The Troops Return

Recorded: March 15, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Odin
Location: Asgard Palace - Grand Foyer
Summary: Asgard welcomes home the Eirherjar.

A scout would have been sent ahead as soon as the first of the Eirherjar began to come through the BiFrost. Swift word would reach Frigga.

On the Rainbow Bridge, the forces align themselves in smooth militaristic precision as they march forth. Being the last in, it doesn't take Odin long to take his place at the forefront of the column of troops, still seated proudly upon Sleipnir. Through the gates and into the city outside the palace, their presence is easily known as shouts and cheers erupt around to welcome their warriors home.

As soon as word reached the All-Mother of her husband's return, she made herself ready to meet him. The queen stands central to the crowd gathered in the Grand Foyer with her golden dress out-shining even the most polished piece of the hallway's structure. She breathes a long-awaited sigh once she sees him step across the threshold but otherwise keeps her composure. The speed of his return leaves a thoughtful arch to her eyebrows; however, those thoughts are best shared privately.

Once at the palace proper, he dismounts and heads within. His armor is dirtied from the battle, as is most of the Eirherjar that accompany him. Wounds are light and it doesn't look like they lost many, if any at all. The battle was brief and there is trouble in the All-Father's eye. Guarded, but she would recognize it.

Stepping across the grand foyer and Gungnir in hand, the other is held out to his Queen, palm up. "We return with partial victory. They have left, but they are not destroyed."

Frigga takes hold of Odin's hand with a firm grip and smiles, moving to his side. "All of our warriors return to us. That is victory enough." The crowd of nobles cheer their agreement and applaud for what's been done. Their queen guides her husband through the crowd — though they part as soon as she moves, so no guiding is really necessary — and when they have more distance between them and the throng, she leans her head closer to his to whisper. "Did you learn why they were on Jotunheim? It seems odd that they would seek to deceive us, but stop their attack so suddenly."

He lifts it to his lips to kiss her knuckles in respect before he takes his place at her side, letting her hand find his elbow if she so wishes. Moving at an easy pace with her at his side, his head bows slightly, but it is a sparse movement with the helm on at the moment. "There is little sense. Parley was asked for and Laufey pointedly refused, attacking instead. The battle was brief. The Lord they follow is a coward." He did not miss Malekith stumbling backwards when they started charging in on the field.

Frigga finds comfort in Odin's kiss but his words are keeping her in the moment of their recent troubles. "Then he should be captured and brought to justice," she decides. "There is none so wrong to lead a people as he who begins a battle but does not stay to its end."

"There was another that scooped him up before they departed. Though if we can find him, we can bring an end to this quicker than annihilating them." Odin frowns, keeping an easy pace, though his features are still troubled. "There is much to consider. We may need to march upon their lands." Go to the source.

Frigga asks, "Did you consult Heimdall on where he was kept? Perhaps he remembers the location of their stronghold…" Her brow furrows as she wonders, "Can they not be reasoned with? You say that Laufey refused terms, but would you have heard this man out if given the chance?"

"Why I am inclined to face them without Laufey present." Odin comments lightly, as far as Heimdall, he gives a small shake of his head. "I will, soon." He has that 'I need to do research' kind of look. There is much he doesn't fully remember from those times. Perhaps his father left information that may prove yet useful.

Frigga nods and looks back at the gathering. To see her people so happy to be reunited brings a smile to the All-Mother's face, one that soon fades as she thinks of her own family at a distance. "… I visited Loki," she admits, keeping her gaze on the crowd. "In spirit. I would not abandon our people in such times. … He is doing quite well with the Avengers." She smirks softly. "He cut his hair, which I do not admire. But he seems to have found that peace that I could not reveal to him here."

Odin's own countenance eases a touch at seeing Frigga's smile, though at the mention of Loki his gaze casts forth. "Then he is well on his way." There is little in his expression to denote if he is approving or not of that measure, but he isn't angry.

"I would agree, my king." Frigga turns to look at Odin. "When I told him of the war, he asked to be brought home to help his people. He still wishes to appease you. I hope you will remember that."

"It is hard to forget when you remind me." Odin states simply, perhaps more sharpness in his tone than he meant. He is weary, distracted and troubled. Loki generally never bears well on his mood. "When he proves himself, we shall see. It was not meant to be a simple nor easy task. It will not be done quickly."

Frigga nods reverently, though there is a touch of mischief tugging at her lips. "If I did not remind you of that and more, you would one day forget that I am your queen." She grins briefly.

"I could never forget. You keep reminding me." Odin replies smoothly, almost seeming annoyed, but there is a tug at the corner of his lips in amusement. "Let us retire. We have much to plan."

Frigga purses her lips at his comeback. She leans into his arm much more when they turn to slip away from the crowd. Let the people have their moment of celebration, however brief. The Dark Elves will be sought out in time.

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