Trouble in Town

Recorded: March 3, 2014
Characters: Gramma Jody (NPC), Jerry (NPC), Lena (NPC), Thor
Location: Middle of Nowhere, California
Summary: Thor has an encounter with these oddly strong biker women.

After a hard morning's work and a full meal, Gramma Jody has errands to run in town. Normally she wouldn't allow Jerry to ride in the back of her beatup pick-up truck, but she feels much more comfortable having their recent guest where she can keep an eye on him. The car moves down an old, paved road past farms and ranches with a similar makeshift setup. It's obvious that this land must have been doled out to sharecroppers at one point. "So you say you lookin' for work, Thor? Lookin' to start a new life? What you done done to bring you all the way out this way?"

The wind whips Thor's long hair into a small frenzy as he watches everything rolling by with more than a passing curiosity. "I am the first in my family to live in America." Thor replies, reaching up to slip several insubordinate tufts of hair behind his ear. "I have high hopes of learning from the good American people; when I return it will be as a wiser man." A glance passes towards Gramma Jody, concerned and genuine. "Young Jerry can take my seat if it pleases you. I feel as if I have imposed upon the boy."

"He'll survive. He's keepin' Ol' Bob company." In the back of the truck, Jerry is chuckling to himself as he pats their old bloodhound on the rump. The dog has traveled in the back for years but still wanders around checking the sights and smells as they pass by.

Dusty buildings begin to occupy a single strip of road much like one would expect in an old western settlement. A few more buildings have been added down side roads but it's clear from their design and aging paint jobs that this town hasn't been expanded for a long time. It's a neighborly settlement, where everyone knows each other, and though people wave and call to Gramma Jody as she drives past, they cast a curious gaze at her passenger, nodding politely while letting their eyes linger in suspicion. The old woman doesn't seem to be paying attention to it, but comments all the same. "People here're gonna ask you questions. Just say I hired you to help out an' move on. We could sure use the help, since Jerry's pa ain't here no more." The truck pulls up in front of a feed and supply store, and everyone instinctively exits the vehicle.

Suspicious nods are met with a stern greeting from Thor. "I will not soon forget your generosity. I assist you in any way I can." He replies, firmly slamming the door. His pace increases so that he may skirt past the truck and hold the door for both Jody and Jerry.

Jerry looks up at Thor with pure fascination for his height alone, nearly falling over as he leans his head back while he walks past. Gramma Jody gives him a gentle but firm shove to keep the party moving. "Thank you," she begins to say on her way in, but stops dead in her tracks at the sound of engines revving in the distance. It's an all too familiar and unwelcome noise to the old woman, and she casts a disapproving glare over her shoulder at the source.

A trio of female bikers cruise down the main street, each one riding a Harley Davidson Superlow. They each wear leather jackets but the outfits underneath differ greatly: One in leather pants, one in jeans, and another daring to wear jean shorts that leave little to the imagination. The slow-ride past the feed store and make as much noise as possible, both by revving their engines and whooping out loud. The noise barely recedes once they reach their destination: A bar across the street, two buildings down. The women linger outside the bar and perch casually on their bikes, eyeing the men that wander by and making uncomfortable cat calls.

At first, there is little reason Thor has to actually dislike the women. Their loud, crass behavior is a token reminder of his friends in Asgard. The reactions of the kindly townfolk bring a frown to his heavy jaw. "Why do they act so disrespectfully?"

"They ain't up to no good," Gramma Jody mumbles gruffly and herds Jerry into the store. "The ain't been up to no good since they got here. Ridin' 'round, makin' noise an' pickin' on the ranch hands. You keep away from them, you hear me? You just started here, an' we don't need you turnin' up missin', too."

The biker chicks show no shame as the pose crudely on the backs of their bikes, calling lines to the men to try and coax them over. The older townsmen who seem to know better walk wide circles around their challenge, and some of the young bucks who are still figuring themselves out inch uncomfortably away from them. Eventually, one of the young bar workers comes out to check on the commotion and ends up right where they want him. The woman in the jean shorts pushes him up against the wall of the building and seems to easily keep him there just by leaning her forearm casually into his chest. Her two companions keep a small distance but voice their approval as she runs a finger along his jawline, studying his face with a coy smirk.

