2014-02-28 To The Rescue Of Loki
Players: Loki and Phantasm
GMed by Both
Title: To the Rescue of Loki

Ever since the very beginning, Grand Central Station has been one of the busiest of its kind, if not the busiest, in the country. At all hours, there's pedestrian traffic in every direction, to this platform or that. The metallic leviathans hiss onto their tracks, arriving and departing, as voices echo over the whole expanse of the station to inform passengers of these events. A variety of shops line the perimeter.

Loki knows the police will shoot at him first and ask questions later, so when they come in with weapons drawn, he draws in a sharp breath and backs up until he bumps against a wall, raising his hands to shoulder level. "Hello, this isn't what it looks like," He says with a smile. "If you don't mind, I believe I will take my leave…" He begins to cast a spell, the green magic whirling around him. Not wanting to lose their suspect, one of the younger policemen fires at him, the lower calibre round not doing much damage but surprised him enough to stop his casting and do something unexpected. He shouts a magic word and throws his hands out, knocking everyone in the area to the ground, out cold. Using his telekinetic ability he moves anything not nailed down to create a wall to block the entrance to the street so nobody 'normal' can get through. OK, now it's time to panic.

And with there being some time needed in order to go from one place to another, sadly assistance doesn't show up in time to stop the defensive measure nor in time to stop the blockade. A hooded figure fades into view, but instead of giving the full out menacing look, the glow of the red eyes and jagged teeth betray a bit of surprise upon seeing the mass of people on the ground, "Oh shit."

Loki looks up as Phantasm arrives and swallows the lump in his throat. "What? They were making movements toward me." He rubs his upper left arm where the round punched through the cloth and grazed him, mostly just annoying him. "We should get out of here before they awaken."

Phantasm looks to the hole in the cloth. "Are you okay?" The glance looks to the others, "Are they?"

"I am okay," Loki replies, the term sounding a bit odd coming from him. "They're not dead, simply sleeping. I am not a murderer as the others would have you believe." He approaches Mike, rubbing his arm. "But we should leave before they wake up or they may be a bit upset."

Phantasm nods, reaching a hand over to set upon the shoulder with the uninjured arm, "Good idea." The view of the subway fades away, immersing the two in a different set of scenery. This time, they are standing in an RV with a very 80s style to it that is driving on the interstate.

Loki blinks as he takes a look around the new surroundings, which seem to tilt at a wild angle as he tips over backward, not used to being in a moving vehicle he wasn't controlling. Looking up at Phantasm from the floor, he blinks. "Well, this is different."

Phantasm glances around, nodding, "This is a really tame one." The RV starts to slow as the driver starts to turn his head around to look to the two newcomers. "Th-"

Phantasm extends a thumbs up to the driver, "Thanks for agreeing to take us to Disney World." He points over to Loki, "This guy's never been."

Slowly nodding, the driver turns back and the RV picks up speed again.

Loki gets up, holding on. "What is Disney World and why are we going there? I thought you mortals didn't have space travel capabilities, let alone the ability to travel to another world."

"See?" Phantasm says to the driver, illiciting another wave from the hand, looking back over to Loki, "Disney World is the name of a series of theme parks in another section of Ea- Midgard." His voice lowers, "And I was giving the dreamer an explanation for why we're in his dream and not question it further."

"We are in someone's dream? How is that possible? I did not thing mortals had the capacity for that sort of thing. How did we end up here? I suppose it would not hurt to tell him, he is dreaming so how would he know it is not real?"

The expression of the hooded figure levels out, teeth vanishing as the mouth closes in thought, shaking his head. "Perhaps these are questions to save for when we're not working on our… tactical retreat? Either way. Considering the nature of the dream, it is likely he's on one of the trains that did not get stopped on one of the other lines. If we are still here when this dream cycle dies away, we will either be deposited in another dream, or end up in the subway car. Or, we can still move and ensure some distance from the station."

"Perhaps we should exit this dream, as traveling in this manner with a god of chaos could be, well…unpredictable, don't you think? Can we move away from the station? I would rather catch up to my horse…I am certain he is quite frightened."

"We will work on that." Phantasm allows, the red glow of the eyes fading as he's apparently closing his eyes, "Just need to find the r- This way." With Loki holding on, Phantasm simply steps forward, the scenery around them fading into yet another scene. This time around, they are in a segment of Central Park, of some doing, there is little in terms of people save for the sight of a 40s style dressed man sitting on a park bench with a 40s style dressed woman.

"He will stay where you left him until I return. Hopefully nobody as attempted to steal him. He would of course defend himself and most likely turn the mortal into a smear upon the pavement. We are in the park…it doesn't look quite right. Are we in the right location?"

"Yes and No." Phantasm replies. The surroundings shift, and soon the view of the park shifts slightly in angle. There are people off to the side, playing in the grass, but the park bench only has one person sitting at it. A much older and quite well aged man at that. Well, isn't that a little depressing. "Ok, now we're here. Your horse should be by the pond."

Loki follows Phantasm, but before he does, he walks toward the old man and casts a spell, creating the illusion of a woman about the same age next to him. He backs away and leaves them to talk, jogging after the mutant. The old man might be talking to an illusion, but to him it would be real and he would always have someone to talk to and never be alone.

As Loki turns to follow after Phantasm once more, he does get a glimpse of Phantasm watching him quietly and giving a small nod of acknowledgement before continuing to lead the way to Loki's horse.

Fadey mc fade fade.

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