2014-03-14 In a Pinch Part 2
Players: Loki, Nick Fury, Nova, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: In a Pinch Part 2

The neighborhood is primarily residential, with a mix of tenements, apartment blocks, city housing projects, townhouses and renovated rowhouses, and its many retail businesses reflect the ethnic and social diversity of the population. The western part of Chelsea has become a center of the New York art world, with many art galleries located in both new buildings and rehabilitated warehouses.

Greenwich Village, often referred to in New York as simply "the Village", is a largely residential neighborhood on the west side of Lower Manhattan in New York City. A large majority of the district is home to upper middle class families. Greenwich Village, however, was known in the late 19th to mid 20th centuries as an artists' haven, the bohemian capital, and the East Coast birthplace of the Beat movement. What provided the initial attractive character of the community eventually contributed to its gentrification and commercialization.

As the actual St. Patrick's Day lands on a work day, there is a little less cheer and drinking involved just this moment. Most of the weekend celebrants are being forced to work off their hangovers at work. This does leave for a little less feet on the streets as it gets later into the workday

But for one Irish/Italian Musician/Actor combo, he is neither dealing with a hangover or dealing with the typical work hours many do deal with. This is likely why he can afford to just sit on the bench at the bus stop, reading from the book he got from the Irish authors book giveaway from earlier , and occasionally skimming the crowd for something, or someone. Although Mike's not full out decked in green, the green shirt peeking out from the jacket serves as enough deterrent from the pinchy folks out today.

Loki is zero percent Irish. He still wears green all the time, however. He has on a dark green shirt with a pair of black jeans with black tennis shoes. His coat is dark grey, and his hair has been dyed…blonde? He wanted to make himself look different so those who want to hurt him can't immediately recognize him, so when he walks up to the bus stop with his hands in his pockets, he sits near Mike and just watches the traffic zoom by, testing the success of his partial disguise.

Of all the people to be out on the streets, Fury does hit pavement now and then to mingle. How else would he meet people? Visibly, he has no escort, but two agents in civilian attire do mingle casually amongst the crowd and foot traffic. Just in case he may have need of them. While out and about, he is also lacking his sidearm and weapons belt.

Heavy footfalls draw him to the area where Banner nearly lost his cool and remains on the fringe for the moment. Watching. Loki doesn't escape his keen eye, either. Arms fold against his broad chest and he watches and waits for the moment.

Finishing up another chapter, Mike smiles as he slowly turns the page, glancing up once more to glimpse around the area. The first glance passes by Loki as whatever he's looking for does not come into view, but the head turns back looking to Loki, "Welcome back. Get a chance to drop off your book?"

Loki gives Mike a sour look as he pulls the hood of his coat up over his head and stuffs on a pair of sunglasses. "You are not supposed to know who I am." He hisses. "But yes, I did." He folds his arms over his chest to keep his hands warm. "I am incognito. Do you /want/ me to be murdered horribly?"

Those heavier footfalls become surprisingly light for a man his size. Fury moves out of the edge of the traffic, arms still folded against his chest as he comes to stand not far behind the bench where the other two sit. "Sometimes trying too hard makes you that easier to see."

Mike arches an eyebrow, looking at Loki, shaking his head, lifting up his hand and extending fingers to count off some key points. "One. I just saw you this morning. Two. You're wearing the same outfit. If you're hiding, change that up and consider skipping the green tomorrow. Three. You sat next to me. Four. I TOLD you blonde wouldn't work for you. Five. I didn't call you by name, did I?" Hearing Fury's voice, his head turns looking to agent. "Ah. Hello." There's a bit of a questioning tone to his voice as he looks at the other Nick, he glances to Loki, "Friend of yours?"

"Stop looking at me and you won't see me," The young godling grumbles, crossing one leg over the other. "No, I don't know who that is or what he is doing here or why he is speaking to me." He doesn't turn to look at Fury, he just sits there in a sulky position. "For your information, I always wear green, so perhaps it is YOU who should not wear green tomorrow."

