2014-03-25 A Visit From Loki and the Sorceror Supreme
Players: Doctor Strange, Loki, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: A Visit from Loki and the Sorceror Supreme

Founded in 1736, Bellevue Hospital center holds the distinction of being the oldest public hospital in the United States. As with all hospitals Bellevue speciallizes in Psychiatric facilities and Emergency Response. It also serves as a home to FDNY-EMS Battalion 8. So when you have a medical emergency, who you gonna call?




Well, 911. But they're going to send you here if you're close enough.

Loki enters the hospital under cloak so he doesn't show up on any cameras or spotted by anyone until he reaches Mike's room. Once inside and certain noone is looking, he appears and sets a basket of fruit and other items he thinks he will like on the table. "How are you faring?"

Mike is not exactly Mr. Smiley when Loki comes in to the room while under the guise of invisibility. Instead his head is turned, facing away from the door to glance out the window, frowning a bit as he looks towards a black bird perched upon the ledge outside. In front of him, on the bed table are two small stacks of photos, each sporting the image of him in full concert gear but with one stack brandishing his signature while the other does not. Next to those stacks, a sheet with several names crossed off.

Loki's appearance does draw Mike's attention. The movement in his peripheral causes for his head to turn quickly, having not heard anyone coming in. The alarmed expression does relax however as he registers who it is. "Hey." He greets, giving a small smile. "Doing better than I would have been had you not stepped in." He gives a tilt of the head towards him, "The Medics clued me in."

"I asked father to help you because you are my friend. He saw fit to actually listen to me. I am glad you are doing better. I hope they said you will be all right. I am sorry that you were injured. The beast was not visible until I drew its blood. What exactly did the medics say?"

That some guy in a bad blonde dye job led some demony thing away from the scene which allowed them to get to me." Mike answers, smile looking a bit mischievous. "And that I disappeared off of their spine board." He starts to push himself up a bit more, back leaving the raised up portion of the bed. "I'm assuming they were referring to you for the first part. Annnd based from what you've said, I'm guessing your father had something to do with the second." The outline of the legs underneath the sheet shifts, starting to cross, "I guess I should apologize for calling him an asshole at the potluck. Heard it or not."

"I am certain he is used to it. They will probably have determined it to be a mutant rather than the king of the gods that caused you to disappear. How long must you remain in this place?" Loki runs a hand through his hair, which is once again black. "Odin is a bit difficult to reach. He does not have a Phone of I. Or, if he does, the reception in Asgard is most likely poor at best."

Mike shrugs, "It's just a cautionary observation. Probably will get discharged later today, when they get around to coming by." His eyes glance over to the photos before looking back to Loki, "I meant apologize to you. He's your father. Sorry about that." Mike is quiet for a moment, allowing a bit of time for the awkwardness to just die in the silence. "So, things are better with your parents?"

"Oh. Well, it is deserved. He is not exactly on my good list right now for banishing me to a strange world and more or less leaving me to die. I have not spoken to either of them since my return. They believe I am resting in my chambers. I wanted to visit while I had the opportunity to do so and ensure you had not perished."

"Maybe the banishing thing is like your family's equivalent of sending a kid to a military school?" Mike ponders, giving a slight chuckle. "Or kicking them out of the house the moment they turn eighteen." The smile fades a little afterwards, "Don't get in trouble on my account."

"I don't know. They never did it to Thor. I suppose I will find out whether or not they even missed me when I return. The thing about being an Asgardian is that we do not age as you do. I am many centuries old, but yet close to your age. despite that we are forced to grow up faster. I had difficulty with that."

Mike shakes his head, "That is not soley an Asgardian thing." He looks over to the photos, "Even here there are children who don't get to have a full childhood for a lot of different reasons. Being born into a family that has a lot of responsibilities might be one of the more forgiving ones. Still difficult, but more forgiving."

"I suppose. Then again we are often required to fight dragons, trolls, demons and dark elves, saving realms and holding back darkness. There was nothing forgiving about living with the royal family."

"But, as rough as it may be, you still have a family." Mike replies, glance shifting away, "There are many out there who would love to have one of those. Flaws and all."

