2014-03-21 Large Dining Halls and Itty Bitty Apartments
Players: Hulk, Loki, Phantas
GMed by NA
Title: Large Dining Halls and Itty Bitty Apartments

Avengers Mansion is surrounded on three sides by a twelve-foot high concrete and reinforced omnium steel wall, with an omnium steel fence along Fifth Avenue. The yard, doors, and windows all have numerous surveillance systems to ascertain the identities of all visitors and detainment devices to intercept unauthorized personnel. These included stunnulator cannons with heat-sensitive tracking systems, and automated detention coils framing the doors. Visitors seeking entrance to the mansion were screened at the front gate (also of omnium steel.) The garden and patio in the backyard have sufficient foliage to afford Avengers a fair degree of outdoor privacy. The main floor of the mansion contains no materials vital to the Avengers' security or functions and thus was occasionally opened to the public for press conferences and social functions. The Avengers' only dining facilities were on the main floor, as was the private library. The Avengers' butler Edwin Jarvis was the only person afforded quarters on this floor.

So, what happens when you want to speak with someone but you don't have their phone number. But you do know where they are? Why, you head over there to chat. And this is what Mike basically did today essentially playing the role of the bored kid going to the other kid's house to ask the mom if Jr. can come out to play. Only instead of Loki coming out, Mike is brought in. And now, the celebrity is looking around the entrance area of the home of a collection of even bigger celebrities. The Avengers. And Loki. Considering things, his apartment is rather small in comparison. Hmmph.

Loki was informed tha someone was here to see him, so he comes trotting down the steps and into the foyer. "Oh, hello, Mike." Loki says, perhaps sounding a little more sedate than before. "How have you been? Come in, please. I am not certain where visitors are permitted, but I suspect the first floor and my quarters are most likely acceptable."

Hearing the greeting, Mike's head turns towards Loki, giving a bit of a smile. He lifts up his hand to give a bit of a wave of greeting before letting the hand drop down and slip into his pocket. "I'm doing alright," he answers, "And how are you? How's the head?"

"I am fine." Loki returns and gestures toward one of the other rooms. "Did you come here in need of something? I am not certain how much I can help considering I am only a trainee. If you needed something, though, I could probably ask about it."

"Actually, I wanted to ask you something," Mike replies, watching Loki for any change in expression as he poses his question, "Do you like riding horses?"

Loki pauses and turns around. "Riding horses? It is the method of transportation in Asgard. My horse is one of the finest steeds in the realm. I have not been riding as a mortal however. Why do you ask?"

"I have a role coming up that requires for me to do some training on the English style of riding." Mike answers, "Agency's setting up the reservation times and costs of horse usage and they have offered me the option of a 'plus one' for when I'm over there. Of the people I know, I thought you might be most likely to be interested."

"Oh, certainly. I don't know much about the English style of riding, I thought that was a language. I might be able to teach you a few things, though. When would you like to do this?"

"You won't be expected to teach me." Mike assures, "They've already made arrangements for me to be have lessons through another. All that's expected of you is to show up and enjoy riding while I'm practicing." He tugs out a folded up set of paper and starts to unfold it, tugging one page from the other before folding one of them back. "The times they've scheduled are printed out here. Stuff highlighted in red are the lesson times, stuff highlighted in green are the free riding times where I'm supposed to practice what I was taught." He tucks the folded up sheet away before producing a pen, writing down a number, "And contact info in case you only want to come to just one of the sessions so I know when to stop by or not."

"I do not believe it will interfere with my training sessions, so it should be fine. Why did you consider me and not one of your other friends? I am curious." He reaches into his pocket and looks at his iPhone, holding it out to Mike. "If you tell this device your number, I can ask it to contact you."

Mike puts his pen away and exchanges Loki the extra paper for the phone, pecking his number into it. "I don't think any of them would enjoy riding horses. You seemed like you would." He hands Loki back the phone, "Besides, everyone could make do with a bit of recreation time now and then, right?"

"I suppose you're right," Loki says, pocketing the phone again. "I never thought of riding horses for recreation since it is always done out of necessity. We ride great distances, taking days to travel between realms."

"It's more recreationnal when your horse riding time is quantified in hour long riding blocks." Mike replies, "And, it's a bit of both for me being that I'm primarily going to be doing this for work purposes. Horse riding is an expensive hobby."

"Is it? Why? Well, I suppose not everyone has a stablemaster. I do care for my horse very much. Asgardian horses are much more intelligent than Midgardian horses, it seems. Why will your work require you to ride a horse?"

"Because the script calls for my character to ride a horse." Mike replies matter of factly, pulling out his phone to set up a contact entry for Loki before passing the phone over to Loki, "Could I have your number as well?"

Loki takes the phone and begins inputting his number. "It is strange your people do not learn to ride horses automatically. Then again, you have your metal chariots, so perhaps that is the diffference."

Mike looks over to Loki curiously, "Do you mean one day you went 'I want to ride a horse' and poof, the knowledge was just there?"

"No, when we were children we were taken to the stables and taught to ride a horse, and tht horse has been ours ever since."

With the explanation, Mike relaxes a bit, "Ah ok." He looks over to Loki. "It's one of the prices of progress," Mike replies, "Learning to ride a horse early on would be highly dependant on where you live. In New York City, unless you are wanting to be one of the horseback cops, there aren't many reasons to learn beyond it being a hobby. And Hobbies tend to come second to the things that help people make their way in the world."

