Looking in on Loki

Recorded: March 13, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Loki
Location: Avengers' Mansion - Loki's Room
Summary: Frigga looks in on Loki to see how he's doing as a mortal.

It is night time in the Avengers Mansion, and Loki is in his room laying on his bed wearing a pair of black sleep pants and a green t-shirt, curled up around a round, basketball sized sheep plush someone gave him to help him have an easier time sleeping. His hair has been cut to just above his shoulder blades, and it seems that he's dozed off with the television on.

A golden light sparkles in the corner of Loki's room. Within moments, it fades to reveal the All-Mother of Asgard in all her regal splendor. The hem of her white gown sweeps the floor as she moves closer to the bed. She offers her sleeping child a soft smile as she looks over him, staying quiet so as not to disturb his rest.

Loki rolls onto his other side and opens his eyes. "Mothe—I mean, my queen?" He rubs his eye with the back of one hand as he sits up, patting around for the remote control with the other hand. "Is that really you or am I still asleep?"
"It is I," Frigga replies in a soft voice so as not to wake any of Loki's neighbors. "I came to look upon my lost child and see how he fares." Her brow furrows as she wonders, "Why do you avert your tongue from addressing me as mother?"

"I don't know. Perhaps I am just trying to get used to the fact that I will probably never see Asgard again." He doesn't say what he really wants to say, gesturing to the bed for her to be seated if she wishes. "I am faring well. I have been training."

Frigga shakes her head at his words. "Do not be discouraged. Many are the trials of our present time but I trust that you will succeed." She moves closer to the bed but does not sit down. "It does my heart glad to hear that you are faring well, my son. What have the mortals been teaching you of life?"

"How to defend myself, how to fight, what is good to watch on television, how to not make Bruce angry. They listen to me and a few of them do not judge me. Natasha referred to me as 'one of them'. His eyes well up just slightly, but he takes a deep breath. "Even my brothers have never said that. I wanted father to understand that the mortals have things written in their books about us. He has been away from Midgard for so long that he does not know. They say that Sleipnir is my son, that Laufey is my mother and a series of other things that are both the same and different. I was accused of betrayal. If I wanted to betray you I would have done much much worse."

Frigga listens to Loki quietly, smiling as she sees the obvious change in his disposition. "I am glad that you have found that place where you feel accepted." She tilts her head with a smirk. "Did they make you lose your silken hair? I was most fond of its length."

"No, they did not make me cut it shorter. It was difficult to train with it at such a length. It was my choice. There are people who will cut your hair and give it to people who have none. I am uncertain how they accomplish this, but I felt it could be seen as a positive deed. It will grow back someday. I would feel better if I had my powers back. Do I still have my Jotun abilities or did he strip me of those as well?"

Frigga sighs lightly and claps close to her waist. "Your father has made you mortal, Loki. You are as if you were born a human. Nothing can change this but the powr he and I possess, and I cannot go against the will of my king." She smiles again to reassure him. "But I will tell him all I can of how you are now, to ease his mind with knowing that you are truly showing progress."

"I was just curious. But does he really care?" Loki asks, scooting across the bed as he holds his sheep close to him. "If he does, then I will accept that, I guess. I miss Eir. She came to me in a dream and we spoke for a while. I hope that was all right. Do not punish her if it wasn't." He runs a hand through his hair and sighs. "Do you think I will ever return to Asgard?"

"I cannot punish her for doing as I would. I'm sure she misses you terribly. Her heart sank deeply when I told her of your fate." Frigga closes her eyes for a moment. "I cannot even tell you if there will be an Asgard for you to return to, Loki." She looks to the ceiling. "Your father has gone to war with an ancient enemy. The Eirherjar are with him, as are the Sorcerer Supreme and Beta Ray Bill. I did not wish to worry you with such thoughts while you were away, but you should know what has become of your people."

Loki scoots to his feet, setting his sheep aside. "Ancient enemy? Is it…is it Surtur?" Loki pales and sits down quickly so he doesn't fall. "What has happened to Asgard? Why do you not tell father to let me come back so I can assist? What about Thor? Does he know? Eir said he has not yet returned. Is he all right? "

Frigga holds up a single hand to stop Loki's barrage of questions. "The Dark Elves of Svartelfheim have made themselves known again. I tell you this only for your own information—do not trouble the mortals with such tales. Your brothers guard Asgard well in the absence of you and Thor, but the future is often uncertain where war is concerned. I can only hope for the safe return of your father and those warriors who have gone with him, and keep our citizens' spirits high in light of their loved ones being at a distance."

"I won't say anything to anyone." Loki says, his mind spinning. "Why not bring Thor back? He would be of use to you. I would suppose your true sons would provide better protection than I could. What do the dark elves want?"

Frigga looks sternly at him. "You are as true a son to me as any I have given birth to, Loki," she says to correct him. "I know not what they desire, but they captured Heimdall and used a golem to keep their actions unknown. If not for his brave effort to escape their prison and warn us of their actions, we would have been none the wiser to their treachery." She glances over her shoulder and nods as if someone else were there, then looks to Loki again. "My son, I must depart. I am only here in spirit, for I cannot leave our people leaderless at such an hour."

"Then send me there. I can disguise myself and obscure whatever I don't want others to see. I could find out what they want! If they slipped past Heimdall's eyes, then someone on the inside would be beneficial."

Frigga shakes her head slowly. "You are here as punishment, Loki. Only your father can relieve you of your station." Her body begins to dissolve into tiny pinpricks of golden light. "Should he return soon, I will speak to him for you, but that is all that I can offer. Be well, my child." The All-Mother smiles proudly at Loki, then disappears from the room.

Loki picks up his sheep and hugs it close, looking away as she disappears. "Farewell, mother. Please take care. Let me know what happens."

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