Loki sits down in the chair near the bed and nods, rubbing the back of his neck. "I know. I try very hard to look at it that way, but knowing I was abandoned to die by one set of parents and only adopted by the other to use as a political pawn against the other…it makes it a bit difficult to appreciate. But, I have Eir, and I have friends here on Midgard. So even if my brothers hate me and my parents use me, at least I have someone."

Mike nods, "I don't mean to make light of your problems. They are indeed problems." He pauses, considering matters, "Have you ever heard of the phrase, there is a fine line between love and hate?"

"No. I have never heard that phrase. Don't listen to my complaining. It is not something you should be burdened with. Should I take your gift back to your apartment?"

Mike looks to the gift and shakes his head, "Nah. It'll get eaten before I get home if you di d that." He gives a bit of a slight smile before glancing back to Loki, "That phrase, could very well pertain to your feeling that your brothers hate you. It's actually a very common thing for siblings and extended family. They fight. They go out of their way to annoy each other. They might even resort to the silent treatment. That kind of hate is the cross over the line from love. It'd probably be scarier if they had no emotions regarding you."

Loki chuckles and picks up a piece of fruit, turning it in his hands. "Well, they don't care for me at all. I see Thor and Balder reguarly, but Tyr, Vidar and Bragi have no emotions toward me. Balder doesn't care for me but that is because he is older and does not understand anything."

"Can you honestly tell me that if you were to die in a permanent manner that none of them would be upset?" Mike questions, a brow arching, arms crossing as he studies Loki's expression.

"Thor was not overly upset when I died by Jotun hands. Balder did not care at all." Loki looks extremely uncomfortable, looking down at his boots. "I ahh…perhaps there is a better topic of discussion? So this is a mortal healing room, hmm? It seems very primative."

"Answer me with one word." Mike demands, shaking his head. "None of this dismissal stuff. We are talking Asgardian grief here, not Midgardian. No avoidance. This is important. Can you HONESTLY tell me that no one would be upset in some manner? Your brothers? Your father? Your mother>"

Loki furrows his brow. Honest answer? Loki has a bit of a complex when it comes to this stuff. He truly believes what he says when he says "Yes. If they would be, they would not have sent me away to this world with no protection."

"Bullshit." Mike shakes his head, "Damn Loki. You're even lying to yourself."

"If you know so much then why did you ask me?! You asked me and I gave you my answer. Now you're telling me it's wrong?"

"Because you shouldn't go through life thinking that none of them care." Mike replies, "Your words, 'Thor was not overly upset'. That in itself indicates he was some form of upset. A little upset is still upset. It still shows he cares."

"Well, that is what I /heard/. How would I know what he actually said? I was dead, remember? When he found me, he yelled at me and hit me, so I cannot imagine he was /that/ upset."

"If Asgardians are NOTICING he's upset that's SOMETHING!" Mike responds with a flail of frustration.

Loki huffs. "They could have just been /saying/ that, you know. But Fine, Eir would have been very upset. I imagine Odin may have been irritated, but Eir would be upset until she found someone else."

"I would have been upset." Mike mutters, "Are you going to argue away that one too?"

"You said none of THEM. You didn't say anyone /here/." Loki huffs, then blinks and looks at him. "You would have been upset? Really?"

"Why wou-" He pauses, shaking his head, not wanting to encourage Loki to come up with some bat shit ideas on how to argue it away. "Friends are family to me." He explains simply and to the point, "And I sure as hell would be upset."

"I would have been upset if you had perished as well. I am quite honored." He looks at the mooshed fruit in his hands and deposits it into the trash can. "I'm sorry if I upset you. It is a reflex."

Walking in with a quick flourish to shut the door behind them Steven appears to the two, dressed in his traditional Sorcerer Supreme attire. The wizard sets down a basket he had used to act as a signal that he's here with some niceties. "What have you two done?" Strange asks very bluntly, looking from Mike, to Loki and back to Mike.

