Are You Snake Pliskin?

Recorded: March 23, 2014
Characters: Morph, Nick Fury
Location: Little Italy
Summary: Fury stumbles into Kevin while the omnimorph is on a mission of his own.

The sun is setting over all of New York and Little Italy is bathed in a comfortable orange glow. As the shops prepare to close, Kevin looks like he is making an effort to knock out some last-minute shopping. He's got a paper grocery bag hugged up against his torso and a breadstick hanging out the side of his mouth like a cigar. Though the omnimorph is not traipsing about in his normal skin, he does stick out like a sore thumb due to his Caucasian complexion and overall tourist look: A sea blue Hawaiian t-shirt and khaki shorts with tall white socks in dark sandals. At the very least, he doesn't look even the slightest bit imposing, which is probably why three thugs don't even turn to glare at him when he stops near the mouth of the alley they're standing in. But even though they don't look his way, he still expertly flattens himself against the nearest wall and peeks his head around the corner with a scrutinizing gaze…. and half-eaten breadstick hanging from clenched teeth.

He still has to get out and about once in a while. Away from the damned paperwork. The Director still has the itch for fieldwork and today is one of those days. He still has to happen upon people, find them, to bring them in as associates. And so he is here, slowly walking along the street in an unhurried pace. Considering he's a tall, intimidating black man with one eye, most generally give him a wide berth. Visibly, he is unarmed, though there's no telling what that trenchcoat could be hiding.

Kevin's focus is deeply directed in that alley and he doesn't seem to notice the tall man causing the crowd to part like water. It provides a good distraction for other passerbys, though, as no one seems to notice his bag of groceries and breadstick absorb into his body when he turns to walk into the alley. Both of his hands are held up to show he's unarmed as he calls out to the group, "Fellas, please. I'm sure we can work this out with words."

He noticed the activity around the alleyway, and his path was diverted to head that way. Nick has little trouble crossing the street, but he doesn't immediately intervene. There is a group of people lingering around loitering and it is those that he mingles into for the moment. He's watching, but not going to jump in just yet. He did notice the missing groceries.

The scenario in the alley is not uncommon in New York: A woman is being harassed by three young punks. In this instance, however, the woman has reddish skin that makes her an obvious mutant, and the three punks standing over her are each wearing t-shirts bearing the blue and red eagle commonly associated with the Friends of Humanity.

"Mind. Your. Business," one of the thugs warns Kevin, and all three turn to face him. He continues forward slowly, hands still held up.

"Look, kids. I know what you're doing. Trying to bring home a li'l present for your big boss man. Something to show him that you're cool… How about me instead? Sure, I'm not as obvious, but with a little paint and a little polish…" Kevin's skin suddenly turns green, prompting two thugs to hold up knives while one holds up a hand gun. On the plus side, the homeless woman has managed to crawl away and disappear down a turn in the alley.

He watches, a faint frown appearing on his lips. Damn antimutant groups are a pain in the ass. Makes his job even harder in most cases. He unmelds from the group he stands within, moving to instead darken the entrance of the alleyway, arms folded against his broad chest. "So whats going on here?"

Kevin is pleased to see the girl get away at least. It's what he was trying to make happen. Fury's sudden interruption, however, is not. When the Omnimorph turns to look at him, the thug with the gun rushes up to him from behind and holds the gun up to his left temple. The two with the knives stand on either side of him and the group is looking pretty confident with a captive in hand.

"What's going on is this mutant freak and all his kind are making it hard for normal people to have a chance at life! Now whether you're one of the freaks or one of the norms, you better just keep on walking and pretend your one eye didn't see anything, you got it?" The FoH thugs glare at Fury.

Kevin sighs as his skin resumes its Caucasian disguise. "Do you mind? We were just about to end this polite conversation," he says, and the corner of his lips tug in a vague smirk that suggests he has more of an upper hand than it seems.

"I see more than you realize with one eye, you dumb punk." He did notice the girl getting away, but he doesn't make it obvious. The attention of the attackers is on them and that's well and fine. His eye shifts to Kevin, faint tug of amusement appearing. "Then by all means." But he's not making a move to leave the spot in which he stands. Easily blocking the entrance of the alleyway, arms remaining crossed.

The punk with the gun wraps his arm across Kevin's collar and pulls the hammer back on his pistol. "Get the hell out of here, Patches, or you're gonna watch us blow this guy's brains all over the wall!"

