2014-03-06 Cocoa Laced Conversations
Players: Nightcrawler, Phantasm, Squirrel Girl
GMed by NA
Title: Cocoa Laced Conversations


A small coffee and malt shop students from Empire State University would regularly frequent. It is a typical coffee house.

BRR! What a chilly day out! And with such a chill, The Coffee Bean is all the more welcoming! With it not quite being a peak time for service, the seats are plentifule and there is little battling over good spots. This is quite welcoming for one Mike Hannigan as he sips upon his drink. With his attire all dressed down to the goodwill threads and the knit cap covering up his hair, he is providing sufficient visual contrast to the stage persona that got caught up in some excitment just a few days earlier.

Ah quiet. Sweet, blissful quiet. Just him, his cocoa, and a good library book.

Doreen certainly doesn't need caffeine. She is more than hyper enough on her own. She loves a good hot chocolate, though, so she slips through the door, long coat making her look much more bulky than she is due to her tail, and takes a seat at the counter. Ordering a nice big hot chocolate, her eyes light up and she wraps her hands around the tall glass. "Oooooh it looks so goood!" she grins, spinning around on her stool, waving to Mike enthusiastically on her way around. "Hi!!"

As the familiar figure from the club comes in with her still big coat, Mike's head does indeed turn to look to the bucktoothed heroine. A finger slips between the pages, marking the page he was on as the back of the book swings it shut. Right hand no longer performing the duty of holding it back. He gives a tilt of the head in greeting. "Hi." He pauses, "…Doreen?"

Pushing herself around to face him, he grins as she grips her cocoa cup in her hands. "Yep! And you were…Nick! What a crazy night, huh? I didn't know you hung out in places like this! It's nice and warm in here and the hot chocolate is so good! Back in LA it wasn't quite as good because it doesn't get very cold there. I'm not quite used to it yet, but it's so cool to see snow!"

"Places like this?" Mike repeats, giving a bit of a questioning glance around. "What places did y-" He pauses, shaking his head, looking to the girl once more, "So, you're from California?"

"Yeah, I'm from LA. My mom and I moved here a few weeks ago so I could go to school at this really cool place I read about. I have to talk to someone there but I've been doing online classes until then! It's so awesome that they have that now!"

"Ah." He looks down to the book and slides the finger out, effectively killing the possibility of him sneaking a peek at it anytime soon, "What are you going to study?"

The door opens to admit a man dressed in a long coat with features resembling the actor Errol Flynn. Just different enough to be less conspicuous. He seems to have a great poise, like a dancer or something, and there's a smile on his face. A chilly day, business in the area, and he's drawn to this gathering place. Taking a deep breath, he stretches his arms up and then lets them fall to his sides.

"I'm not sure what I'll study specifically, but I'm still in high school. Or rather I will be! It'll be fun! What do you study? Is that what you were doing before I interrupted you? I'm sorry! I don't have friends here yet, so I guess I get a little excited." She waves to the stranger coming in. "Hi! Come in and join us!"

Mike arches a brow at that, "Really? Huh." He sets the book face down, hiding the cover from prying eyes. "I'm out of school so I study whatever I want." Eyes shift over to the newcomer as Doreen waves over the newcomer, giving a nod of greeting.

Kurt pauses for a moment and looks over to the two, raising a finger to point at himself in a sort of unspoken question. Not that he could be heard without raising his voice a bit louder than he wanted, anyway. But once he's sure he's the one invited, he tentatively starts in that direction. "Well hello! Do you often invite strangers to your table?" Such a cheerful tone.

"Why not? How are ya going to make friends if you don't talk to strangers? Of course my mom would probably disapprove since you know how moms are, always saying don't talk to strangers! but everyone is a stranger before they meet, right? I'm Doreen Green and this is Nick! See? Now we aren't strangers!" Can you imagine this girl if she drank an espresso? Squirrels on coffee…dear lord.

"I think it's confirmed that she does," Mike comments, tilting a head towards Doreen, "Me, not so much. My line of work, strangers just attempt to come over to mine to start with." He offers over a hand, "I'm actually off the clock so it's Mike instead."

"I am Kurt," the man introduces himself, giving Mike's hand a careful squeeze and then offering his hand to Doreen. "Your logic is impeccable! And I agree…people should talk more and understand each other more…it would solve so many of the problems we face in this modern world."

Doreen shakes hands with Kurt and grins, exposing her buck teeth. "I knooooow! It's such a shame. People should be nice to each other, especially the mutants! People are so mean to them! It makes me sad. Is it even safe for mutants to tell people that they're mutants?"

Mike returns the squeeze of the hand, the lotion treated calouses upon the palm and fingertips causing for an odd terrain of contact. Handshake finished, he looks over to Doreen, "I'd think it'd depend on the context you said it on whether it would be safe. For instance, did you know that just blue eyes are a long ago genetic mutation?" He blinks drawing attention to his pale blues as he casts a smile before looking around, "Hmm, that one seems socially acceptable."

Once introduced to the others, Kurt takes his hand back. He can't help but smile a little more when Doreen smiles, but the expression fades slightly with the topic. "Unfortunately…it seems to be a little unsafe, these days. I still try to believe the best of people. Would you mind if I joined you with the cocoa? It smells so tempting…"

"So is red hair! And people who have two different colored eyes! Herterochromania or something like that! Sure! Have a hot chocolate on me! Waiter! One hot chocolate por favor!" She giggles and spins around on her stool again. "This place is great!"

"I believe that's not only a 'yes' but a 'hell yes' for her." Mike murmurs, lifting up his own cup in a mock toast to the others, "Hell, even if you don't say the word people will just assume it if you're too different for their tastes."