"He should know of me." Fury states simply, a small curt nod given to Mike, but his eye is on Loki with a frown. "Nick Fury." He offers to them both in simple introduction, though his displeasure at Loki's attitude is obvious. Granted out in civilian population like this, he minds his tongue. Mostly. "How about instead of sulking and whining like a damn child, take some advice and actually use it?"

"But I wasn't looking for you." Mike replies, shaking his head. "Quite frankly, if you're wanting to hide from view you're going to have to be the one that adjusts. If you dress like yourself, people are going to see yourself. I sure as hell don't walk around wearing my work attire if I don't want to be hassled." He turns his head to look to Nick, holding out a hand in offer of a handshake. "Mike Hannigan." He offers back.

Loki furrows his brow. "I was attempting to show this mortal how to answer when you run into someone who may not wish to be identified. I only have one coat right now and I would look terrible with red hair. I don't know what you want from me, I am doing my best. Insulting me will not endear me to you."

Unfolding his arms, Mike's hand is taken and a firm shake given. "Well met." Letting it go, his eye shifts to Loki again with that ever present frown. "'this mortal'? Your as mortal as the rest of us. I'd suggest start talking like it." Arms fold again against his chest. "Blending in isn't as hard as you think, and Mr. Hannigan happens to know a thing or two. I'd suggest listening."

"It's also a big red flag to others if you call them 'mortal' which hurts your attempts." Mike adds in, looking at Loki, "I wasn't talking Raggedy Andy bright red. More of a natural shade. It's a bit closer to the natural hair color so people won't be focusing on a bad dye job." He glances over to Nick at the endorsement, cocking his head curiously at the agent.

"I'm not used to this, just please do not insult me. I am also used to using other methods to blend in." Loki finally stands and looks at Fury with a frown on his face, then reaches out and PINCHES Fury. He offers no explaination. Fury should KNOW what he did to deserve that.

Mike and Loki were sitting together on the bench, Fury standing behind them with his arms crossed. He is also lacking a visible sidearm at the moment, but there are two other agents mingling about the foot traffic and loiters around, remaining unseen.

As Loki pinches him, he arches an eyebrow and gives a hard look to the godling. "You done?"

The blue speck in the sky stops, and holds its place. The man called Nova stands in mid-air, looking down from way above, zooming in repeatedly to see the people below. The strange frequency he's seen in the past gave him a hit in this area, so he looks down to see what the exchange is. He grumbles something about atmospheric-level patrols.

"I'm not trying to insult you, we're just trying to help. " Mike points out, pausing as he looks to Loki and then to Fury after the pinch, "Sorry, I'd give you a sticker to stop that but I gave my entire roll to someone else who needed it a bit more."

Loki looks up at Fury and nods. He feels so incredibly small and insignificant. "Yes, sir." He turns around and sits back down, folding his hands in his lap. "Sorry." He sighs. Perhaps it is fortunate that Fury isn't armed.

"I'm not worried about it. I've managed this long in one piece." Fury reponds to Mike with a faint wry twist in his expression. Generally people aren't brave enough to try. A small shake of his head is given at Loki. Though whatever he might want to say, he bites back in favor of company. "We'll talk later." A promise.

The speck stays where it is. Loki being told off and made to sit by some black guy with a SHIELD comms device. SHIELD Agent? Powered? His Surveillance sensor certainly doesn't show massive power on that guy. He stays still, and just watches for the moment.

"I would imagine not." Mike replies, returning the expression to the elder man, "You do kind of have an air of 'don't fuck with me' about you." He chuckles, "You wouldn't by any chance have grown up in the kitchen?"

