2014-02-28 Loki to the rescue! And maybe a few others...
Players: Darklight, Loki, Phantasm
GMed by C-c-combo
Title: Loki to the rescue! (And maybe some others)

Ever since the very beginning, Grand Central Station has been one of the busiest of its kind, if not the busiest, in the country. At all hours, there's pedestrian traffic in every direction, to this platform or that. The metallic leviathans hiss onto their tracks, arriving and departing, as voices echo over the whole expanse of the station to inform passengers of these events. A variety of shops line the perimeter.

Loki is lurking around the palace, dressed in his best formal clothes consisting of a thigh length forest green tunic with ornate gold trim around the V neckline, cuffs and hemline, and a pair of black leggings. On his feet are soft shoes crafted from black leather, and his hair is pulled back at the sides and braided, joined at the back to form one long braid the length of the rest of his hair which reaches the middle of his back. He comes downstairs from his chambers, crossing the massive room toward the foyer.

He heads out of the palace and to the stables, taking his white horse from his stall and begins riding along the road leading out of the city. He has a destination in mind, but where he ends up isnt where he was planning. He rides faster and faster, but when he takes a bit of a left, he suddenly finds himself in Grand Central Station, his horse skidding to a halt a mere yard before the edge of the platform. "What the…"

The sudden appearance of the equestrian does not go unnoticed. Even in the hectic life of a New Yorker, the view of a horse barreling toward the tracks isn't common. There is a scream from a rather pudgy woman as she backs up. Her girth not helping as she bumps another person towards the edge of the platform. Good thing for that yellow painted line to indicate to people to stay away from the ledge, otherwise someone might have fa-

Someone did? Well. Crap.

Xian was going to go visit some friends so has made her way to the station. As it is afternoon, she is wearing a hooded cloak as she comes in. Though once inside she reaches up to remove the hood when she hears the scream. There is a flare of violet light from inside the hood as she is startled but it only lasts an instant. She hurries towards the platform to see if she needs to help.

Loki's horse is a bit startled when the woman screams, alerting him to the fact that there's suddenly people around. The horse rears back and throws his rider, who skids across the polished floor into a pillar, dazed. "Ow." Loki moans, climbing to his feet. The Asgardian looks down the dark tunnel and sees a light approaching. There is little to distinguish an Asgardian from a mutant at first glance, so when Loki lifts a hand to slow the approach of the subway so it doesn't kill the person that fell, it might not sit well with the locals.

The poor college student who fell in just lies there, the flight or fight response not quiiiiite working for them as their spirit animal seems more of the deer type. Staring at the oncoming light, it looks like he's nearing the end. OH NO!

Xian doesn't know that the train is being slowed, she just sees the guy not moving. She pulls her cloak tighter glad for the hood as she jumps down onto the tracks going for the guy. "Come on, no sleepin on the tracks." She tries to get him to his feet.

Loki furrows his brow as he concentrates, gritting his teeth as he tries slowing the train more. There is so much force behind it that it's a little difficult without turning the entire thing to scrap. "If you don't mind, would you please HURRY?"

The deer personified looks to Xian, seeming to snap out of it as he gets up and looks to the height from the track to the platform. "It's too high!"

And if the presence of Loki slowing down a train and now two people in the path of the oncoming train wasn't upsetting enough, The third figure that leaps into assistance is likely not a comforting sight. Although the attire is pretty much street, loose fitting pants and a hoodie, the fixed shadow that obscure everything but the glow of red eyes and jagged teeth under the hood. Landing on the tracks, the figure runs over to the pair, reaching clawed nails over to grab the hands of the two, tugging them into a run away from the train. "Don't let go."

Xian blinks, and a violet glow surrounds her cloaked form. It nevers does to be caught by surprise. "I had it under…" she starts and then finds herself in the subway car, hovering above the floor. Who knows what the poor guy they were trying to help thinks.

Loki holds up the other hand to slow the train to a stop, then runs to retrieve and try to calm his horse. He notices that there are people looking at him, which is normally exactly what he wants, but Loki has been feeling rather outcast lately in Asgard, and having eyes on him only fuels his paranoia. "What are you looking at? I recommend you back away immediately!"

The run starts in the air but as they reach the end of the car, the hooded figure pulls them to a stop. He lets go, leaving Deer-boy and Xian to go back to solid form. "Thanks for getting him on his feet." The hooded figure replies, moving towards the door as the train stops, stepping through the door before it has a chance to open. The claws shift to that of regular hands as he walks over to Loki and the horse, giving a wave in greeting. "Thank you for helping save that kid's life." He adds in, making sure that those staring at him can hear that as well.

