2014-03-24 Mondays Suck
Players: Loki, Mona, Odin, Phantasm
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Mondays Suck

The Upper East Side is a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, between Central Park and the East River. The Upper East Side lies within an area bounded by 59th Street to 96th Street, and the East River to Fifth Avenue-Central Park. Once known as the 'Silk Stocking District',it retains its position as one of the most affluent neighborhoods of New York City.

Generally speaking, the Upper East Side stretches from 59th Street to 96th Street. Many realtors used the term "Upper East Side" instead of "East Harlem" to define areas that are north of 96th street such as on 5th ave or areas close by such as 97th street to avoid the negative connotation since people associate the latter with being a less prestigious neighborhood. Its north-south avenues are Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, Park Avenue, Lexington Avenue, Third, Second and First Avenues, York Avenue, and East End Avenue (the latter runs only from East 79th Street to East 90th Street).

Mondays suck. There's just no way around that if you work normal hours. However, Mike does not work normal hours so his Monday has progressed to the s'alright classification. And speaking of work, he is actually doing something work related as he's on his way to his horse riding lessons. But there is first that little detour to pick up someone else. The knit capped musician lingers around the gate of the Avengers Mansion. Having already pressed the intercom button to inform those inside of his arrival.

Loki exits the gates of the mansion, making sure they close behind him. He has a satchel with him, slung over one shoulder. "Greetings. My head is killing me after last night. It is a wonder they will even allow me to leave. I certainly hope I did nothing stupid."

Mona wanders throughout the city, trying to see if she can find Ororo as she has the last couple weeks since she left the Guild. As normal when she's in ths part of town, she wanders past Avenger's Mansion.

"You found out the hard way that you're a lightweight with drinking when you're like this," The knit capped Mike replies, eyeing the look on Loki's face, "Are you sure you're up for riding today?"

"Yes, may as well, it will be a distraction, anyway. Oh, hello Mona. I see you are doing well. " Looking back to Mike he says, "Perhaps Mona would like to go riding as well."

"Loki? Can I go anywhere in this city without running into you?" Mona asks plaintively with a side. "Riding? what are you talking about?"

Mike looks over to Loki for a moment as he brings up the riding in front of Mona. His hand starts to go into his pocket to fish out his phone. "Well, I could call and see if they'll give me a third." He looks over towards Mona, giving her a nod in greeting, "Afternoon." He looks over to Loki, "Wait here a bit." Stepping over to the side, he starts dialing a number.

Loki looks to Mona and sighs. "Perhaps not. But, I'm living here temporarily. I was offering you my spot going horseback riding. I thought you might enjoy it."

"I don't think that me and a horse would get along," Mona says with a shake of her head.

Overhearing that, Mike lowers the phone,looking over towards Mona, "So is that a no?"

"Oh. Well, sorry, then. Though, you never know until you try. Perhaps you would enjoy it in a controlled environment.

With confirmation, Mike looks down to his phone and presses a button, disconnecting the call before anyone answers. He starts to walk back before his phone rings. He grumbles. Stupid caller ID. "Ok. Wait a little longer." He steps away, answering the phone as he moves closer to the wall. "Oh heeeey. How're you doing?"

Loki shuffles his feet on the ground. "You can mock me all you wish, now. I am mortal. Have you been well since you returned from Asgard? I wonder who Mike is speaking to on the telephone."


Well, Mike does make it to the wall but it's not entirely under his own power as something slams him hard, causing for the musician to smack his head upon said wall. The cellphone goes a little further, managing to get flung over the wall.

As for the assailent, it is very hard to see it, but there's the slightest bit of shimmer from the light around it bending just so with the movement towards the stunned performer.

Loki drops his satchel and runs toward Mike. "Mike! Mike are you all right?" He looks around trying to see what could have caused it, cursing his lack of extrasensory perception. He kneels down to try and check him over, reaching for Mike's phone. "Hello? Are you still inside the telephone?"

Mike is not being responsive at the moment, he did smack his head pretty hard.

"Nick?" The voice on the other side of the phone seems a bit alarmed at the new voice, "You're not Nick! Where is he?!"

Despite Loki not seeing the thing that hit Mike, he does get to feel it as he gets smacked hard by it.