Loki frowns. "Very well. " He then looks puzzled. "Raising a child in the kitchen would be highly unusual, not to mention dangerous under the best of circumstances. What if the child ended up inside the oven? Though, some people look as though they did…"

Nick was just about to answer Mike, though Loki's words make him laugh. "Oh hell no." He shakes his head. "Hell's Kitchen is a district here in the City and aptly named. You don't walk around there alone unless you want trouble. Folks there are more likely to stab you and ask questions later than ask for your wallet." He smirks, belatedly giving a single nod to Mike. "I'm from there." And if he's been alerted to Richard's presence or not, he's not showing. He either still hasn't noticed him, or is ignoring him for the time being.

Mike looks over to Loki at his words. Expression a bit surprised. The lips soon twist into a smile, before shaking his head, letting Nick offer the explanation before nodding in agreement, "It's quite an eye opener if you ever end up having to live there."

Loki stands up and looks to Fury. "Did you hear any reports about me?" He hops back and does a round house kick and a couple of punches, attempting to show him how he has learned. He isn't trying to actually hit the man, of course.

Richard starts to look for other signals in the area, similar to the one on the bald black movie-star-looking guy. He doesn't really have a reason to move. Loki's not whipping out powers, no one is saying anything of real danger… He keeps watching for now.

"Can be if your not used to it." Fury nods once to Mike. He flicks his gaze upwards in mild annoyance. There are two other SHIELD Agents in the crowd- Nick isn't alone. Though one annoyance traded for another as Loki starts showing off moves. "I have." Is the flat answer, but he doesn't look impressed. If Loki gets close to hitting him, he doesn't flinch. "Tell me there is a point to air-boxing on the streetside in a populated area?"

The performer watches Loki's display, but opts not to say anything. Perhaps Fury's question will be sufficient enough to give Loki the hint to stop with the display.

Loki shrugs and sighs. "No. Nevermind. I am going back to my room." He was starting to feel as though he belonged, but perhaps he only belongs inside the mansion. Outside, he doesn't seem to be doing very well. "Farewell." And so he separates himself from the herd by pulling his hood up again and slipping on his sunglasses, walking out into the middle of the street.

Richard starts to descend now, finally finding this interesting. The blue speck becomes bigger, and bigger, and bigger, as he approaches, and more gold is visible.

Mike turns his head, waving to the departing Loki, "See you 'round. Enjoy your book."

As Loki wanders off, Fury gives a roll of the eye and a shake of his head. "Damn kids." He curses under his breath. Neither of his Agents out in the crowd will bother him, though. "So what happened earlier? I heard there was a bit of excitement on the block." This, to Mike.

Richard descends near Loki. "I'd like to see your moves. You looked rather skilled. I don't know why you would have to leave the corner - seems to me you have as much right to show off as anyone else."

Loki frowns when he sees Richard, suddenly feeling extremely nervous due to the conflict between the two. He reaches out to try and pinch Richard's arm, furrowing his brow. "I have a right, I just do not feel they are worthy of seeing my movements." He doesn't want to lead on that he doesn't have powers, so he puffs himself up with attitude.

Mike looks over towards Fury. "Excit-" He pauses, remembering the issue with Bruce, "Oh. Someone wasn't wearing green and being that it's Saint Patrick's day, he got pinched. He was a little upset but he got over it before it got to be a big issue. He got a roll of stickers so people can see some green on him no matter how they're approaching him today." He glances to his book, "Other than a few people moving away from them, I don't think anyone noticed because of the book giveaway going on at the time."

Richard chuckles as he's pinched right in the armor. He actually smiles. "Oh, yeah, I forgot, it's St. Patty's day, isn't it? My bad - I'll have to get a green armand or something." He chuckles, and says, "Are these men here to chat, or recruit?" He steps around Loki, and looks to the agents. "Sorry guys, I wasn't sure what was happening - I wasn't trying to muscle in on your arrest or anything. You brought those agents, so I wasn't sure if there about to be a street war."

Loki backs away from Richard, looking over his shoulder at Mike and Fury. "I am escaping, so if you don't mind, step aside so I may flee or I may pinch you again!" He makes pinchy motions with his fingers, then backs up a bit more to give him enough room to dart away from Richard.

