The Morning Routine

Recorded: March 4, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Odin
Location: Asgard Palace - Frigga and Odin's Chambers
Summary: The king and queen begin their day with discussion of Asgard's many weak points. And Loki.

Morning dawns on another day in Asgard and just as days before, the king and queen must prepare to make themselves available to their subjects. Frigga stands in an open space with her arms spread wide, waiting patiently while two of her maidens finish smoothing out the fabric of the teal-colored gown that drapes her form so neatly. Her hair is braided down today in a single cord that trails along the small of her back. The All-Mother of Asgard seems lost in thought while she allows herself to be dressed, though occasionally she breaks her stare from the nearby wall to smile and respond to her maiden's comments.

While she was getting ready- Odin is far faster in his own measures. Armor donned, though Gungnir and helm is left behind for the time being. However while waiting for Frigga to be finished, the All-Father had taken to the balcony to watch Asgard awaken as he has done so many mornings before. A small solace. Turning back to the room, he darkens the arch that leads into the main room where he takes to watching his wife for a moment instead. That look, however.. "What weighs on your mind this morning, my queen?"

Frigga chuckles along with her maidens, then looks to Odin as he speaks. "The state of our people as always, my king." She waits while the maidens fix jeweled bracers to the ends of her sleeves, then waves them away. As they drift away, she takes a golden choker from one and turns her back to her husband. The jeweled neckpiece is held against her throat as she awaits his assistance. "There is another matter that I did not bring to your attention before. All matters these days seem to wind their way back to our Jotun son and I did not wish to crease your brow further with that fact."

A brief glance is given to the chuckling maidens, and once they are gone, he gives a small shake of his head. Odin steps behind his wife, hands lifting to fasten the clasp for the choker with a practiced hand. "Such is not heralded news—Loki is oft a boy of mischief. What has he done now?"

Frigga smirks and elicits a quiet huff. "The list seems endless, does it not? Actually, this matter begins with him and ends with concern for our people." Once the choker is fastened, she steps to a nearby display cabinet to retrieve a golden circlet. "Loki has announced that there are several rifts within Asgard that allow access to other realms. He has revealed some, claiming that to be all, but knowing our child I am more than confident that he does not reveal the total list."

Only when she goes to collects hers, does Odin step to a separate cabinet by his own wardrobe. Drawing the circlet from its rest of the plush pillow, he rests it on his head as he listens. And the more he listens, the more he frowns. "He often says he tries to do best and right by Asgard, and by us, and yet he continues to disappoint. Does he realize the potential danger these rifts could impose? We need the full lot so they may be closed." Or at the very least, better guarded.

Frigga dips her head in agreement, fixing the golden circlet to the crown of her head. "It took a stern voice to urge his reveal. I have already sought and sealed one that was within his very chambers. How he could allow such a risk to exist within our palace walls is beyond selfish." Her brows lift casually. "He also claims that they are but from Asgard to other realms, but I do not trust his word in that. Not to mention, how many Asgardians may unwittingly stumble upon these rifts and end up in parts unknown. How many maidens might we have already lost just in the caretaking of his quarters? It has been ages since I have seen Bothildr. If she has stumbled to Midgard on Loki's carelessness, he will have more than strong words from me, on that you may mark."

"He bides for attention." Odin scoffs, the full weight of the frown hanging on his features. "See to how many can be sealed and which must be guarded. Those that need guarding will have to be done so subtly. These are not things we want attention drawn." His blue eye shifts to Frigga, his frown fading an edge. "I pray you to talk sense into Loki about this." Though it is with that clear tone of: If he crosses my path first, he may not survive the encounter.

Frigga knows the look and matching tone well. It has often been her signal to ease herself between her sons' foolishness and her husband's wrath. "I will urge him again, and if he does not comply, I will seek them out myself. In truth, I believe it is time that we send the sorceresses across the realm to test our unseen barriers for signs of weakness, wherever they may be." Her brow falls heavy, displaying the earnest concern etched into her age lines. "Fafnir was all too subtle about his breach of Asgardian territory. One can only wonder how many others might be so bold."

"If he does not comply, needs to be more than a slap on the wrist or grounding to his room. He puts the very fabric of our safety and defense on his notion of his own personal theatre. I will have none of it." That frown creases his features again, "If he does not comply, put him in the dungeons for a time. Might do him some good to realize where he could very well spend the rest of his days if his foolishness concedes to treason." The reminder of Fafnir deepens that frown. "We shall be vigilant." Though the sour edge to his tone shows just how furious he was at the breach.

Frigga's brow softens as her husband's becomes more strained. "I am glad to hear you say those words, for it has been a thought of mine for some time." She paces towards the balcony, rubbing her hands together thoughtfully. "If you will recall, I sent our son to a trial down on Midgard. To live as the mortals do. Although he met the conditions of his curse and returned to us, I fear that he has lost the lesson he was meant to learn." The All-Mother turns to her husband. "I have thought long and hard about this, my king, and as his mother it pains me to consider this option. Should Loki fail in his duties to Asgard in the future, I would strip him of his godhood once more and leave him to contemplate his actions in the depths of our dungeon."

As she moves, Odin watches her, and only a few heartbeats later does he follow. He is not a benevolent father and has always had a harsh hand. Especially when disobeyed. Unfortunately, that is the hand that Loki has seen all too often. Coming to stand next to his wife, his hands fall upon the banister of the balcony, his attention sweeping the waking horizon of Asgard. "There are times that I feel any lesson is lost on that boy except his own self-web that he lives in. He conquers trials as challenges with the lessons ignored. He has his own twisted worth of virtue and sees things as he wishes." He shakes his head, straightening and turning to her, lifting a hand to rest on her shoulder. "He will learn, or he will not." Though the implications of the 'if not' are heavy. And it doesn't seem like the Royal Healer's good influence is bearing any stray against his mischief.

Frigga instinctively brings her hands to rest on her husband's. She nods firmly to words, squeezing his fingers for comfort. Then, she breathes a sigh that sets her posture to rights. Her chin lifts proudly, and her eyes set in a gaze of regal scrutiny. "The day beckons. Let us see to the needs of others." The All-Mother turns for the room's entrance with a confident stride. Maidens and guards are already waiting in the hallway to escort the royal couple to their various duties.

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