Loki stumbles back and falls down, looking around with wide eyes. "Who is there? Whomever you are, we mean you no harm. If you would just allow us to leave, I am certain everything will be all right." He tries moving toward Mike again on his hands and knees. "Mike, wake up! We must leave. Telephone person, we are under attack. Nick is unconscious."

"WHERE ARE YOU?!" The voice on the other end snaps.

Mike is still being his ever so helpful unconcious self, leaving Loki to deal with the unseen creature. Well, mostly unseen, if it didn't look like something was starting to lift up Mike by grabbing the front of his coat.

"We are near the Avengers mansion!" Loki says, then throws himself at the invisible creature. "You are not very proficient at being invisible." He growls, pulling a dagger and attempting to make it bleed to make it easier to see.

When Loki slashes in the direction he presumes the creature to be in, he is rewarded with a screech and the view of Mike's coat teepeeing out as he ends up getting flung aside, tumbling along the sidewalk in the manner of a rag doll being thrown by a temper tantruming two year old.

A trickle of blood outlines what looks to be a leg.

Loki grins wolfishly. "Send a loud square shaped vehicle for Nick, telephone man!" He watches the bleeding leg and swipes out a foot to kick at it, using a bony elbow to try and stun the creature. "Come on, is that the best you can do?" Loki has been watching too many cartoons, so in order to taunt the beast he turns and shakes his booty at it. "Nah nah nah!"

The growling increases but the blood outlined limb twists, directing it towards Loki, starting to run at him. The view of Mike behind the creature looks awful wobbly with the manner the light bounces off of the creature. Another, smaller section of blur starts moving towards Loki's head.

Loki has his eyes on the main body of the creature, yelling "Telephone man are you coming??!?" as he tries to tackle it. "Nick needs help! Better help than me at the moment because I am fighting!"

Off in the distance there is the sound of sirens.

The smaller section of blur continues towards Loki, thwacking him in the head, and, if he has the head for details, kind of feels like another hit he took a few days ago in the kitchen.

Loki falls down again and puts his hand to the side of his head. "Oh, so you're friends with that other beast, are you?" He asks, getting up and reeling. "Well, perhaps you would like to become as crispy as he did…"

Loki's not exactly getting a coherent conversation out of the creature as it continues growling, which kind of gets rid of the point of all of the stealth. The blood dripping from the one cut Loki gave it does make it more apparent that it is indeed a leg. A Right leg if the angle's the same as the previous one. And Hoo boy it's stepping towards Loki once more as the smaller blur section comes at Loki once more.

Flashing lights become apparent as a couple police cars come pulling up. Something about someone calling for help outside of the Avengers Mansion just seems to automatically bump up the number of responders from the bare minimum it seems.

Loki hears the sirens, and frowns. He looks toward Mike and draws in a deep breath. "Thank you for everything, friend." The godling swings at the creature with his dagger to draw its ire and starts drawing it away from Mike and running down the sidewalk in order to lure it into an alley so the emergency crews won't be hurt by it. "Come on, come on. You'd rather eat me, right?"

As one cop gets out of the car, he draws his gun to point it towards Loki, "DROP THE KN-"

There's a howling snarl that emits from the bleeding nothing as Loki manages to draw another cut from the creature. Having no mind to maintain the hiding any further, the demon comes into full view, glowing red eyes fixing upon Loki in an animalistic rage as it starts running after him. If Loki wished to get it to focus on him, he got it.

Guns made Loki nervous as an Asgardian, but as a mortal that turns into fear. So as the policeman is aiming a gun at him, he has a demon from another dimension chasing him, and he's millions of miles away from home. Is this how Loki ends? He looks over his shoulder and then ducks down an alley. "This is the end of the line for you, beast." Loki says darkly, taking on a defensive stance. "If you kill me, at least all of this will be over."

Not apparently one for recognizing familiar set ups, the demon does run down the alley after Loki. The mouth opens wide, exposing an orthodontist's worst nightmare.

Loki's eyes widen and he gasps as the demon bears down on him, holding his dagger with the point facing out. If the creature comes down on him, his dagger will go up into its soft parts and they would both take each other out and no humans will have been harmed. "See you in niffleheim."

