2014-03-02 Don't Cross The Allfather
Players: Odin, Loki
GMed by N/A
Title: Don't Cross The Allfather

This is after the mortal came to Asgard and Frigga had to tend to the 'guests'. Odin himself however sat in the throne room, Gungnir in hand. Expression is dark and pensive, for the AllFather is far from happy and that is little secret. Might give some insight to the bark that was given at someone running out the door moments before Loki arrives. And yes, he was summoned.

Loki creeps into the throne room, hands folded behind his back, head slightly bowed. He approaches the throne and drops down to one knee, eyes locked on the ground, one arm crossed over his chest. He looks slightly nervous. Hopefully Odin doesn't incinerate him or send him to the dungeon or whipping post. "You sent for me, Allfather?"

"Loki." Odin breathes, but every burn of fury resides in that simple word. That name. He rises from his throne, stepping down a pair of steps. His voice is kept even, but it threatens to lash out at any moment: "How many times must you break my rules? I expressly forbade you from going to Midgard until the culprit has been captured! What foolheaded wit do you possess that you think yourself above my law?!" Though the edge to his voice at the end raises in a harsh biting tone.

Loki doesn't move from his position just yet, but he does flinch slightly as Odin comes down and yells at him. He takes a deep, somewhat shaky breath and replies. "I know, father, but there was na important matter to deal with and I had to travel there to resolve it."

"What important matter was this?" Odin asks with the threatening rumble to his voice, his eye narrowed sharply on the young Prince. He still remains a few steps up from Loki, but the bearing is easily felt.

Loki looks up at him for a moment, then looks back down at the floor. "I was…attempting to stop someone from following a path they should not follow." He's full of poo, but at least he doesn't have to meet Odin's eye. "I believe I have succeeded." The trickster is just barely keeping himself from visibly trembling, though the occasional bit of hair gives him away.

Yup. That'd do it. Odin steps further down the steps, a simple nudge given to Loki to throw him backwards aiming to have the butt of Gungnir against his chest to hold him down. "And yet this task could not wait until the law was lifted? It was so -dire- that you had to defy me?! Lives that are harmed in the makings of your mischief are YOUR responsibility and further, you bring a MORTAL to Asgard?!" His voice booms throughout the throne room as he bears down on the Prince. "How can I expect the people of the realms to mind the law if my own son defies them into discord?" He growls.

Loki finds himself falling back and pinned, looking up at Odin with fear in his eyes. He's read the books on Midgard. Odin has had some nasty things done to him in those. "I-I-I didn't bring the mortal to our realm on purpose, father. She flew away but was above us when Heimdall opened the Bifrost. We kept her here to ensure her safety before returning her. No harm was intended! I did not know she was there!" He tries scooting back, no longer hiding his shaking.

"You tried to HIDE her. I would expect more from you and the Royal Healer. Ever since you began courting her behavior has been beneath her." Odin presses Gungnir firmer against Loki's chest as he leans just slightly to hold that heavy bearing over the Prince. "Your thoughtlessness is what gets you in trouble. You could have reported her immediately. Sent her back to Midgard instead of bringing her -here- to the palace. Mortals do not belong here, they have their own healers in their realm." As Loki scoots back, Gungnir is removed, the end of it striking in a firm sound against the throne room floor.

Loki winces as he's unable to move any further. "I know mortals do not belong here, but would you rather a mortal be brought here accidently and then be sent back in ill health? What if she had died? I was not hiding her per se, I just wanted her to be safe." When Odin lets up a bit, he scuttles back a few feet. "I'm sorry, I thought I was doing the right thing by helping, and by hiding her so it would bring no alarm."

"You thought wrong." Odin barks in answer. "She would have been fine under the care of her own doctors, don't give me that prattle. She would not have been injured in the first place if you would have abided by my order in the first place." His voice levels to an even, chilled steel as he rests the full weight of that blue eye on Loki: "We shall have no further incident. Do you understand?"

Loki looks away, nodding. "Yes, my king." he says very quietly.

"Leave." Odin turns away, stepping to ascend back to his place on the throne giving firm dismissal of the Prince.

Tears stream from Loki's eyes as he gets to his feet, straightening his clothes as he turns around and begins heading out of the throne room, keeping his face turned away from the guards.

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