Mike nods, "It happens with fri-" he stops, blinking as the Visitor Supreme from the apartment pops over to visit once more. "Uhhh-" His eyes dart to look to the basket and then back to the sorceror, "Hi, Dr…" He pauses, "Strange?"

"Strange one. What are you doing here?" Loki has his powers back, but doesn't have to tell Stephen that. "To answer your question, we defeated a dangerous demon."

"I'm here asking vital questions to hopefully help restore balance to my realm Asgardian." A sour note hints at the word 'Asgardian' as Stephen looks back to the god. "Why was the demon attacking you two in the first place?" Stephen inquires, trying to get to the meat of the conversation quickly.

"He. Defeated that demon." Mike corrects gesturing to Loki, "I just got sucker punched by some predator reject." He looks over towards the Asgardian, "Do you think it was trying to get in the Mansion?"

"What questions could you possibly have for Mike that would restore balance to Midgard? I have no idea what the demon could have wanted. Perhaps I will be able to sense one if another makes an appearance. It was close to the mansion so it is possible it felt something it wanted was inside."

"You think I'm only asking Mike." Strange notes aloud, putting his grey gaze upon Loki. The wizard knows his questions wont be answered here and now, but these two souls are the best place to start. At the mention of the mansion, Steve puts a hand to his chin, the idea is intriguing and could be a lead for him to follow.

"Although, there was that one in the Kitchen." Mike recalls, frowning, "Ruined a perfectly good suit."

"How am I supposed to know? I have been without my powers for weeks. I just had them restored but not before the demon took my life. I was moments from death when Odin restored my powers. The one in Hell's Kitchen did not seem to have an agenda, it simply was lurking in the alley."

"Fair enough Son of Odin." Stephen says, moving his attention back towards Mike, though the return of Loki's powers doesn't go unnoticed. The mystic asks Mike, "So I'm assuming they were somewhat different demons, not really the same shape?" He adds to clarify his quesiton.

"Sucker punched." Mike reminds, "I only saw the ONE."

"They are not of Muspelheim if that is where you are going with this line of questioning. The beast was able to cloak itself poorly. It became visible when I stabbed it."

"That was not my hypothesis at all." Strange says a solemn look washing over his face, "Maybe we should wait for the next incident to occur before any more information can be learned." obviously disheartened and annoyed by this path of action he's concluded.

Mike's head tilts, remeniscent of the expression of the black bird looking in on them. "So… what was your hypothesis then? Other than there's apparently going to be another incident."

"It will kill you, Sorcerer. It is quite dangerous. When I have sufficiently rested, I will seek out the corpse of the previous demon and see if I can determine its origin. You were unaware of these events before, Sorcerer. Why are you concerned about them now?"

"They seems other worldly Mike." Strange says, looking away from Mike after speaking to look at Loki, "I was unaware of these attacks, until this morn, when my servant brought them up to my attention with the recent news papers." Strange did drop the ball on his duties recently, "I have to be concerned especially if you Asgardian have no idea as to what they are."

"So, not just demons but interworld exchange demons." Mike murmurs, "LOVELY." He pauses, "Then again, I don't know the difference so either way this sucks to me."

"We haven't had the opportunity to find out what they are just yet. It will be determined, so have no fear." Loki rubs his forehead. "Do not worry, Mike. I will see that you are protected. They will not bring harm to you again."

"I hope you can keep that attitude Loki." Stephen says, moving back towards the door. "This could be bigger than any of us realize." And just like that the good doctor leaves the room.

Mike watches the doctor make his leave, shaking his head. "He's not very good with goodbyes, is he?" He sighs, looking towards Loki, "Make sure they don't bring harm to yourself first." He pauses, "That's kind of a mute point now, isn't it?"

"What does he mean by that?" Loki frowns. "I will be careful. I am much more resilient now, of course. It is no less dangerous, however. Hopefully there won't be any more. If there are, we will show them why it is unwise to mess with us, yes?" The godling grins wolfishly at that.

"I'm not sure." Mike admits, shaking his head, "An infestation maybe?" He looks over to Loki, smiling, "Yeah. We'll take care of things." The smile fades, as he starts to ponder aloud, "I wonder if those things dream…"


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