"I ask your forgiveness, Gramma Jody, but such lawlessness cannot be tolerated." Thor growls low and dangerously. He carefully shoulders a path back out and approaches the terrible trio, studying each one carefully. "What reward is their to be had in pestering a peaceful town?" He calls, kicking a trail of dust as he lumbers across the street towards the pinned worker. How are mere women holding back a man?

All three women turn to look at Thor. While the one in the short-shorts keeps her prey pinned, the one in leather pants strides forward to meet the Asgardian's approach. She runs both hands through her wild head of auburn hair to give it a temporary tease, then spreads her full lips into a grin. "Haven't seen you around town yet, sugar. New here?" She runs a hand along the cleavage exposed by her V-neck tank top, lightly brushing a crystal dangling from her neck by a silver chain. The crystal is shaped like two oblong pentagons pressing against each other and a link in the chain is firmly wrapped around its middle. The biker closest to her has a matching necklace and although the third has her back to the going's on, chances are she also wears one.

If only that unique and iconic pendant were known to the Lord of Thunder. Alas, it is not, and poor Thor may be in over his head. "That young man appears to be at a loss for words. I can assure you he would like to depart." He calmly informs, directing his attention to the scantily wrapped woman who approaches. "I apologize for the harshness of my words, but I think it best if the three of you quietly left."

Leather creaks on the red-head's jacket as she reaches out to lay a hand on Thor's shoulder. Though her hands are as soft as they look, her grip is surprisingly firm, able to keep a mortal man in place without trouble. "What's your hurry, sugar? I'm just gettin' to know you." She reaches up with her other hand to try and stroke his chin. "The name's Lena. What's yours?"

The other two women finish prodding the young barhand and shove him back towards the building entrance. They turn and step forward to flank Lena with eager eyes fixed on their new plaything.

That is not good. Bright blue eyes follow the woman's arm to his shoulder and study that hand dubiously. "Lena. You are more than you appear. As are the maidens who accompany you." Thor remarks more for his own benefit than the woman. "I am…" He begins, taking pause as he considers an appropriate answer. "…nothing more than a field hand. What are your intentions?"

"My intentions? Well aren't you a sweet boy." She purses her lips and looks over his face, paying special attention to the strength his jaw line displays. "Mmm, I like 'em sweet."

"Y'all best not be tryin' to pluck no fruit today," comes the voice of Gramma Jody, who calls across the street from the feed store's doorway. "Get here, Odinson! We got feed to haul." The biker chicks match eyes with the old woman, but a growing crowd of onlookers snaps them back to the reality of their situation. Lena slides her hand from Thor's chest, purposefully gliding it along the shape of his pectoral, then backs up with her girls. "Come by the bar sometime, sugar. We could use a new dance partner."

Thor's eyes do not waver, nor does his resolve. He stands in place and observes their withdrawal suspiciously. "I apologize, Gramma Jody. I was engaged." He barks over his shoulder, turning and hustling towards Jody's side. One bag is grabbed and, considering their weight, he casually tosses a few over each shoulder. A few eyes may turn at the weight, but he should likely just be considered an incredibly strong man. Jerry gets a friendly wink when Thor rotates to head back to the truck. "Truly a wonder that you need me at all. Give him a couple months and Jerry will put me to shame."

The old woman watches Thor with her arms crossed, giving him no signs of approval even though he hauls the bags expertly. "Don't you be messin' with them girls, boy. They ain't normal." She hauls one bag with Jerry's help, and the boy puts even more effort into his share of the load when he sees how easily Thor hefts two bags into the truck. The boy and his dog end up seated on the whole load of feed once the supplies are piled into the truck, and Gramma Jody pulls off with only a passing glance to the women who continue to tease the local ranch hands.

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