Kurt shakes his head, but he doesn't turn away the cocoa. He only smiles and seats himself very politely. "Danke. It is my first time here, but I like it too. It seems a nice place to curl up and shut out the rest of the world and its madness."

"There certainly is a lot of madness! It seems to be a lot less crazy in here, though. Maybe its the biscotti! Biscotti can sooth the savage beast! So do you guys know any mutants? Are there lots around here?"

"Personally?" Mike asks, "If I do they're keeping to themselves. Interacted with a known one, once in awhile but more in passing…" He pauses, "And a few who weren't who just got mistaken for it. Paranoia does a lot of weird things to people's thought processes."

"Well…" Kurt trails off as his drink arrives, and he offers a typically charming smile to the person bringing it before turning back to the people at his table. "I work with a school that prides itself in diversity. In fact, if you ever find yourself needing to discuss mutants, you'll find Herr Professor Xavier one of the world's foremost authorities on the topic."

"That's the place I wanted to go!" Doreen squeaks happily. "What a crazy coincidence! I'll have to get the phone number and make an appointment with the Prof! It's a boarding school, right? I could deal with that! I'm sure mom will be happy. How awesome!"

Mike glances between the two, listening to the exchange. "How fortunate you offered to get his cocoa before you found out who he was."

Kurt laughs a little louder at Mike's comment. "Ja, well, I have a card for the school. If you would like, you are welcome to come for a tour, your mother as well. You'll find it is the best school in the area. One of the best in the country, if not the world." He sets his cocoa down before even getting the chance to have a drink, reaching into his inside jacket pocket and producing a crisp card with the school's name and number. "If you would like, you can say you met me. Just tell them you spoke to Kurt Wagner."

"I would have offered anyway! It's not expensive, thankfully!" Doreen takes the card with a gloved hand and grins. "Oh man, thank you so much! It's a pleasure to meet you Kurt Wagner! I'm Doreen Green! I know it rhymes!"

"It's not wh-" Mike pauses, opting not to follow up on the explanation. He turns to his book, flipping it back over to look to the cover before starting to open it once more, leaving the two to talk school business.

"That makes it easy to remember!" Kurt notes cheerfully, picking up his cocoa once his hand is free and bringing it to his lips. He sips and closes his eyes, with a rumble in his throat of pure pleasure. "Ah, fraulein — you have paid me a great favor. I have not had cocoa this good for years!" But he can't overlook Mike, and he turns back to the man with that same satisfied smile. "I am so sorry, mein freund. I am talking shop, so to speak. Tell me more about yourself."

The book starts to close, "Well, I'm a performer. He starts to give more detail to his projects but thinks better of it, Music and acting." He looks over to Kurt, "German?"

Kurt nods, tapping his finger to his chin. "Is it that noticeable?" Of course it is, both in his accent and peppering of his speech with little German here and there. "Ah, a performer! What sort? I used to perform myself!"

"It shows, just a little." Mike replies, giving a slight nod before leveling off. "Rock/Metal music and whatever comes my way acting wise. Mostly TV stuff but I did get to be in an independent film that was released last year…" He pauses, "Not really blockbuster film stuff."

Kurt laughs softly at Mike's response, showing that perhaps it was just a little bit of a joke and surely he must be at least a little bit aware of it. "Ah! That's very exciting! I love independent films…it seems they're the greatest hope for the future of variety in film, don't you think so?"

Mike considers the comment before giving a bit of a nod, "It would seem like it, yes. Hell, I'm sure it helped me get cast in the one for this year." He leans forward, resting his arms on the counter, "So, movie nut?"

Kurt eagerly nods to that. "Oh ja! But I'm afraid most of my knowledge is outdated. Captain Blood, that's the adventure for me!" Happily, he takes another sip of his drink. "Swashbuckling, adventure, excitement on the high seas!"

"Oh yeah, you probably haven't seen anything I've been in then." Mike deduces, giving a bit of a smile, "And you're likely out on the music side of things. Although, Germany is pretty metal…"

"If you'll give me the title, I'll be sure to find it and watch it!" Kurt offers, lowering the cup to the surface with a soft click of glass on wood. "I enjoy a variety of music…I like best the kind of music where the feelings of the artist can be experienced and felt, even if it may be difficult music to understand."

"The independent film is 'Life Bites!'" Mike gives, "The band was Greysong, and my stage name is Nick Drago." He sets his hand to the side of the cup. "Metal is a very wide genre which encompasses a lot of varying styles. Unfortunately a lot of people who say they hate it base their decision on the whole genre by listening to a tiny segment of a song that could never be considered representative of the whole genre."

Kurt laughs suddenly at the title of the film, covering his mouth with his hand shortly after. "Ah, that's such a funny title! I mean, it's very different. I like it!" He wraps his hands around the cup and slowly lifts it again. "That is unfortunately too common. People judge something by stereotyping, even if it may be inaccurate. It is a pity."

"Title makes a lot of sense when you watch the film." Mike adds, looking over to Kurt, "Although, some stereotypes actually do help. For instance, I tend to stereotype people who knock out bouncers and decide to follow up that action by calling an entire club to attention, I tend to think they're assholes."

"I don't really know the situation you mean, but…it certainly can be." Kurt tips the cup and drinks a little more, breathing in the aroma near his nose. This was a good idea. A good stop, random though it may have been! "I look forward to seeing your film! It's very exciting to me."

"Well, I hope you enjoy it." Mike replies, shifting as a buzzing sound emits from his pocket, shifting a hand into his pocket to tug it out slightly, he presses a few butons before sliding it back in, "And, this is my cue to pay up and get on out of here."

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