Darklight has to wait for the door to open but then she floats out trailing violet sparkles in the air. Her hood falls back showing black skin and white hair that seems to glow. She turns glowing white eyes towards Loki and the one that helped on the train. There is still that violet glow about her and it seems to have an effect like a blacklight on anything it touches.

Loki looks around, long hair whipping around his shoulders, then Mike startles him, causing him to lift a hand and telekinetically push him away. Loki might be a bit more worldly than most Asgardians, but there are times where he's still out of his element and afraid. Darklight gets a shove as well, as does anyone within a fifteen foot radius.

Not having a sense of touch can be problematic for a Phantasm. Espeically when important cues such as someone trying to push you away get missed. The figure remains where he stands, despite Loki's attempt to push him. However, seeing the others in the area getting moved back, he eventually does as well. Although it kind of looks like a movie extra missing his cue poorly.

Darklight does move back when pushed but not too far. The fact that she is hovering maybe an explanation. More than likely though the three are probably being given a wide berth now. "Everyone okay?" she asks, but starts to look a bit nervous.

Loki pets the horse's head and looks around. "Sorry. Yes, fine. Who are you? Is the one who fell all right? What is this place? I am Loki, of Asgard…and I'm not entirely certain where I am at the moment…"

"Yeah he's fine. Probably a little scared." Phantasm replies, "But being he would have been a smear on the front of the train had you not slowed the train down enough for his escape, understandable." Once more Phantasm doesn't lower the voice, making it to where those within earshot can understand the basic gist 'Loki helped save one of them.' "You're in Grand Central Station on Midguard. I'm Phantasm annnd that is." He pauses, looking at Darklight, "I don't know who that is, but she helped save his life too so that deserves some kudos from someone." He eyes the quiet crowd with a red glowing eye. Probably not the most reassuring form to be in right now.

Darklight sighs softly, "I am Darklight." she glances around nervously. Maybe she is new about using her abilities. "Thanks by the way. Though might be best to move rather than linger."

"You are mutants?" Loki asks, looking around. "We should leave…how do we exit this room? What sort of names are Phantasm and Darklight? Are those your given names? It is a pleasure to meet you. This of course is my horse. We were riding out of the city and I must have hit a portal."

"I'm just complicated." Phantasm looks to the quiet gathering of people and then over to Loki and Darklight. "Good idea on leaving. I'd offer a shortcut but two people are one thing, but throwing a horse on top of that would be a bit over complicated."

"I don't know where I am to be able to teleport safely." Loki says, rubbing his forehead. "I have a bit of a headache as well. Where do those stairs lead?" He asks, leading the horse toward them. It's probably just a matter of time before the police begin filing in, along with people looking for the dangerous mutants who 'pushed a young man off the platform'.

Darklight looks around and then nods her head a bit, "Yes, and it fits my powers." she says and then floats a bit closer to the two, "Stairs are good, lead out. But then we would be on the streets." she says and looks between the two again.

Phantasm looks to the horse and sighs, "Street, subway, or should I just try the horse thing?"

"What horse thing? I am confused." He looks between the two mutants and sighs. "Perhaps I should just try to teleport back to Asgard. It is quite a risk, but perhaps worth it."

Darklight shakes her head, "I can fly, but no…um teleporting so…um…we should choose shortly, or just go our own ways." she says still nervous.

Phantasm looks to Loki, voice much lower than before, "Dream travel. I can take things with me, but I have to maintain contact with them."

"Then take the girl and the horse and go. I will catch up to you." He offers Phantasm the reins. "If I do not, do not worry about me, I will find my way out of here."

The hooded figure looks to the reigns and takes them, looking to Loki, "Central Park." Leaping up, he mounts the horse quickly, but seemingly not registering any weight to the creature as he offers a hand down to Darklight to pull her up.

Darklight nods and moves to take the hand floating up, the glow around her shifting colors like a blacklight still.

Rider secured, Phantasm looks to Darklight and sets her hand on his hip, "Keep contact with me while we're moving." With a flick of the reigns he starts moving the horse forward, only for it to vanish from sight, riders and all.

Loki frowns and watches as they prepare to leave, backing up until he bumps up against a wall, eyes wide as police come into the subway, weapons drawn. He holds his forearms up, to shield himself from them. "Stay back."

Fadey Mc. Fade Fade…

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