That would explain Bruce being … stickered up like a three year old. Fury, for a moment, looks amused, though the scene between Loki and Richard is gaining interest. "Thats good then." He asides to Mike, though his attention is clearly elsewhere.

Stepping towards Loki and Richard, he unfolds his arms, that darker expression set on his features. "Is there a problem here?" He only caught small bits of it and what the nearby Agents fed him in the concealed earpiece. "His pinching is pretty scary. Turns people green, you hear?" He smirks. "We've got this well in hand."

Richard shrugs, and lets him be. "Ok, Loki. I'm not actually here to harass you. The peace is being kept, so as far as I'm concerned, you're good to go. No reason for us to fight." He actually waves to Loki, and lets him be. He then turns to Fury and Mike. "Well, agents, I'm sorry to have interrupted you two."

With Nick looking away, Mike uses the opportunity to glance around as well before looking to the grouping, with Fury stepping over. When he gets addressed as an agent, he tilts his head, chuckles and shakes his head. Nope. Not him.

Loki has darted away from Richard and into the busy street to try and put distance, if not enough humans in between himself and the man with the helmet. Horns honk at him, but being threatened by angry New Yorkers is preferable to having himself turned into paste. He waves between cars and trucks, carrying out his epic escape.

The mention of 'Agents' has Fury glance over his shoulder at Mike. He smirks, but he doesn't comment. The Director gives a long look at Richard, but he doesn't turn his back, nor move away. He's letting Richard leave under his own terms.

Hearing the horn honks, Mike turns his head to watch Loki dart through traffic. A brow lifts as he starts closing his book and standing, muttering an obsenity for his own benefit. Well, at least Loki has the flight part down of the fight or flight instinct. There is the consideration of running after Loki but if saying 'hi' to him was breaking what cover Loki thinks he has, chasing after him would likely be the equivalent of putting up a billboard sign with 'LOKI' in big letters. His head shakes again and he sits down, glancing back around the scene once more as he reopens his book.

Richard turns to watch Loki leave, "Were you guys trying to get him to talk or something? He never does. I'm glad to see that he's less arrogant, though. He used to intimidate the humans, and I've gotten into a couple of scraps with him over time, when he gets dangerous. Still, he seemed to be behaving. If you need to ask him questions, I'll be happy to track him for you. Otherwise, I'll leave you to your jobs. Oh, yes, I'm Nova Centurion 1124-9-4-4-396. Apparently the only one in this sector. I've left a comms frequency with your red-headed bombshell. I can send another one to you guys, as well. If you need assistance, I am happy to provide backup."

Loki has slipped away to the other side of the street, looping back and launching an empty pop can at the back of Richard's head, then storms back down the sidewalk and goes into a nearby shop to warm up for a while before going back to the mansion.

While Richard speaks, Fury waits patiently for him to stop. Though he pauses as the can is tossed at Richard. He sighs. "Look. For now, leave the kid alone and let us deal with him. He's a pain in the ass, but he happens to be of interest to me." His tone is at least kept even and calm. For the moment. "And if you want to talk later, I might advise somewhere that isn't in the middle of a busy street."

Mike goes back to finding the chapter he left off at.

Richard shrugs, "Ok, agent.. I'll leave you be. Like I said, I wasn't here to harass the Asgardian. And… I don't know why you bother with the secrecy… Have you /seen/ the Avenger's tower?" He shrugs, and starts floating a bit from the ground, very slowly ascending.

"Bye." Fury states simply, folding arms against his chest as he lets Richard leave without hindrance.

Loki sits down and orders a cup of capuccino. As a god, he enjoyed its little energy kick. As a mortal, he seems to enjoy it much much more. Paying for it in crumpled 1s and nickels, he drinks it, enjoying the toffee flavor and the warmth. And th e energy rush. A trickster on caffeine could only turn out well.

With no idea where Loki has gone and with Fury and Richard talking agenty stuff, Mike continues his reading and occasional people watching routine from before.