"Oh, no need to waste a bullet. I can do that for you," the omnimorph casually offers and takes a deep breath. His eyes squint and cheeks expand as if he were blowing up a balloon but it's his head that expands, growing more than twice its size before exploding into a spray of confetti that rains in the face of the surprised thugs. One of the knife-wielding punks stumbles into Fury's general direction while wildly flailing at the confetti that landed on him. The other knife-wielder is stepping backwards and having the same kind of fit. Their would-be leader would do the same, if his arm wasn't being held by the seemingly headless man.

As Kevin's head virtually explodes into confetti, Fury snorts. His arms remain folded against his chest and he isn't going anywhere, but he's very… amused. He won't get any action, but he can at least get a good show. Well. That is until one stumbles in his direction. Arms unfold as he takes a single step in the punk's direction to meet him, throwing his weight into a single punch to knock the kid out. Will have a hell of a headache in the morning.

The knife-wielding punk is easily dropped by Fury's expert reflexes. His 'twin' has already taken off running down the other end of the alley screaming like a two-year-old. The one with the gun tries to aim for some valid part of Kevin's body but the omnimorph's free hand quickly knocks the gun aside before his elbow finds its way into the punk's Adam's apple. Then he's flipped head-over-heels as Kevin's body bows forward, slamming the punk into the hard ground. The air is sufficiently knocked out of the would-be gang leader. A smirk of satisfaction is the first thing to reform on Kevin's face as he stands up straight. "Kids these days. You'd think they'd learn to get all their aggression out in the vidja games but nooo. Some still wanna try it out on the street. Tsk-tsk."

Ah. Able to punch something. That makes him happy. Fury straightens again, ignoring the punk at his feet as he watches one get away and Kevin take care of the other. "They never learn. One generation to the next, punkass kids are all the same." He folds his arms against his chest. "Not bad. You into saving damsels in distress often?"

Kevin shrugs casually. "I dabble." His head shakes rapidly as he remembers he's on a mission. "I mean… Not really. Y'know, I'm just an average tourist, who happened to be at the right place at the right time…" He glances back in the direction that the last punk ran. With all the 'confetti' that was dropped on him, it'll be very easy to catch up and follow him back to his hideout. With that in mind, he takes the time to Fury and ask, "I don't suppose I could get you to forget you saw this…"

"I won't forget, but I'm not someone you have to worry about." Nick's lips quirk at the corner, his gaze following the line of confetti where the punk ran off to. "We'll see each other again. I might have something to offer you."

Kevin's eyebrows raise high on his shaved head. "Ooo? That sounds ominous. Should I be worried? Also, what's with the trench coat and eyepatch? Are you a mercenary?" His mouth spreads wide as he wonders aloud, "Oh my gosh. ARE YOU SNAKE PLISKIN?" He's already taken stock of the direction the punk ran, and he'll have an easy time catching up when he needs to.

Fury snorts at the name. "Hell no. I'm not from some damn movie." He smirks. "Nick Fury." His arms unfold and he offers a hand to shake. "If you're interested in this kind of thing a little more full term and endorsed, let me know."

Anyone polite might try to step over the downed punks to reach Fury, but Kevin is nothing if not a man who enjoys adding insult to injury. He steps on the chest of one punk and moves close to accept Fury's handshake. "Fierce name, girlfriend! Sid Carson." One of many on-the-fly aliases the omnimorph has a phone or series of credit cards registered in. "I'm actually kind of spoken for in that area, buuuuut, who says I can't date around? It's not like I'm wearing a ring or anything." He chuckles, genuinely curious though rightfully suspicious considering Fury's outward appearance.

"Uh huh." Fury smirks and shakes the man's hand firmly. He produces a card from his pocket. Which pocket? Take a guess. He's wearing a trenchcoat. He's crafty. This card is extended to Kevin. "If you're interested, come see me at that location." All it has on it is an address.

Kevin takes the card and tucks it in the breast pocket of his Hawaiian shirt. "I'll keep that in mind! Now, if you'll excuse me…" He turns and drops at the same time, becoming a ratty-looking greyhound that pedestrians would easily mistake for one of the strays wandering the city. The dog takes off in a hurry after the trail of confetti. There's one more punk out there who is this close to being scared out of his affiliation with the Friends of Humanity, and Kevin isn't wasting the opportunity.

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