Asgard Honors the Sorcerer Supreme

Recorded: March 16, 2014
Characters: Dr. Strange, Frigga, Odin
Location: Grand Throne Room of the All-Father
Summary: The Sorcerer Supreme takes part in Asgardian post-war celebration.

Though the battle was swift, Asgard celebrates all the same. Mead halls all across the city are overflowing with carousing citizens and grateful families are spending time with the husbands they thought they might never see again. If there's one good thing that might come of the sudden encounter with the Dark Elves, it's the joyous mood brought to the people of the realm.

The palace itself is not a stranger to ceremony this evening. Many nobles are currently gathered in the Grand Throne room, full of the evening's cheer and company. Frigga is doing her hostess due diligence by making the rounds through the crowd. She stands out in a sea green gown fashioned with jewels that sparkle like rays of the sun on the ocean's surface, and like water, she casually glides through the area stopping only long enough to make polite conversation on her way to the throne.

Drinking with the others, Odin is certainly to partake. There is plenty still weighing on his mind. Questions to be answered and research to be done to plan their next step. Regardless, tonight is the night for celebration and he fully intends to do that. Not for himself; but for morale of the rest.

Towards the throne, the All-Father has stepped down to carry a conversation with a pair of other men, one of the others roaring in full laughter and nearly tipping his mead. The King is in light armor, but helm, Gungnir and the heavier bits are gone in favor of a lighter, more casual air. His mead is in hand, though only half gone.

Walking into the halls a little after the party has started, Stephen, walks in quietly though not overly shy. He just doesn't know what to say or whom to say it to. The Sorcerer Supreme does walk with his head held high and a faint smile on his lips. Wanting to catch the mood of those in the throne room to properly mimic them.

The Sorcerer Supreme will find himself a novelty amongst the nobles. More than a few approach him eagerly with random questions, trying to get to know him. A few of the women and equally as many men try to invade his personal space during their line of questioning. If Stephen has ever been to a party of wealthy individuals on Midgard, he would be feeling that same vibe amongst this crowd, though the topics are obviously different.

Frigga spies her husband first and smiles as she approaches his group. Her chin gestures towards his half-full mug. "My king, do not let Stormgrin outdrink you. He will try to claim the throne on that victory alone." She smiles politely while the men roar with laughter, and her smiling glance eventually finds its way to Dr. Strange. She nods firmly to greet him at a distance, hoping he will take that as an invitation to make his way towards her.

"Hardly a worry, this is my second." Odin answers his wife smoothly with a broad grin.

"Second? Your behind, All-Father, I have my third!"

Odin frowns, "The hell you hiding your stock, in your beard, man?" There is laughter to be had in the group, though seeing Frigga look elsewhere his eye follows. There is little to be read on his features of approval or its opposite, but he does offer a polite nod in greeting and emphasis to her invitation.

Stephen does answer the questions presented to him with the best of his abilities, and all within his comfort level. Though it can be a bit mind boggling to consider that any person here would be considered 'godly' back on his home planet.

Steve smiles as he grabs himself a tankard from a staff member and raises the mead to his lips, tasting the bitter drink without so much as a flinch. He has become accustomed to Asgardian brew. Locking eyes with Frigga, the Sorcerer Supreme nods and begins to make his way towards the royals.

The All-Mother turns and extends her hand to Stephen as he approaches. "Sorcerer Supreme. You honor us by sharing in this joyous occasion." Her eyes sparkle as she adds, "Word has spread of the power you displayed on the battlefield. Do I have you to thank for seeing that my husband returned to me in a working state?" A touch of amusement tugs at her lips.

Oh, don't give all the glory away. Odin waves off the pair he was talking to in favor of draining more of his mead and turning to receive Stephen's presence. "He had a hand in aiding the Eirherjar. Though tell me, Sorcerer Supreme, why were your moves so defensive? They are an enemy that should have been wiped from the realms ages ago. Though you shed none of their blood."

At the questioning of Odin, something the Wizard planned would pop up, he lifts his tankard and downs the drink in several mighty gulps. Lowering his drink and wiping his goatee with a sleeve, Strange smiles and responds with the truth. "It is against the rules of the title I bare, and it is an oath I took when learning the ways of the mystic arts." Strange says, hoping his answer will not be frowned upon, though he half expects it to be.