With the creature's approach, the glow of the eyes gets brighter and brighter. Perhaps lighting the way to the afterlife for the poor mortal that stands to the other end. But there is a small blessing, for the creature has been made VERY angry by Loki's interference. And with anger, certain things are lacking. For example, the blade that Loki holds, it does not get noticed until it is too late to slow down the momentum. The creature barrels into it and consequently Loki as well. The weight of the creature substantially more than the poor child. But the dagger does it's work, slowly, allowing for the creature continue with it's own assault during the process of dying. Nails extend from the demon's hand, clawing down towards Loki's throat.

Loki grits his teeth as he feels the blade sink into the demon, even managing a wicked grin as everything around him seems to be happening in slow motion. He knows this is it for him, and he takes one last deep breath, blinking as a single tear rolls down his cheek. "A pity..I was starting to enjoy being a mortal."

Then the dagger is thrust in to the hilt and the slow-mo button is released. The demon slams into him, taking him to the ground as claws shred his skin, spilling his blood. He coughs and makes a choking sound, looking up at the starry sky. "F-father…I-I-I'm sorry." and then he lets his head lay back and closes his eyes.

He has been watching. He has been waiting. And in those final moments as Loki closes his eyes, Odin materializes on the streets of Midgard. No warning. Just there. He is dressed in his fine Asgardian armor, Gungnir in his hand. Gungnir is hefted, aimed at the demon as he scowls, "Begone!" Blasting it with hopefully enough energy to completely disentigrate the creature.

Though either its stunned or destroyed, Odin moves to kneel at Loki's side. "It is time, my son." He whispers, lowering his free hand to rest against Loki's brow. A faint glow appears around his hand, seeping into the godling, restoring his racial abilities as well as godly powers just in time to bring him back from death's door.

Demon is smited. Demon go poof.

When Odin places his hand on him, and his powers are restored, Loki draws in a deep gasping breath. He opens his eyes, squinting at the blurry bearded figure above him. "Father…am…am I worthy?" He takes a few moments to catch his breath. "Mike…please help him. The creature injured him."

"You have proven yourself, Loki Odinson." The All-Father rises to his feet, his single eye turning to the mortal Loki mentions. His lips first turn into a frown. "It is time for you to return to Asgard, Loki." Odin is not without his mercy. He waves a hand, summong Mike's body away from the feeble mortal first responders to hover in front of him, prone. The touch to his forehead is brief, the healing given. It won't be a full heal. Perhaps about halfway. Enough to get him going. Though the touch given, Mike will be lowered to the ground.

Loki nods and rises to his feet, a little unsteady and covered in demon blood. He shuffles out after Odin to see how Mike is doing. "He is my friend," Loki says, "one of many. He also has been reading books on Norse mythology. I informed him that I am not Sleipnir's mother."

As the musician's lowered down, there's the sound of a small groan as he slowly starts to come too. "Someon' get tha plate on that bleedin' truck?" He mumbles, slurring his words a little. He starts opening his eyes, only to close them again as his eyes protest the sudden surge of light. He brings a hand up to rub his head, before starling awake, "Loki?!"

Odin drifts back a step as the two friends reacquaint themselves. He casts a brief glance skyward. Rueful. Oh Heimdall, don't you start. Looking back to the pair, he inclines his head a measure. "It is time, Loki."

Loki steps forward with a smile to hold his hand out to Mike. "Farewell, my friend. I hope I will see you again soon. Thank you for all you have taught me, and for being my friend. If you have need of me, simply call for me." When Odin speaks, he steps back to fall in beside him. "I am ready."

As Loki steps over to Mike, the worried look that was forming relaxes, but starts to switch over to confusion for a few moments. Seeing Loki offer his hand and hearing the farewell, combined with Mr. Eyepatch next to him, it eventually registers even in the muddied head that he currently has. "…You're going home?" He takes the offered hand, giving it a shake, a small smile forming, "Knew you could." He drops his hand.

Once Mike lets go of Loki, Odin lifts Gungnir. In a brief flash of light the pair of them disappear from Midgard. There is no burning or scortch on the ground where they stood. They simply aren't there anymore.

With the pair gone, Mike remains seated in the alleyway by himself, as it should be. He glances over to the pile of ash and then to the blood on the ground. The smile fades.

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