The Ally of Asgard

Recorded: March 2, 2014
Characters: Beta Ray Bill, Frigga
Location: Grand Throne Room of the All-Father
Summary: Frigga learns a little more about Beta Ray Bill.

Another day in the royal court and it continues to be business as usual. Nobles and countrymen wander into the throne room, state their business, hear the queen's verdict, then move on. Frigga sits regally upon the Grand Throne in a gown of green material, etched with golden patterns of Norse design. The length of her dress, and the opening of her sleeves, all drape neatly against the throne and make her seem like a fixture of the room.

Bill walks in with one of the captains of the guard, his regalia looking eerily like Thor's as he gives a response to the guard, "Now, this is a better patrol method, see that it is done." Despite his monstrous visage, he seems to have the respect of the guard… though the fact that he wields Mjolnir effortlessly is a testament to his character.

Those noblemen and women unfamiliar with Bill are noticeably put off by his approach, though that quickly transitions into surprised whispers when they see what he is wielding. Frigga casts her gaze down at the Korbinite with a calm but curious look. "Beta Ray Bill," she calls with a beckoning gesture. "I have not seen you since the God of Thunder appointed you Guardian of Asgard in his stead."

Bill pauses, not caring what others whisper or say about him. Confident, he walks over towards Frigga, bowing towards her, "Majesty, it is good to see you again." He straightens, "I have been learning much of the strategy and tactics your guards use, and integrating my own knowledge into them."

Frigga nods to Bill from atop the throne and gestures him to stand near the foot of the short stairway that separates the seat from the rest of the room. "To share knowledge is a gift that we must all treasure, for it is only through this sharing that we may all come to a greater understanding." She touches her chin lightly as she regards him. "I see you with my son's weapon held fast to your belt. That alone has earned you entry into Asgard as a true ally, for none can wield Mjolnir who are not worthy of its responsibility. But tell me. How did you come to prove your worth?"

Bill seems to grin at that, "Well, there was a bit of a misunderstanding, so I proved my worthiness when your son threw the hammer at me… and I recovered and picked it up." He chuckles softly, "The power was, incredible, as well as the… the sense, of the hammer itself."

Frigga's eyebrows lift slightly with interest. "So the God of Thunder thought you a villain, but Mjolnir knew better." Her lips spread in a small smile. "Good. I would hate for Thor to make the mistake of depriving the universe of a noble spirit. Whence do you hail? What of your people? Surely there must be an interesting tale behind he who is also fit to wield that weapon."

Bill hmms, "I am the chosen champion of my people. Our home, our galaxy, was burning. Fire demons of parts unknown were laying siege to our worlds." He sighs, "Fortunately, Skuttlebutt has been able to keep them safe, while I have been attending to things that Thor has gifted me with." He looks at Frigga, "My ship and I fought legions of the demons as my people made their escape from our home, and I was gifted with the knowledge of our greatest generals and tacticians."

Frigga nods several times, listening to his story with interest. The nobles are also listening but they are still whispering amongst themselves about this unfamiliar creature in their midst. "Forgive me," the All-Mother asks, "but is, 'Skuttlebutt,' another warrior of your people?" A few chuckles can be heard from their audience, but by her earnest expression, one can tell that Frigga is taking in this information with a respectful seriousness.

Bill seems to grin, "Skuttlebutt, is my battleship. Currently she is crashed in the fields outside the city while her self-repair systems work. She has been my partner in shepherding my people to safety." He doesn't react negatively to the chuckles… possibly he's used to it by now, or else he has a thicker skin.

Frigga sits up and says, "Ah yes, your ship. Should you need the aid of Asgardian's blacksmiths or engineers, know that they are at your disposal." She lifts her chin thoughtfully. "Are your people being kept within the vessel? Do they seek a new land to call their home?"

Bill nods, "We do. They are currently in stasis… safe, within the ship. Or in other ships, I was drawing off the pursuit, though they are not defenseless." He tilts his head, "Your husband, the Allfather, was good enough to provide for her needs."

"Good," Frigga replies. "Though I cannot offer the land of Asgard, I would be honored to help your people find a new land to settle on. We must talk about that at length in the future." She leans forward a little. "For now, I will reaffirm what my husband and son have already made known: You are welcome in this land, Ally of Asgard. Any who say or think otherwise, may have words with me if they should be so bold." Her eyes make the slightest tilt towards the group of nobles that are now standing as quiet as insects on sacred ground.

Bill glances over at the others, then nods, "Most of the people here have been quite courteous, if a bit curious about me." He chuckles, "Your other son, Loki… he had taken the worse of it in the battle that ensued on my arrival. I am saddened that he holds a grudge." His tone grows somber, as he does actually seem regretful of that, as he shrugs, "And the Allfather was speaking with some dwarves, about a relic that could even rival Mjolnir."

"You need not be regretful of your treatment of Loki. Simply seek to make amends. If he does not accept your efforts, then the fault will lie with him and not you." Frigga gestures towards the entrance. "Thank you for indulging an old woman's curiosity, Beta Ray Bill. You may take your leave. There are others in this court who I must hear from before the day is through." As she says this, one of the nobles moves to stand near the foot of the throne with a bundle of scrolls in hand.

Bill blinks, "Old woman? I had no idea that Asgard has such strict standards, my lady." He seems to grin, then bows low towards the Queen, "By your leave, then. And thank you for all your hospitality."

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