Frigga nods, smiling casually at Stephen's answer. "That is noble of you, to be sure. In his youth, the Ancient One and I spoke at length about such matters. While I lift my hand in defense of others when needed, I take no joy in it. I know only that it is, at times, a necessary end."

There are others that would disagree with such passiveness. Such voices amongst his own sons. Odin smiles, however. "Noble pursuits have their time and place. You did well in protecting the lives of the men of Asgard. Many sons and fathers came home safe and that is worth appreciating."

He drains the rest of his tankard and passes it off to a passing servant to put it out of hand. He steps past his wife with a brief glance in the movement before he ascends the throne, standing before his mighty chair, lifting his hands. "Attention and hear me!" His voice bellows throughout the massive throne room, more than one would expect, but it does well to call for silence amongst the gathering. Once all is quiet, he lowers his hands, single eye scanning over those gathered.

"The march upon Jotunheim brought victory and the lives of our brothers home safely. In this, the Sorcerer Supreme had a welcome hand. Firstly: I decree by the power invested in me as King of Asgard and Protector of the Nine Realms—the Sorcerer Supreme is henceforth recognized as an ally of Asgard and welcome here."

A hand is extended to Frigga, a gesture for her to proceed. "With this in mind, my Queen has a gift for him."

Stephen nods at Odin's response, as he is grateful to have Odin think that the results spoke for themselves. Then as Odin speaks about him to the other Asgardians around the palace, Stephen can't help but feel a warmth rise in his cheeks, as a blush begins, but the mortal forces his mind to calm and to accept what comes next with grace and gratitude.

The crowd of nobles cheers for the Sorcerer Supreme when his welcome is announced. This will mean plenty more attention from them whenever he visits. Hopefully he'll be able to handle it. They quiet down when a gift is mentioned and all eyes settle on Frigga.

The All-Mother of Asgard extends her palms in front of her torso. In the space above them, a single point of golden light manifests and grows into a sizable orb. In the center of that orb, an object weaves itself into existence: An octagonal amulet of silver etched with a runic symbol of the world tree. As the light fades, the amulet comes to rest in the queen's palms along with a sturdy silver chain that it is attached to. Frigga spreads the chain open with her fingers and holds it forward, looking to place it around the Sorcerer's neck.

"With this, you need only think yourself in Asgard and you will be here. The amulet will bring you to the gates of our palace, where you will always be welcome."

Stephen leans his head forward to allow Frigga to place the amulet around his neck. "Thank you All-Mother." Steve says with appreciation audible in his tone and his demeanor. Turning to give Odin a simple nod Steven then turns to address the crowd, "Thank you Asgard." His arm curling before him as the mortal bows to those in the room. Then turns once more to actually bow to Odin.

Odin remains where he stands as the proceedings continue. Once the gift is given and reception made, he raises a hand to the gathering again. "And now, let us remind our favored Sorcerer Supreme how we celebrate in the halls of the All-Father!"

Cheers erupt around and the mingling begins again as he descends the throne to rejoin Stephen and Frigga. Another tankard is snagged from a passing servant as well. "Drink up before you get behind." He grins a little at Stephen.

Frigga claps politely until the mingling is once again underway. "Guard your wits, Sorcerer Supreme. My husband would have you lose them in a tankard of our finest mead." There is a warning mixed within that humor. All things on Asgard are much denser than they are on earth, and that includes the impact of their alcohol on mortals.

One tankard in already, Stephen is feeling pretty good at the moment so why not go further. "As a mortal I can not possibly drink the way you can." Stephen notes as he grabs another mug of ale, "But that wont stop me from trying All-Father." Steve says, with a sense of joy and a rare sense of camaraderie that the mystic feels none too often.

There is a grin given to Frigga and a broader one to Stephen. He lifts his hand and claps the man on the shoulder with a firm grip. "Then we shall drink, talk and my Queen can have you dragged from under the table to your quarters when we are done." He laughs. "Come, friend, we have a few things to discuss."

Well at least she tried. Frigga shakes her head and turns to talk with a few random nobles that have been trying to get her attention. If Stephen doesn't die of alcohol poisoning, he will be free to make repeated visits to Asgard from this moment forward.

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