Exiled by the All-Father

Recorded: March 6, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Loki, Odin, Tyr (NPC)
Location: Asgard Palace - Sitting Room
Summary: Odin has had all he can stand of Loki's reckless behavior.

The All-Mother of Asgard has been noticeably restless since the unexpected visit from Stephen Strange. While the rest of their party have wandered off to other parts of the palace, she made her way to the sitting room and signaled for Odin to join her as soon as possible. Her gown sweeps the floor as she paces in front of a wide fireplace.

When summoned, it doesn't take long for Odin to darken the doorway of the sitting room. A measure of concern is on his features as he steps within. "What is it, my queen?" She is the only one he would answer so swiftly.

Frigga turns to regard him. "The notion of Surtur's awakening is troublesome, but even moreso are words not said by the Sorcerer Supreme." She approaches the All-Father with a swift stride. "He confided in me by thought, my king. Loki is the one who put the name of Surtur in the minds of mortals. He spoke of the demon to the mutant band that invaded our realm."

Odin remains where he is as he listens, though the more Frigga speaks, the darker his expression grows. "Loki?" He breaths. Or hisses? That fire grows in his eye of anger. "Summon him." This begs to be taken care of, right this instant.

"This is exactly as I have feared," Frigga adds as she steps away from Odin. She exhales over her palm and a hummingbird of golden energy manifests, taking flight out the nearest window. Wherever Loki is, the bird will find him and impress upon him the urgency of meeting with Frigga in the Sitting Room of the Asgard Palace. "Should Loki feel so free of tongue to share the secrets of Asgard with the mortals, there will be nothing left in our realm that is sacred. He will bring their ruin," she states and resumes her pacing.

Loki arrives with a poof of green magic, brow furrowed. "You sent for me? What is it? Has something happened?" He looks around the room, frowning. "Mother, are you all right?" Screw Odin, he's more concerned for Frigga.

"Or ours." Odin rumbles in a low tone and awaits Loki's arrival. As soon as he appears, the All-Father turns to face him, a single step taken in his direction. "You have a lot to answer for, Loki." And by tone, Odin is furious.

Frigga stops her pacing and turns to look at Loki. With Odin making his furious approach, the queen can only stay behind him and cast a look of concern in her adopted son's direction.

Looking around, Loki frowns. "I am afraid you have me at a disadvantage, father. I am unaware what you are referring to, or why you are so angry." As Odin takes a step forward, he takes a step backward.

"It has come to my attention that the reason the mortals are even aware of Surtur is because you told them!" Odin growls. "Do you have any idea what you have done?!"

Frigga holds up her hands and asks, "Why do you seek to tell them anything about us, my son? It is no longer their place to know the will and way of the gods." She shakes her head sadly, keeping her distance from the the king and prince.

"It is written in their books! They believe it to be a work of fiction." He takes another step back. "I told Magneto as a way of telling him that there were bigger and more evil things to worry about than those who seek to harm mutants. I did not think it would be a problem!" He looks to Frigga and her sad expression, then looks to Odin's furious face. "He wanted to kill people. I thought that if I told him I was the one to free Surtur from the center of Midgard that he would find me fearsome. There is no way they can free him, so it did not seem to be anything of concern." He looks up at Odin, then down at the floor. "Do with me as you will."

"Books are fairytales and fiction to them, they know no better!" Odin stalks closer to Loki, his large hand reaching to grab the smaller boy by the throat. "Our secrets are meant to remain as secrets. The fury and danger of the Surtur is beyond anything you can handle, nor anyone on Midgard. Do you realize what we went through just to imprison him? And you thrust him in the palms of children!"

Frigga shakes her head sadly at the sight of Loki's impending punishment. "He will not learn from this, if he has not learned before," she states in a tone welling with disappointment. Her eyes remain fixed on the Trickster God as she asks, "Is this the reason why that mortal band came for you? Killed our brothers? Left our daughters fatherless?"

"I did no such thing," Loki chokes, letting Odin seize him. "They wrote all sorts of things about us. They wrote that I was the mother of Sleipnir, and the father of Jormungandr and Fenrir. I cannot free Surtur, nor do I wish to try." He turns his eyes to Frigga and tries to shake his head, failing. "No," he croaks. "They were ignorant of our ways and felt I was being treated unfairly."