Richard shrugs, "By the way, if you want to take down someone like Loki, you need more agents than the ones in the crowd." He goes higher up, and keeps flying. "You're definitely not the one /I/ want to deal with." He keeps flying until he becomes a speck again.

There is an eyebrow quirked as Richard speaks, but Fury doesn't give him an answer. A small shake of his head and he half turns, quipping towards Mike, who was sure to have overheard most of that: "Crazy shit in this town, eh?" He smirks, but turns to head off into the crowd. The Director is honestly fairly amused for whatever reason. As he moves, the two Agents in the crowd break away to mix within the foot traffic to follow. Passing the shop where Loki is, if he looks up, a small nod will be given, but not else.

Loki finishes off his large capuccino and unzips his coat, darting out of the coffee shop and onto the roof of one of the cars parked outside. "WHeeeeeEeeHEeeEEeeee! YEEEAAHHH!" He hops from car to car, feeling energized. "Let's goooooo!" Taking a few steps back, he hops onto the hood of a moving sedan. "This is awesome!!"

Richard waves to Mike on his way up into the air… "Sorry, sir. I'll try to drop by again if you perform." He then is gone.

"Yeah, that's New York for you." Mike murmurs, still looking to his book. Hearing the yelling however, the book lowers as Mike turns his head to look to the source. Well, if chasing after Loki was the billboard with big lettering, Loki just put blinking lights on it. "The fu-" The book slams shut and Mike gets up once more, this time walking over towards the scene.

As Loki comes out like a cat on a catnip overdose, Fury frowns. Calmly, he lifts a hand to stay the two Agents that nearly intervined and instead steps in himself. He happens to be the closest to the moving Sedan, at least. He reaches out to snatch Loki by the shirt from one vehicle, only to twist and slam his back against a parked one at the curb. "Calm the hell down and act like a normal human being." This is said low to where only Loki can hear since the towering man is standing over him. "If you don't want a big ass target painted on your back, then start acting like you've got any lick of sense in that head of yours. Acting a fool will land you in jail or worse and remember: There isn't a goddamn thing you can do about it."

Loki looks up at Fury, eyes wide with surprise. As Fury yells at him, he giggles. "Don't lick my head!" He cackles, covering his head. If you go from never having caffeine to having a large super dose of it, insanity is bound to ensue. "Don't get so upset! I'm perfectly fine. Did I ever tell you that you look like…" He covers his mouth with his hands and sniggers. "Perhaps Odin had an affair with Heimdall and …."

Mike moves over, looking at Loki, as he hears the things coming out of the mischief maker's mouth, "What. Are you on?"

He's tried to be patient. Really. But the stupid nonsense spewing out of Loki's mouth is enough for Fury. One hand maintains grip on the godling's shirt while his right hand throws a hard punch towards the kid's temple to knock him out. If he manages, he hefts the boy and drapes him over his shoulder. "Best bet is to let him sleep it off. Poor kid's been pretty sheltered."

Loki turns to answer Mike, but Fury's fist makes contact with his head before he has a chance. He goes limp in the Director's grasp and is light enough to be easily tossed over his shoulder. He'll have a headache later, but perhaps he'll learn why tricksters and capuccino don't mix.

Mike blinks as Fury punches Loki out, "The fu-" His voice raises, "I get that he was starting to be a handful but was that really necessary?"

"He'll wake up with a headache and be fine. Trust me, it was necessary." Nick manages Loki's weight without much difficulty, leaving him hung over his shoulder. "Don't worry, he'll be cared for." Unless he's stopped, he entirely means to turn and walk off with Loki over his shoulder. An odd sight, but can't be helped at the moment. His two tails also emerge from the crowd to follow.

Well, considering the stuff that has been revealed since Nick's been on the scene, and Loki's interaction with Nick before the punch out, there's little Mike's seen that would contradict the being cared for assurance. There is still a bit of hesitation but there is the eventual "…alright." that comes out of the performer as he watches Nick leave with Loki. Avenger stuff is complex.


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