Frigga talks to Eir

Recorded: March 7, 2014
Characters: Eir, Frigga
Location: Royal Healing Chamber - Back Room
Summary: Frigga brings news of Loki's exile to Eir.

This time of day, the Royal Healer has drawn back to the back rooms of the healing area. Here is where her lab is—alchemical utensils and wares on various tables. Some lie dormant while some bubble in earnest as she works. A few racks hold in progress experiments of various liquids, pastes, etc. Locked cabinets hold more dangerous ingredients and there are bookshelves that dominant an entire wall full of tomes penned by the Elder's own hand.

Eir is currently grinding a few herbs to a dust in a bowl, her long hair kept back in a braid for the moment. Today, she is dressed in an elegant dark green and gold dress, the sleeves drawn up and pinned out of her way at the elbow.
As the day ends, Frigga has but one duty left before she can rest. She has had her personal moment to mourn over the exile of one son, and now stands in the doorway of the healer's workshop with a somber goal in mind. "Eir. I would have a moment with you." Her face is and tone are calm.

Hearing the voice, Eir turns, a measure of surprise, and concern on her features. "My Queen." She greets, setting the bowl aside. "Of course, please, come." A gesture is given to the small seating arrangement in the labs, which is basically a simple small couch and modest coffee table. She doesn't take much to luxury. "How can I be of service?"

Frigga politely waves away the offered seating. Though she is tired, she intends to take her rest in her bedchambers when the time is right. "I have come to bear news to you of my son, Loki. I know how fond of him you are, and it is with a heavy heart that I must share with you his fate." She gestures with one hand. "Loki is no longer with us. Our king has banished him to Midgard so that he may live out his days in exile. A mortal, until such time as he can prove his worth."

There is concern that takes to Eir's features as Frigga speaks, and as she continues, the skin of the Royal Healer fades in pallor. "Banished?" A hand rests against her stomach, flat, while the other finds the edge of the table. "What did he do that was so terrible, if I may be so bold?" They have been courting a month or so now, but their fondness is evident of the other. And Eir looks much like her heart has been ripped away.

Frigga steps forward, reaching out to rest a hand on Eir's shoulder, both to offer comfort and to help steady her balance. "My dearest Eir. I know you share my heartache, which is why I felt it my duty to bring this news to you. Though he has tried recently to do what is right, much of Loki's past sins have come back to claim him. He has broken the laws of Odin once too often. From his ventures to Midgard to meddle in mortal affairs, to sharing the very secrets of our way of life… The king does not make these decrees simply on a whim." She sighs, her gaze catching on a nearby row of medicines. "Most recently, he gifted the mortals with the knowledge of Surtur, that terrible creature that my husband and son struggled to seal away so that he would not bring ruin to all reality."

The Healer's eyes lift to the Queen at the touch. The comfort is taken, a measure of strength as she swallows the fears and worry she has to the Prince. "Thank you for telling me this." At the mention of the Surtur, she winces visibly. "I have tried to offer a voice of reason in his troubles, but he has been very troubled lately. He worries, for you. He feels an outcast by his brothers. There is little I have been able to do to as a balm against his troubled heart."

Frigga shakes her head softly. "There is little that I have been able to do, and I have comforted him at my bosom since he was a babe." She lets a hand fall to her side. "Perhaps that is where I am at fault for his behavior. I did not wish him to know the hateful ways of his people, and sought to steer him towards pursuits of the mind. Were I a better mother, I would have sought to channel his spirit differently." Her head shakes yet again. "We cannot dwell on the what we cannot change. He is in good company, with mortals who seek honor and glory in the protection of their people. If he learns anything from them, then it will be worth his time away from both of us."

"You have always been a wonderful mother, My Queen. He has only ever spoken highly of you." Eir offers in some solace. As the hand is removed, her hand lowers from her own stomach, managing to keep her stomach out of her throat for the time being. Not running to him will be the hardest part.

Frigga smiles softly, which serves to hide the heartache that resurfaces. Before turning to leave, she offers one more comfort to Eir. "I will keep watch over Loki, though I would risk my king's wrath should I interfere in his trial. If there is news, I will share it with you. Whatever his fate, we will hope for him together."

Eir sinks into a graceful curtsy as the Queen makes her bid to leave. "Thank you, my Queen." She shall wait, vigilantly, and likely attempt to visit Heimdall more oft to check on him. Eir will worry. That she can't help.

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