A Sinister Exchange

Recorded: February 28, 2014
Characters: Malekith, Grendall (NPC), Heimdall (NPC)
Location: Asgard - Heimdall's Observatory
Summary: Malekith kidnaps the Sentry of Asgard.

An endless landscape of galaxies spiral about the brass observatory. The grand architect appears to have taken the cosmic cues and reflected the sweeping lines within the circular, dial-like motif plating the walls between the fields of stars while the eternal sentry remains as a breathing centerpiece.

Nothing lasts forever. The serene calm of the area is interrupted as an irregular vortex blinks into life just long enough for two figures to step into the room. The first, lithe and graceful with an eerily silent sound as he steps forward. His body slim, wrapped artfully in the elegant battle raiment of the Svartalfheim nobility. Malekith's pale face is, this day, locked in a dour but otherwise phlegmatic canvas while long, ivory hair is neatly draped past his shoulders.

The second traveler is far more conspicuous. One steel boot thunders into the hall then the other as the behemoth crouches his own path through the vortex. Broad, stout, and towering at wholly thirteen feet off the ground, the second companion is a parody of everything Malekith is not. Save the smoldering, burning eyes there is not a feature on the monster that would distinguish him. Nothing distinguishing except his missing left arm.

A highborn, aversive glare from Malekith firmly locks in place upon Heimdall, as does a single dismissive wave. The brute simply nods and charges at the watcher with a ferocity that shakes the very foundations of the observatory. Probably isn't friendly.

To say that this sudden intrusion is wholly unwelcome would be to know nothing of Asgard's Sentry. He has witnessed countless warriors claiming victory in battle while he keeps his vigilant post. The galaxy of his gaze dims in brief curiosity at Malekith's sudden appearance, then brightens, concealing the smirk that marks his first reaction to the behemoth's charge.

Heimdall keeps his post until the last possible moment, then draws his sword in a single motion that is meant to deflect the brute's initial attack. Not soon after, the Gjallerhorn is drawn to his lips and the alarm is sounded. Though it may take time for the guards to rally, the Guardian of the Bifrost will relish this gifted moment of glory.

The sheer incalculable strength of the strike would be terrifying for most. In terms of raw force, even the mighty God of Thunder would be unable to resist. Steel grinds against brass as Grendell slides to a halt and reverses direction, striking at Heimdall with the back of his fist to try and slam him into the opposite wall.

Malekith is uninterested with the finer details of the brutal spectacle and undertakes with his own task. A burlap pouch at his ornate belt is torn aside, it's bottom tipped up to empty what paltry contents may have been held within. Leaves, twigs, and pieces of bark cascade down. Far more than should fit into a bag little bulkier than the elf's palm. The pile grows until it rises to the hunter's height and tumbles aside significantly wider. A vortex of whirring darkness opens beside him and closes as soon as he steps into it, vanishing from the area.

Though faced with an overpowering foe, Heimdall does not waver in his duty to defend the gates of Asgard. He has sounded the horn and intends to stall the intruders for as long as he can. Unfortunately, that time may be less than he would have it be. Grendell's backhand sends the Sentry flying into the observatory wall and he connects with a muffled crack. He brings his free hand to his left side to steady labored breathing, then points his sword forward, flinging a pillar of blue flames at the charging gargantuan.

Flames sear into the fae armor and give Grendell momentary pause as he hoists his gargantuan arm to shield his face. As the column rushes over and past him, his gleaming eyes narrow when he tries to squint through the inferno to track his quarry.

A low and bestial roar bellows from Grendell as his armor shimmers into a deep orange then blinding white from the intensity of Heimdall's heat. Ignoring the growing pain, the oversized fae stomps one reverberating footstep after the other until he closes the gap enough to bring his elbow sharply down towards Heimdall's head.

From the distant corner of the room yet another vortex swirls into life to spew the writhing, twisted body of a scarlet denizen of Muspelheim. The horned fiend sneers up from the smoke belching portal from whence he arrived, snarling through his jagged tusks until the nimble Malekith silently spills through and buries a jeweled kris into the demon's throat, summoning a froth of black blood from the unfortunate's throat.

Heimdall lifts his sword to strike back at the brute, but a pained breath affects his timing. The elbow strikes him on the crown of his helmet and his head is forced to the observatory floor hard enough to leave a crack where it lands. The galaxy that is reflected in the open space of his helmet grows dim, revealing a bearded chin partially matted with saliva and blood. The Sentry of Asgard makes an unsteady effort to lift himself by both hands, only to end up back on the floor.

"Tis a prudent mind that may reap the reward of a long hunt!" Malekith's lilting voice coos towards Grendell. He twirls past the giant, kicking up a fan of leaves that tumble through the air and scatter across Heimdall. Before they can settle, Grendell grips the sentry and lifts him long enough to crack his form into the ground again.

Malekith clicks his tongue as his pale fingertips dance through the air, goading the autumnal bed blown about the room dancing together then rolling nearer to the elven lord. One of his slim hands stretches towards Heimdall, the other the pile.

The one-armed guardian earns a subtle scowl until he moves aside so that Malekith can link both foliage and Heimdall with a shadowy, amaranthine beam of light.

The magician draws the mirth from his features as he concentrates once more upon the leaves; which, at this point, have begun to climb upon themselves until they have taken a roughly humanoid form mirroring Heimdall.

The spells intensity grows until it terminates in a flash of violet. Malekith waves another dismissive hand towards Heimdall. Grendell is quick to gather the sleeping Asgardian over his shoulder. "Rise and assume your station, Heimdall. Your purpose is now mine; none shall pierce your secrets lest they court madness." He whispers into the doppelganger, locking his eyes with a violet glow as he concludes the touches on the spell. Once the faewyld ebbs from his eyes, Malekith gingerly strolls towards Grendel, prying the helm from Heimdall's head and tossing it towards the changeling. "Wear it well. Now gather your sword and relieve that clumsy demon his head. Ready your finest act." He commands, snapping his fingers to rip Grendell, himself, and their precious cargo back to Svartalfheim with a twinkling wormhole.

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