"The fact is not for you to free him, but you have given this information into the hands of mortals! The reason they now worry and look into such legends is because you planted the seed." Odin hisses. "If you so much as breathe another secret to the Midgardians it will be the last breath you draw! I will NOT tolerate treason amongst our ranks especially not amongst my own sons!" Though the threat in his voice and tone booms through the sitting room. Likely heard by those out in the hall or adjacent rooms.

Frigga clutches her hands together in front of her and continues to cast her look of worry in Loki's direction. "Swear that you will tell them no more of our ways, Loki. It is for their good as well as ours."

"Treason?? No! I would never…" He tries to pry Odin's large hand from his throat with both of his, though not putting much strength into it. "I swear to you, mother." Fuck Odin, he'll swear it to Frigga.

"Betraying my decree of sharing our secrets is treason, Loki. Defy me and it will be your last." Odin is furious and he doesn't set Loki down gently. He shoves him backwards when he releases the boy's throat.

Frigga touches a hand to her own forehead and sighs away her exasperation. She offers Loki another sad-eyed look before moving closer to Odin. Her hands reach for his shoulders with a light touch intent on calming his wrath, and she fixes her son with brief glance that suggests he should make haste in his departure.

"How many 'final chances' lay crumpled beneath his heel?" Tyr poses, confidently emerging from the nearby shadowed corridor and pressing his back against the rough wall. Rage has darkened his brow into heavy lines; his bushy mustache seems to blend into that critical scowl. "Beg pardon for my impertinence, but I can sit idle no longer."

Loki flails his arms but finds himself crashing onto his back on the ground. Wincing, he looks up, rubbing his throat. "I know I've done wrong both intentionally and unintentionally," He says a little raspily as he gets to his feet. "Though I intended no harm, I have erred and deserve every bit of your rage and punishment. I will accept whatever you wish to do to me, my king."

There is an edge of forced calm at his wife's touch, though Odin's fury is still burning in that blue eye. It is turned upon the new voice, "If he bears treason, there will be no protecting him."

As Loki continues speaking, Odin stalks forward again, stepping out from under Frigga's hands. "You are right. You deserve what is coming to you." His tone goes suddenly cold as a hand is held out, Gungnir summoned and his hand clasping tight against hit. It is pointed at Loki level with his chest as his eye glowers at the boy.

"You are unworthy of the title of Prince of Asgard, Loki Odinson. You have crossed the line for the last time and you will learn your lesson or die as a mortal. I hereby strip you of your powers and lineage." His staff glows with the power as it draws out all those lovely things that make Loki special.

"You are cast out of Asgard. Join the Avengers as a mortal. Make your peace with them and earn your worthiness back in these halls. Failure means death. By the power of my father, and his father before, I Odin All-Father, cast you out!"

There is a pulse from Gungnir and as it slams into Loki it will knock away any remaining Asgardian armor, throwing him in a teleport to drop him into New York… none too gently.

The queen's hands draw to her chest as she witnesses the All-Father's decree. Although she maintains her tall stance while she watches, a heavy inhale suggests that her heart is indeed breaking at the sight of Loki's banishment. Unspoken words hang on her lips as she sees Gungnir make its mark. When Loki is gone from the realm, she turns back to the fireplace and lowers her gaze to its flames.

Loki's expression is one of horror and sadness, looking between the three powerful gods before he feels himself being pushed away, reaching a hand out in the hopes that someone would pull him back, but he knows no one will. He manages to get out a sad sounding "Goodbye—" before he disappears altogether.

Business concluded, so far as Tyr can tell. Frigga and Odin each share a dubious eye from the God of War before he turns to see himself away.

With Loki banished, Odin barely pays Tyr much mind as he fades away, his eye cast in the direction the ill-favored son disappeared in. Gungnir fades from view as his hand falls to his side. It is a number of heartbeats before the heavy frame of the All-Father steps behind Frigga, a large hand settling against her shoulder. "It had to be done. If he does not win this, then there is no hope left for him."

Frigga exhales deeply when her husband's hand rests on her shoulder. Gradually, her own hands find his fingers to cling to. Then her eyes find his face. They are welling with sadness but not a single tear will dare to make its way down her face. "I will hope for him every day he is not with us," she whispers softly, then turns her gaze back to the fire. No parent enjoys casting their child out of the home, but sometimes it is the only option.

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