The Seeds of Pain Are Planted
Players: Loki,Odin
GMed by N/A
Title: The Seeds of Pain Have Been Planted

Summary: Loki has trouble accepting his fate.

It is evening, twilight breaking over the sky as the fires of brighter colors are soon replaced by darker hues and sparkling stars. While Odin is rare without Gungnir when he is out, now is no different. Having tended to matters of court, he has withdrawn to the balcony off the hallway that houses their royal suites. There is a quiet expression on his features. Lost in thought as he oft has become as of late.

Loki wanders down the long corridors of the palace, making his way toward the chambers of the king and queen. He nods to the guards posted outside and hesitantly lifts a hand, knocking on the ornate golden door. The young prince has felt out of place, unwanted and overall out of sorts, so being summoned to Odin's chambers to talk to him just makes the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. The guards give him an odd look and open the doors, admitting him into the room. When they close behind him with a loud *boom*, he creeps forward and says "You sent for me, my king?" having made a conscious effort to not refer to Frigga and Odin as 'mother' and 'father'.

There is a quiet moment while he listens to the doors open and shut, and for just a beat, he leaves Loki there standing in silence. "Much has happened as of late, Loki." He speaks out into the night, the silent invitation for Loki to join him on the balcony. "And a matter that we must speak upon."

Folding his hands in front of him, he sets his shoulders and proceeds to the balcony, standing beside the Allfather. "Yes, my king." It is all he says, flicking his eyes up to the taller man then out at the city sprawling out beneath the palace.

"I know you take journey to Midgard oft, and these are oft wrought with mischief and discord. With Thor gone, I cannot waste energy to clean the messes you make." Odin is far less than happy with Loki's behavior as of late. It is lucky that Frigga passed judgement on the mortal being in Asgard before he did. His tone is kept even, though the rumble could ignite just as easily. In short, his single blue eye casts on the shorter Prince with a hard look: "Behave yourself. Swear to me this."

Loki looks a little shocked at Odin's words. "I know not of what you speak, my king. I have not caused any mischief lately. If it will make you feel at ease, then I will swear to you that I shall…behave. Is that all you wished to say to me, your highness?" His hands fold behind his back as he looks at the cityscape, intentionally not meeting Odin's gaze for a few moments.

"Lately." Odin turns to face Loki and the frown creases his aging features as his voice hardens. "Do not care to spin your silvered words with me, boy. You swear and I will hold you to it. Break your word and I will see you to the dungeons for your troubles. Do I make myself clear?" Sometimes you must be a harsh father. Sometimes threats are necessary. Though when it comes down to it… the harder edge in his blue eye, he means it. "You are not a child anymore, Loki."

Loki looks down at the floor and nods. "Yes, my king. I will do my best." Looking back up at him, he asks, "You wish for me to be honest with you, King Odin, but would you offer me the same courtesy now even as your proper sons await downstairs?"

"You are my son, as well, Loki." Odin frowns- the continued questioning of his position as a father disheartening at best. "What is it you want to ask of me?" He questions simply.

"I am not your son. You took me from the temple and you raised me to believe that I had a chance at being your heir. What I did not know is that you meant the throne of Jotunheim, not Asgard. Is this what you truly want of me? To be king of the Frost Giants? Your Queen wishes this to become my fate, but I want to hear it from you as well."

"Would you have rather me left you to your fate? You were destined to die there that day. Do you regret me saving your life?" Odin turns more fully to face him, his grip tightening just slight on Gungnir. Though the hard-line there remains as Loki asks that question. "Yes." He answers without pause.

"Sometimes, yes, I regret that you saved me because I know you did not do it out of simple kindness." Loki says, no hint of dishonesty in his eyes as he returns that same firm glare Odin always uses on him. "You wanted me to be honest, did you not? If you wish for me to be Laufey's heir and not yours, then fine."

"You were saved and raised in Asgard, and you are meant to be a King. But a king of Jotunheim." Odin does not shift, nor back from the hard look he exchanges with Loki. "My aim was, and is still is, peace. It has been hard won and maintained- such I look to continue through you. Thor." Raise them as siblings- they have tighter bonds as Kings. If they can get along without killing each other. …. Right?

"And I am supposed to be the god of lies." Loki says with a smirk, shaking his head. "I wish you had told me years ago. What did you hope to accomplish by not telling me anything? You are right, I am not a child anymore. Do you not think I would notice if I turned blue one day that there might be something a bit strange?"

"Everything in good time." Odin states simply, turning back to the railing as he looks over the darkening skies of Asgard. "A lot of things could have gone differently, but that does not change where we are now." His head inclines a fraction as he considers the quiet of the night. "The real question is: With the knowledge you now hold - What will be your path?"

"What other alternative is there? Either I become king or I end up following the path the Midgardians have laid out by going insane and destroying the nine realms after killing Balder." He offers a casual shrug. "So, I suppose I shall become king. Have you further need of me or are we finished?"

There is a small look that he gives aside the shorter Prince, that grim flicker of a frown setting upon his features but for a moment. "Do not rush foolhearty. Laufey still reigns." Though that is the only warning he will give. "Go." The implicit dismissal, his attention returning to the stars beyond in silence.

"Laufey will not live forever." Loki says darkly, then turns on the balls of his feet and strides for the door without another word.

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