2014-03-13 A Walk In The Park
Players: Alchemy, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: A Walk In The Park

A beautiful park, although sparsely-populated; this is a private park, one of only two in the entire city. It may be that the stifling rules discourage people from enjoying it, but for whatever reason, the park maintains an almost untouched appearance, surrounded by townhouses and other high-priced structures. The famous statue of Edwin Booth looms over the center of the park, while gates mark the cardinal directions.

It is nearing evening and it is, for lack of a better description, FRIGGEN COLD. So the park that is rarely crowded is even less so, leaving for plenty of quiet time for the brave soul within. Bundled up, Mike sits on a bench, looking to the trees that are becoming more of a shilloette with the decreasing sunlight.

Tom missed the bus back to the Xavier institute, and is walking along the sidewalk, hands tucked under his crossed arms. When he passes Mike on the bench, he startles a little, making a wide berth around him so he doesn't get mugged. He touches a lightpole with one hand as he passes, leaving behind a gold handprint before it's tucked back under his arm.

With it being a private park, the presence of another walking by does bring some attention to the student. Mike's head turns, following Tom's movements, which likely does not help the teen's sense of security, but he remains seated. A brow raises as what little light there is left causes for the gold to glisten. "Now I've seen people get excited about Saint Patty's but you've damn well gone all out."

"What? I didn't see anything, nothing at all." Tom says in his English accent. "I-I'm not Irish, I'm English. Did I do something wrong?" He adjusts his glasses and tries to look aloof.

"No one's perfect," Mike murmurs, "Oh well, I guess I got enough Irish in me to make up for the both of us." He cocks his head to indicate towards the lamp post. "Have you considered wearing gloves to keep that from happening?"

"Erm yes, but I left them in my room. I have more control over it than that, I was just a bit nervous and wasn't thinking. You won't tell anyone about that, will you? I'll come back with some tape and cover it."

Mike cracks a bit of a smirk, "Tell anyone about, WHAT?"

"Exactly! At least it isn't the whole pole. That would be rather conspicuous. Then again, I suppose this is the richer part of town, so perhaps this is just par for the course."

"You'd be surprised." Mike replies, shaking his head, "They probably would be more concerned about the lack of uniformity, than the enhancement."

"Oh. Well, that's unfortunate. I don't think I'd like to go around touching all the poles." Tom looks around and puffs his cheeks. "That would be a lot of energy."

"Well, don't worry about it. I'm sure they'll just replace the pole or paint over it." Mike replies, lifting a hand to wave the kid off, "Just, remember the gloves next time."

Tom looks at the pole and ponders. "What do you suppose the poles are made from?"

"I don't know… Steel?"

Putting his hand on the pole, he concentrates and turns it to steels, erasing the gold handprint. "How does it look?"

Mike eyes the pole, and gives a thumbs up. "Looks like all they'll need is a bit of paint and they're covered." He studies the kid, "So, mutant, magic, or modified?"

"Mutant, I suppose. I perform alchemy. What about you?" Tom stuffs his hands in his pockets for warmth, looking around to make sure nobody else is watching them.

"Musician." Mike replies, doing a little bit of a half-assed display jazz hands for emphasis, "And actor. So I guess I just perform."

Tom swallows hard and nods. "Oh." He just revealed he was a mutant. "I…I'd better go. They're going to wonder where I've gotten off to…so it was a pleasure meeting you, musician!"

Mike waves to the departing team, "Remember the gloves next time!"


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