"I suppose." Loki sighs. "It seems that humand have little need to ride horses in the city. You have other methods of traveling. How do you travel when you are not on foot?"

"Depends on where I need to go," Mike replies, "Subway works for in the city. Bus works well when I'm touring. Planes when I need to get overseas. Sometimes rent a car…"

"Overseas. I have looked at charts of Midgard and noticed it does have great sections of water. Do you sail the seas to travel to other lands? The sea of Space is-" He cuts himself off and shakes his head. "Nevermind."

"I haven't gone by boat yet." Mike admits, "Flying is much faster." He considers the prospect, "Although, maybe after filming's done with I might look into a mini cruise. Heard those are rather fun and relatively inexpensive if you're already close to the ports."

"Yes, flying is much faster. Have you considered joining the Avengers? Maybe they would let you be a junior member as well? Though you would most likely become a full member if you did! You would probably enjoy it." Loki shuffles his feet a bit and ponders. "I've sailed in a dragonboat before. It can be rather relaxing."

The question causes for Mike's head to tilt, jaw dropping a little as he looks at Loki, "Why would they want me as an Avenger?" He shakes his head, "I could see that now. 'Hey Mike, Hulk's on a rampage and Iron Man's working on… whatever the hell he's working on, could you stall him by doing a song and dance number? Oh we're sure he won't kill you. If you just. ask. nicely.'" He chuckles, "I wouldn't last a day."

"I don't know, it was just an idea. Most of them don't have powers at all and they survive well enough. I thought if you wanted to join a group or something that perhaps you would like the Avengers. Maybe I just want someone to talk to, though I'm not sure why you would want to talk to ME."

"And I bet the ones with no powers had years of formal training under their belts." Mike points out, "And I don't need to be an Avenger to speak with you, do I? You have my cell number and I have yours. Talk is just a call or text message away." He lifts up his phone and waggles it in display, "As for the why, I reply with 'Why not?'"

"I don't know. People don't normally speak to me because they wish to do so. I tried speaking to one of my brothers while we journeyed to seek out another brother. He wanted nothing to do with me and the journey in both directions was carried out in silence. None of them, not even the ones I have never met, wanted to talk to me."

"Ouch." Mike comments, frowning, "That sounds a bit rough." He sighs, "Well, I can't speak for them because I don't know the story between you and them and I'm not sure you could give me enough information to do so." He pauses, considering Loki, "But, I do know what it's like to go on a trip both ways with someone I considered a brother not wanting to talk to me. Can't quite remember what I did but I know I did something to piss him off that time."

"Sorry, I should not speak of such things. I don't know how much access visitors are permitted , but I suppose you would be allowed to look around the rooms on this floor if you wish. I haven't been beyond the dining hall, gym and my room, actually."

"I guess there's no harm looking at something like a dining hall or something of that level," Mike considers, allowing for Loki to change the topic, "I'm guessing that it's bigger than the apartment I share."

"I hope not. I suppose if it is not permitted, someone will yell at me. It is a quaint little structure. I suppose it is large by Midgardian standards. I do not know why you enjoy living in such enclosed spaces."

Mike gives a bit of a wry smile, "No, I suppose you wouldn't know." He shakes his head, "It's not that I enjoy it. It's that I just value other things more. When it's just four or two people, you don't NEED a massively large mansion. It'd be convenient, yes. But when you use resources for that large home, you sacrifice for something else."

"I see. I suppose everything looks small in comparison to where I come from…though I can't talk about it anymore. So if you wish to know about my home, you are stuck with learning about it from your books in the library." He runs a hadn through his blonde hair and sighs.

"That's alright." Mike accepts, "Happens Reading's one of the things I value more."

Bruce comes out of the elevator, smiling a little, "Hello, Loki. Who's this?" He cracks his knuckles, his eyes starting to shade green

Loki tries standing in front of Mike, his eyes wde. "This is Mike, a friend of mine. I was just showing him around. If that is not permitted, I will cease and accept any punishment you wish to dole, just do not eat him or whatever."

Mike blinks, turning his head to look to Bruce, "Ah!" He pulls out his hand to wave at Bruce, "Hey, we KIND of met at the book giveaway in Greenwich." He pauses information, wondering if that's enough information given, "The stickers were from me."

Bruce notices as Loki moves before the other, "Okay. Nice to meet you, Mike. I would just be leery of you accidentally violating a secret, Loki." Walking closer, "As for eating anyone… Well, Mr. Green doesn't eat people."

"Well, that is good ,then. Please do not turn green and kill us all. I take responsibility for him being here."

"I also probably wouldn't be all that appetizing." Mike adds in, voice a little bit deadpan, "Odds are not very good in his favor that there wouldn't be any traces of hair product left in there. And I can tell from the stuff accidentally getting sprayed in the mouth that shit's nasty." He offers a hand over towards Bruce, "Since the last time was a little distracting, Hi. Mike Hannigan. Loki was just going to show me the dining hall to see just how much bigger than my apartment it is. If that meets the list of 'secrets he might accidentally reveal' list just let us know and we can just keep the chatter to here."

Bruce chuckles, "No, I think the dining room is clear to the public." Smiling, "Nice to meet you, Mike." He looks over at Loki, "Well, come along."

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