about." He keeps an eye out and follows her to ta table.

A nod from Mona as she picks up a calzone, biting into it to reveal cheese, mushroom, steak, and spices inside of it. "well, not that I think I can be a help, but if I can, let me know," Mona says with a shrug of her right shoulder, waiting to speak till after she finishes the mouthful

Loki takes a sip from the Coke he ordered when noone was looking and nods. "Thank you. It is a matter between Asgardians, but hopefully it will not lead to the destruction of your planet."

"Well, if it might blow our planet, I think it's also between us too," Mona points out

"If it comes to that, I will let you know." Loki says with a roll of his eyes. "I was being facetious, anyway."

"with your lot it wouldn't surprise me if it was something you consider minor that would cause mass destruction here. You're all on a whole other scale than most of us," Mona says with a smirk, finishing one of the calzones

"If that were so, your planet would have been torn to shreds long ago. But yes, we are much more powerful, but not on Midgard. Only Thor is just as powerful due to his birth mother being Gaea."

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