2014-03-03 Catching up with Wanda
Players: Wanda, Doctor Strange
GMed by No one
Title: Catching Up with Wanda

Another day goes by for the residents of New York many had an uneventful day, and those that have lived here long enough will consider the lack of entertainment to be a good sign in that nothing bad happened to them specifically. Thanks in part to the watchful eyes of the Sorcerer Supreme, from inside his Greenwich dwelling he's maintained constant vigil over the Earth and it's inhabitants as a whole. Today is also considered a good day, as the wizard didn't have any foes to face down in combat, but that doesn't stop him from keeping his guard up, nor does it dispel the lingering dread he's recently begun to feel. "Wang, I will take a tea break in the study, and could you bring two glasses." Stephens voice more than echoes down the halls, it seems as if everything is a speaker to carry his orders.

Wanda is in said study, of course, working diligently on some basic incantations. She frowns slightly, wearing her actual 'uniform' for a change, the cape flowing out behind her chair as she murmurs a few things, trying to make sure she has everything correct. At the mention of tea, she smiles a bit to herself, but doesn't allow herself to be distracted.

"Wanda, practicing your wards I hope." Stephen asks, making idle chit chat with his student curious of a few things himself. He walks in with his hands behind his back and his piercing grey eyes lock onto Wanda as if he was reading her very thoughts themselves. His boots clap on the exposed hardwood floor for a few steps until he's on the plush rug under Wanda's table and feet, the wizard stepping closer to make room for Wong's question, "Sugar, syrup or any amenities Masters?" To which Stephen turns his head and replies for himself, "How I usually take it will do." before looking at Wanda to let her speak for herself.

Wanda nods, "Of course I was. As you had requested." She glances at Wong with a smile, "Honey, please." She then looks back at Stephen, "Well, I ran a few errands first… met up with Magneto, that sort of thing." She hrms, "I'm thinking Loki is manipulating him… us, really, though it's decidedly hard to tell."

Wong sends up no confirmation as he quickly gets to work with the additions requested by his masters.

Stephen nods with a pleased expression which contorts to curiosity with a raise of one brow. "What leads you to believe Loki's involvement?" The sorcerer asks, taking a seat at the table opposite Wanda, now silently hoping she's not too wrapped up in what she's working on to talk, he has a hunch this Loki thought could be what's been nagging at him.

Wanda hrms, "Well, Magneto would not lie to me… at least, if he would, I know how he would act." She glances at Stephen, "It sounds like that he was trying to break Loki out, because Loki warned him of something dire, sleeping deep in the Earth. The impression I had is that the Asgardians captured him… but Loki is saying he didn't want to go with them. And frankly, if you ask me which one I believe… Magneto or Loki? I'm taking Magneto. And while he can use lethal force, I suspect Loki set him up for it."

That could be a good reason to feel some impending dread. Stephen's eyes widen for a brief instant and then return to his normal state. "Leaves us with two big questions: What's is slumbering in the planet? (How have I not known about this) And what does Loki plan to do with it." There are more questions, but those are the most pressing ones in the Sorcerer's mind. Damn, if only Frigga had stayed a little bit longer, she could possibly answer some questions herself. Stephen looks away from Wanda in thought.

Wong's feet never even made a noise as he was leaving the kitchen a large platter held before him with two steaming cups of tea. He steps to the side of the table and bows presenting the refreshments.

Wanda nods back to Wong, "Thank you." She smiles, then looks over at Stephen, "That was my concern as well. Magneto hadn't talked to me in much detail about it… but I'm just wondering how much truth there is here." She considers, losing the smile as she adopts a more thoughtful pose.

Wong sets the platter down and lifts each cup one at a time with both hands, gently and sets them down before their respective drinker. Stephen's first, as is customary followed by Wanda's. He bows once more before gasping both handles, heaving the tray without a sound and leaves just as quietly as he entered.

"I would like to speak with Magneto or maybe Frigga on these matters and quickly." Stephen says after lifting his steepled fingers to his chin and nose. His eyes snap to Wanda and he speaks once more, "Could you arrange a meeting between the mutant activist and myself?" Choosing to use Wanda and be more diplomatic with the so called terrorist.

Wanda smiles slightly, "Actually, he seemed to indicate that he wished to speak with you as well. I did inform him that I was going to be learning from you." She hmms, "He was acceptable of that, but he wished to talk to you none the less." And probably warn you about being polite to his daughter, but that's neither here nor there.

Stephen's eyebrows both go up this time. "That seems rather odd." The sorcerer can't help but point out, obviously unaware of the connection between the two mutants.

Wanda shrugs a little, "Well, he's a bit protective of me, so I suspect he just wants to get a look at you. It shouldn't be a big deal." She hmms, "I have some suspicions, but… eh, it's probably nothing."

"What might these suspicions be?" Strange asks inquisitively, he too is now curious. He's never heard stories of Magneto being protective of anyone unless it was a mutant so he finds that to be his conclusion, "Probably because you're a mutant, no?"

Wanda hmms, "Not exactly. My brother and I… well, he rescued us, so he feels some extra responsibility there. Just to make sure that everything is fine."

"So it's a more paternal care. I understand." Stephen says leaning back into his chair finally and asking, "Do you think any Asguardians would or could assist us in answering these questions?" He's not sure himself so he asks the question aloud.

Wanda considers, "Perhaps. Maybe Frigga could help us with that? Thor might… well, I don't trust his temper, and I don't trust Loki period. But she seemed sensible enough."

"I was thinking the same things. You are a very astute pupil." Stephen compliments before standing up out of his chair and the tea lifts even with his chest seemingly attached to the wizard with a blueish energy. "Continue your lessons. If you need, Wong will be able to assist you. I must step out."

Wanda blinks, "Something I can help with, or…?" She pauses, setting her cup down as she looks a bit surprised at the sudden departure.

Stephen's walk pauses and he turns so she can see his face in profile, "Wanda." He says her name as a warning, that she ought to not be questioning him or his orders. At least not this soon in her training. "Resume your studies." Comes off a bit more firm that it did a moment ago.

Wanda blinks, "Oh… kay then. Don't need my help. Got it." She shakes her head a bit, apparently used to that tone from Magneto too as she cradles her tea in her hands, going back to her studies.

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